BMW Group reports 10.1% sales increase in December

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Munich/Detroit. BMW Group retail continued to follow an upward trend in December with a substantial increase in sales of 10.1%. A total of 123,751 (prev. …

Munich/Detroit. BMW Group retail continued to follow an upward trend in December with a substantial increase in sales of 10.1%. A total of 123,751 (prev. yr. 112,423) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were sold worldwide in the month under review.
In light of the continued global economic crisis the company was, as expected, unable to match the previous year’s high sales in its figures for the full year 2009. However, the decrease of 10.4% was smaller than expected and ultimately relatively moderate. The BMW Group sold a total of 1,286,310 (prev. yr. 1,435,876) vehicles worldwide in 2009. As a result, the company was able to expand its market share in the premium segment once again last year and maintain its position as the world’s leading supplier of premium vehicles.

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: “We have succeeded in remaining the world’s leading premium car company in 2009. Despite difficult economic conditions we have been steadily gaining ground since April; from September, sales have been back on the growth track. We ended the fourth quarter with volumes up 7.7%.

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The decrease in sales for 2009 turned out to be smaller than expected.” Robertson added: “We are beginning the new year with a sense of optimism, even though we are still feeling the effects of the global economic crisis. We are aiming for growth in the single-digit percentage range in 2010. The large number of new BMW and MINI models will play a major part in this.” The new
BMW 5 Series, which will be launched as of March, will be one of the most important new models for the BMW Group in 2010. The model changeover will take place in the first two months of the year.

The BMW Group reported strong growth for the full year 2009 in emerging markets such as China (90,536 / +37.5%), Brazil (6,398 / +118.8%) and India (3,619 / +24.4%). Robertson: “We were able to achieve new sales records in all three markets in 2009. And we intend to make further gains in 2010.” Germany was the largest single market for BMW and MINI automobiles in 2009: A total of 258,012 (prev. yr. 284,786/-9.4%) vehicles were delivered to customers. With 33,517 deliveries in 2009, the MINI brand enjoyed its most successful year in Germany since its launch. In the US market the BMW Group reported lower sales for 2009 – as did the entire industry. For the year to the end of December, sales decreased by 20.3% (241,727 / prev. yr. 303,190). Nevertheless, Robertson was cautiously optimistic about the coming year in the US: “There have been many encouraging signs over the past few months. In December sales increased by 9.2%. We aim to grow again in the US in 2010.” The BMW brand was once again the most successful European premium automotive brand in the USA in 2009 (196,502 vehicles sold).

In December the BMW brand delivered 105,049 (prev. yr. 97,256) units, or 8.0% more vehicles than in the same month last year. In 2009 as a whole, BMW sold 1,068,770 (prev. yr. 1,202,239 / -11.1%) automobiles worldwide, once again giving the brand a strong lead over its competitors in the premium segment. In 2009, gains were made by the BMW 7 Series (52,680 / +35.7%) and the BMW X6 (41,667/+56.8%) and Z4 (22,759 / +26.4%) models, among others. In its key domestic market of Germany, the BMW 7 Series (7,439 / +74.8%), as well as the BMW X5 (10,933 / -31.9%) and X6 (4.940 / +51,0%) models, were the clear leaders in their respective segments. The new BMW X1 and 5 Series GT models introduced in late October also got off to an excellent start in the markets: A total of 8,499 BMW X1 and 3,052 BMW 5 Series GT have already been delivered to customers around the world.

The MINI brand also reported strong growth of 22.2% in December, with 18,335 (prev. yr. 15,010) MINI cars sold in the month under review. For the year to the end of December a total of 216,538 vehicles were delivered to customers around the world (prev. yr. 232,425 / -6.8%).

