Be A Designer: We will draw the BMW 6 Series just the way you want to

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Our exclusive “Be A Designer” project continues today with a new episode: redesign the BMW 6 Series. The project is a joint venture between BMWBLOG, …

Our exclusive “Be A Designer” project continues today with a new episode: redesign the BMW 6 Series. The project is a joint venture between BMWBLOG, and rendering artist Andrei Avarvarii and it is sponsored by Classic BMW Ohio who believed in this project and continues to support it.

The initiative has been a great success so far, we started off with the redesign of the BMW 3 Series Sedan, then we moved up to the “high-class” and rendered the new 7 Series, followed shortly by the enthusiastic 135i Coupe.

But today, we’re going to give you, the BMW enthusiasts, an even more fun project.

Together, we would like to redesign the BMW 6 Series, the popular sporty model that will relaunch with a new design next year.

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The rules are the same as before, based on your own ideas and input, our rendering artist will draw the 6 Series just the way you want to and this should be more exciting than ever since the 6er leaves a lot of room for imagination and different design approaches.

The BMW 6 Series returned in 2003 after a 15-year absence from BMW’s model lineup. That year, BMW released the all new E63/E64 which was available as a coupe and convertible. Models were the 645ci (later replaced with the 650i) and the 630i. The highest performance 6 series is the BMW M6.

Competitors include the Cadillac XLR, Mercedes-Benz SL, Lexus SC430, and Jaguar XK.

We’re looking forward to your input which has a deadline set for Sunday, January 24th. Our rendering artist will gather the information and next Wed, January 27th, we will show you the BMW 6 Series as designed by you.

So, what would you change about the BMW 6 Series?

6er 01 655x436

46 responses to “Be A Designer: We will draw the BMW 6 Series just the way you want to”

  1. viper says:

    it is a great car already , dont change it at least not yet

  2. bombardier01 says:

    i really hope the new 6 series will have the sharp & aggresive front end styling like the X6 headlamps! ^_^ IMO, the X6 has the best shape of headlamps that BMW has ever done. As for the side and rear part, i really hope it has a simple, clean, elegant & sport characteristics like the new 5 series F10! ^_^ Oh ya, it must be very sleek too in term of general shape.

  3. Shawn says:

    Much larger and more masculine rear wheel wells.

    More sculpted front bumper/air dam with vertical cross members continuous with the hood-crease on both sides.

    A more imposing kidney grill.

    A lateral concave aspect to the rear bumper.

  4. Lariv says:

    Change the alloy wheels.
    Give it LED angel lights with the eyebrow in a CS style shape.
    Reduce the size of the boot lid and smoothen the boot lid.
    Have quad exhaust pipes.
    Change the bumper and square of the kidney grilles.

  5. lennardt says:

    i hate these e90 radiator grills. the upper part is to much chrome and the other sides too few.
    also the car should look a bit more aggressive (more like its antecessor) or get more edges. i don’t like the front at all.

  6. badger says:

    get rid of the chrome and give it more agressive front.
    LED tail lights and more noticable L tail lights

  7. michael says:

    I love the 6-series
    I really do
    the only thing I could really change is the door mirrors, they should be a more fluid organic shape to suit the rest of the car.
    The grill could be more prominent – ala the CS

  8. L1ndja says:

    one thing it needs is to get of the ugly grill of the e90..a simple one could do the job.The alloy rims are super i wouldn’t change them.
    If we changed the front lights than it wont be good looking because the hood is designed for those headlights..I dont know how to completely make over that but if you have enough time and you can than give it a go then give it a 5GT/CS look in front something similar would do the job..Otherwise give it LED angel eyes so at least that.
    Thanks and i’d really like to see those grills replaced

  9. Omar says:

    I would like the new 6 series to have some of the new Z4s front end features mixed with some elements from vision concept. please dont include any of the CS concept features becus such purely aggressive features dont blend in with BMW’s car’s image. it is for those stupid american muscles.
    Remove the current ugly bootlid. have a more streamlined gradual design with rear lights that are opposite to those of the new bmw models. that is, fromt he side view, have the pointy end protrude from the bottom of the backlight. rear view, let the light have narrow extending part come from up not below. i dont know if this is clear but i hope it is.
    side view: curvy aerodynamic shape witha side grill for the m6 model

  10. RDUncan says:

    KEEP: mixture of GT and 2+2. I find my 6 to be imminently fun and practical. Unlike the 911, this car can be driven hard and allows me to transport more than 1 person, on occasion.

    ADD: Better steering feel. My 645Ci has Active Steering, and while I like the variable ratio, it is numb in comparison to earlier 3-series cars that I’ve owned.

    I’m a very happy owner: the 6 delivers on Track, Every Day, and GT (trips, with an enormous trunk).

