2011 BMW 5 Series spied in Alpine White

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The upcoming F10 BMW 5 Series sedan has been spied again somewhere in Germany. The new 5er will launch this Spring while the first press …

The upcoming F10 BMW 5 Series sedan has been spied again somewhere in Germany. The new 5er will launch this Spring while the first press test drives begin in just a few weeks. Since we’re on this topic, we’re happy to announce that our sister blog BimmerToday will represent us at the International Media Launch in Lisbon, Portugal. We will have the chance to give our first impressions of the car, both on the road and ….on track, YES, a session of test drives will take place on the famous Formula 1 track, Estoril.

While previously we’ve expressed our love for the darker colors on the 5 Series, we might have change of heart at the moment. The Alpine White test mule seen here seems to do a good job as well at outlining the unique characteristics in the new design. Looking at the photos below, the dynamics, attractiveness, luxury and sportiness that classify a 5 Series model are emphasized even more.

Many might argue that the new F10 5 Series carries some design features seen before in the 2010 3 and 7-Series models, but in the end and from a closer look, the F10 5 Series is as unique as one would expect.

2011 bmw 5 series alpine white 2 655x491

As mentioned by several BMW people in our recent conversations, the rear rear-end design is where the new 5 Series shines, an unique combination of style, luxury and sportiveness, that has made the now famous “Bangle butt” well forgotten. The rear-end design has always been an area where BMW typically has taken a less aggressive look to appease more of the subtle luxury crowd, but now they really give us something to stare at when we’re trailing behind the new car. The lower and sleeker rear-end look is complemented by pronounced L-shaped taillights, one of the most attractive design cues on the car.

2011 bmw 5 series alpine white 11 655x491

Performance wise the new 2011 BMW 5 Series expected to perform better than its predecessor, E60, and that is something we’re looking forward to experience on the race track.

In the next few weeks, the 5 Series articles make a comeback, so stay tuned!

13 responses to “2011 BMW 5 Series spied in Alpine White”

  1. Brandon says:

    Reminds me of E92 Coupe from the rear.
    Yet more attractive. Alpine white must look
    great with LED Corona lights. And blacked.
    out windows w/ shadowline. Then some 18’s
    polished white lip and polished black 5 spoke.
    535i 6spd of course.
    Anyone know of a future torque- vectoring
    differential like the M3, but in base models.
    I think a sport package cars should have
    minor engine tweeks and e-diffs.

  2. Christian says:

    I know this location, it’s not “somewhere in Germany” but in Austria (Tauern Autobahn)

  3. Tiago Santos says:

    Can you give me more info on that International Media Launch in Lisbon, Portugal??
    I’m from portugal and would like to visit Estoril to see the launch

    • Frederico Silva says:

      Tiago eu sou português, fui a um concessionário e vi tambem na autofoco desta semana que a apresentação vai ser dia 18, mas nao sei de mais nada, desculpa :x

      • Frederico Silva says:

        Horatiu, The official media presentation will ocure in 18th, and in the same day are going to ocure the first test drives for de press ;)

  4. Babken says:


  5. viper says:

    looks ok

  6. Austin says:

    Any one know if there will be a 550i with X-Drive as an option?

  7. Tiago Santos says:

    Frederico já estou a ver as viaturas estacionadas debaixo da pala do pavilhão de Portugal no Parque das Nações.

  8. Tiago Santos says:

    Viper yesterday i’ve been on the place were the official media presentation take place. I saw the 22 new 5 series, very good

  9. sinan says:

    wow amasing car i just luv it….nw i dnt have dt much bugs bt will surely buy wdn 2 yrz….!!!!

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