Rolls-Royce retailed 1002 cars during 2009, including the first 150 Ghosts delivered to customers in December. Ian Robertson said: “Demand for the Ghost has been exceptional and the latest Rolls-Royce has been met with universal acclaim from customers, the media and enthusiasts alike.” Around 85 per cent of Ghost customers are new to the marque. Rolls-Royce remains the market leader in the ultimate luxury class.

BMW Motorrad sold 5.360 (prev. yr. 7457/-28.1%) motorcycles in December. In a difficult market environment it was not possible to match the previous year’s high sales figures in 2009. 87.306 (prev. yr. 101.685/-14.1%) BMW motorcycles were sold to customers throughout the full year.

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6 responses to “BMW Group reports 10.1% sales increase in December”

  1. Babken says:

    If we look at the data provided by BMW and Mercedes-Benz some interesting conclusions can be made for 2009.
    1. BMW 7 Series nearly equaled Mercedes-Benz S Class in terms of the sales volume (52,680 vs 53,400 respectively);
    2. Mercedes-Benz E Class is the clear leader of its segment with strong sales. This testifies to BMW’s weak marketing and product life cycle policy, as Mercedes-Benz marketed the new generation E-Class in the 2nd quarter of 2009 whereas BMW will market the new generation 5 Series only in the 2nd quarter of 2010. This is very serious miscalculation made by BMW, and the result is losing one of the most prestigious segments to Mercedes-Benz. By the way I wrote this to them.
    3. According to Mercedes-Benz their C Class sedan is the best-selling car in its segment outperforming the 3 Series. Since BMW didn’t reply to this statement I think it’s true.
    As we see in 2009 Mercedes-Benz beat BMW in the most prestigious segments of the market. When looking at the sales numbers (BMW-1,068,770 units, Mercedes-Benz-1,012,300 units) we see that BMW outperforms Mercedes-Benz by 56,470 units which is probably due to the large sales of the 1 Series and SUVs.
    Concrete figures are yet to come, but I think that we should say BRAVO to Mercedes-Benz for reigning supreme in the most prestigious segments. In 2009 things looked this way: Mercedes-Benz reigns in the luxury segment, BMW – in the cheapest compact segment of the market.
    I’m a big fan of BMW, but I also accept the facts. This year I give the best luxury brand to Mercedes-Benz.

    • kcsnyud says:


      1. Um, mercedes binz said the c class is the best selling car in its class. But of course benz would do that. The actual facts say the 3 sells better than the c.

      2. They only started selling the 7. Wait till ya see the 740i in the us and it will make a difference,

      3. It’s typical of bmw to introduce a new 5 series a year after the new e class comes out, but once bmw does introduce the new 5 its gonna beat up mercedes.

      To be fair, though mercedes does make awesome interiors :)

      • plaxico says:

        child please……….. C class is best car in that class…. Who gives a flying fuck if bmw sold more 3 series or if MB sold more C class. Who buys car based on that ….i dont understand. Wanna pick a better car……you go with C class

      • Babken says:

        Mercedes-Benz said that the C Class SEDAN was the best-selling model in its class, beating the 3 Series Sedan. Then, to me the 7 Series is the best automobile in its segment, and yes, I agree with you that it will take the crown for 2010. I also agree regarding the 5 Series. But I can’t accept BMW’s policy of marketing the 5 Series 1 year after the new E Class thus giving a huge advantage to its competitor.

  2. Uxel says:

    X5 clear leader in its segment although -31.9% sales? Or +/- mistake?

  3. kcsnayud says:

    The 3 series sold more vehciles in some years, and the c class sold more in other years. I think it’s cos of the chinese’s perception that mercedes represents “success” but once they get over that, the 3 is gonna win again cos it was always the benchmark and still is.

    And I think it’s a good idea that bmw markets its 5er a year late. It gives them more time to think of new ideas on how to beat the segment, so therefore they always end up with the better car; same thing with the 7er- it get launched every 2 years after the s class, so the 7 always gets the tech awards unlike the benz. However, benz does release the c class 2 years after the 3 is released.

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