  11. Edox says:

    – Change the foglights to LED lights that are arranged in a horizontal line
    – Side mirrors of the e92 M3
    – Indicator lights on the front wheel arches
    – Trapezoidal tailpipes
    – Remove the rear bumper lights/reflectors or at least change them
    – Rims in black

  12. Viktor says:

    i do not like a trunk of the BMW 6. please, change it. This is so long and boring, like unnecessary thing. Also make body more relief.

  13. I’ll be very clear:

    1.- Get rid of those mustached kidney grilles (it seems they have and eyelid) Put something similar to E92

    2.- The end of the hood near the grilles (its final line) has to be in the limit with the grilles just as E82/E92/E93 and NOT like F01/F10/X1

    3.- The line at the shouder has to be wiht the door handle, just as F01, E92,etc

    4.- Rear taillights with a design more like F01/F10/E92 in two pieces each with L-shape LEDs

    please include them!!
    thank you!

  14. :p says:

    A sportier and more agressive version of the New 5 series.
    Some 20” wheels
    Quad Exhaust pipes.
    Carbon Fiber Roof
    Low Ride height
    Nice Wide front and rear spoilers
    Brembo Brakes.

    I realy hope there would a a 2+3 option with the 2+2.

  15. Elio says:

    Make it more like a fastback. Think Z4 Coupe MK1. A beautiful matte grey wouldn’t go a miss either.

  16. Ted Spahr says:

    The 6 right now is quite a soft car styling-wise.

    1) It needs something to break up the side, like the E92 M3 has on each side, the “style line” if you will, it needs to be much more aggressive and bold.

    2) The headlights have always reminded me of lazy eye… Like someone else has said, X5/6 headlights would really set off the 6.

    3) Something to make the hood a bit more aggressive, like the M3, a little bulge and some subtle vents maybe?

    I guess I’m designing more of the next gen M6. Oh well, it needs love too!

  17. jmlbmw says:

    The first thing to go is the Bangle Butt… by smoothing it out more like the M3er / M5er new design. Next would be the headlights… much more like the CS concept / X5M-X6M with a much wider kidney grills. A nice crease at the waist line would be nice and last of all but not least… a much more aggressive hood line with a nice power dome (M3). Now… for the interior… get rid of all the strange looking bulges and smooth out the dash area. Much better materials and a lot more leather… NO plastic pieces! The M6 needs to look and feel like a $100,000.00 machine!

  18. geraldo says:

    The headlights are one of the most beatiful that i’ve ever seen. Please don’t make another bimmer with bad guy face, it’s too dull. Much nicer are the cars that look calm, but powerful at the same time, like a reposeful beast that says “I know I’m a great and powerful car” – not lazy like somebody said. The 6er, the ferrari f40, the veyron, the old z4 (the new one looks kind of calm too), the 1er, the cayman, all are examples of how a car can be beatiful looking serene and not despairingly angry. Who likes ‘bad guy’ face cars are american rappers, thats why ferrari make the 458 italia with those ugly headlights. The 6er – like the f40 – also looks a little bit sad, but in a great way, like a tiger looks sad; and awesome looking.

  19. Ian Thompson says:

    The grills need to be bigger. The head lights arent right they need to be lower and bigger, possibly dual head lights instead of 2 headlights in one.
    The exhaust needs to look sportier you have dual exhaust on this car
    your selling performance it should look like it not some watered down
    asian sedan. The side view mirrors need some work. The rear of the car
    needs the most attention the rear quarter panels need to be straighter and longer. the rear trunk lid should be flater creating a squarer rear end with rounded corners on the sides and a sharper lip on the truck lid also the
    third brake light has to go somewhere else or make it less noticeable.
    and with all these changes to the rear it will need new tail lights to match
    I Know it is quite a bit of changes but really it needs to be done because
    right now it looks like a everyday car and you don’t sell everyday cars you sell BMW’S.

  20. nabil says:

    round off the side mirrors , at the moment there to squary, make them rounder, then add an agressive bonet, create a LED eyebrow for the head lamps. and also add a more sleek front lip spoiler.

  21. sheikh says:

    first of all, the front grill of the new 3 series coupe facelift, the hood of the m3, spoilerlip of the m6 tension,

  22. sheikh says:

    quad exhaust (eisenmann)
    led taillights
    carbonfiber roof
    20″ m6 rims

  23. Tiago Santos says:

    The front ligths are too poor and i would like to see big arches on top of the wheels.

  24. BMW E30 CARS says:

    The rear of the car needs the most attention the rear quarter panels need to be straighter and longer

  25. viper says:

    ok if you really wanna make one then it sould be very muscular , 4,9m in length . 1,95 wide , less than two thousand kilos , the rear should remain the same otherwise it will be another 7er rip off , which is boring , make sharper front , bigger meaner grills , a descent bumper and you really cant mess up this one , really , if designers decide to take new 5er road then thats it for me and bmw , forever , I will leave this blog

  26. max says:

    Tail and headlights from CS

  27. Tiago Santos says:

    Rear ligths of the 1 serie and quarter panels like the X6

  28. 6erFan says:

    Headlamps from the X6, grille from the new 5-series GT, 20″ M6 wheels,, slightly bolder wheel wells, slightly lowered, tinted windows, M6-style rounded mirrors, a bolder shoulder-line, and rear end similar to the Fisker Latigo CS.

  29. Mike Messer says:

    I’m going to keep this one short and to the point (unlike my reviews on the 1 and 7).
    2. More aggressive front bumper.
    3. Remove the reflectors on the rear bumper.
    4. Smooth out the line between the trunk lid and the side quarter panels.
    5. Increase the tailpipes to about 4″, they look slightly out of place being the size they are.
    6. Drop the front by 1.25″ and the rear by .75″.
    7. M-Parallel wheels in 18″ (the update on the Style 37’s).
    8. Give a little bit more character to the side skirts.
    9. make the eyebrow over the headlights not have a checkered pattern.

    Sorry, that ended up being a little longer than I thought it would be.

  30. shonguizshonguiz says:

    Could you simply remove the eyebrows and use the left space to make bigger angel neyes that uses better the space in the headlights ?

  31. Sojourn76 says:

    look at the SL Black from Merc. The new 6 needs to have an agressive look, a sleek, sport tour look. it looks sad and dowdy now. flatten the front… like th current maser or mb. lighten up the trunk area… it really needs to feel like it’s something special.. and not a rushed place filler

  32. Carl Campbell says:

    Front: grill-lose the mustache on top, make fewer verticals, paint body color. Headlights-checkerboard pattern on top is not working, make into a few horizontal lines. lower air opening-is looking frail, cheap and not in keeping with the nicely sculptured mass of the body-make into a simple horizontal 1 or 2 piece mass with l. & r. existing round lights incorporated with the feeling that the front bumper is a unified mass.
    Rear: spoiler lip is a bit problematic, maybe slope lower with the horizontal brake light in clear. lower trunk shadow-line is unnecessary, possibly better as being straight to the opening lip. lower bumper reflector lights could be clear, BMW logo a bit lower. Tailpipe tips to oval shape

  33. Alex says:

    rear num plate in between the lights. kidney grille thicker and placed juz a bit higher than the headlights. Bonnet lift up grille if possible. Slimmer sportier headlights. Deeper bumper similar to 3er performance pack. Longer and more slender looking roofline.

  34. vixin says:

    big grill like bmw 7 09
    z4 front lights
    rear lights of the gt 5

  35. lennardt says:

    PLEASE: NOOOOO LED-Headlights. Angel-Eyes are very good. LED looks just nasty cheap and audilike

  36. madalin ilinca says:

    I will modify the side line.The line that I will propose it will be from the Bmw CS concept.The roof I think it will be more beautiful if it will have the line from BMW Z4.In front the proper lights design I assume, it will be from Concept CS.

  37. ARMAN M says:

    an entire change on the back would be nice, looking more like the seven series with its taillights and mufflers. Mirrors should be more sexier and sportier. The back is to dull it needs major upgrades maybe a sleeker design. The front should have a better body kit which will make the car look less round and more sportier. An update on the front grille would look way better than the current one. Bigger rims maybe 20’s would make the car look more mature from its childish days. Better aerodynamics, needs upgrades maybe a new body kit like the new 5 or 7 seires.

  38. John Hietter says:

    Put this roof with the circular rear window bottom on the body of the current 7 series. Use the rear of the new 5 series or the current 3 series sedan with m body kit. Maybe add the z4 front but with a little taller grill.

  39. Jurgen W says:

    The BMW CS has pretty much everything the new 6 needs.

  40. M53R says:

    Add 7 series inspired headlights but make them more curved to the inside.
    New BMW 5 series grill, slightly larger
    Smaller more CS inspired BMW 7 series tail lights
    Get rid of the bangle butt and make the rear more Z4 shaped
    CS inspired side view for the C pillar.
    7 series side bulges.
    CS concept rear bumper.

  41. SEAN says:

    i love the cs but the giant grill gives it a ‘muscle’ look, i dont think that is bmw. I think the new 6 should have ascents of the BMW GINA, the front end on that car is striking, sharp, fast; what the 6 symbolizes for BMW
    sharper, elongated headlight design
    thinner grill design to flow with the headlights…
    a rear end that resembles the M3 but thinner, wider..
    i say that’s a winner

  42. Pfesi says:

    The new design is super! checking what has been done with the rear lamps and the exhaust grill. But the front looks more like that of a chevrolet camaro but its out of tune. maybe givin it a middle nostril and making it a bit sporty can boost it, just like the one in a m3 and those headlights from the M1vision are an excellent combination.

  43. Asad says:

    it is the best car of 6 series,so dony change

  44. Bimmermama says:

    I agree that the rear tale end needs to be straighter and longer.
    You can get bmw accessories columbus ohio. Performance parts the works!

  45. Deejay Razz says:

    add some LED lights to the logo (both the trunk and the bonnet) to for wireless key entry only

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