BMW 335i lands on 3 rocks 426 feet down the mountain – Passengers make it out alive

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All we have to say in the beginning is WOW! We’re glad the passenger made it out alive and we wonder if it was the …

All we have to say in the beginning is WOW! We’re glad the passenger made it out alive and we wonder if it was the angel watching over them or simply a combination of luck and a safe car.

The accident displayed below took place somewhere on the Angeles Crest Highway in California and the BMW 335i Coupe was driven by M3Kill3er, member of E90post. As he was driving well into the night, he panicked at the sight of three animals on the road, swerved, slammed the brakes, hit dirt road and flew straight off the ledge down the mountain. Landed 426 feet down the rocks!!

Here is the frightening story as reported by the car owner:

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was bout 2 am on a saturday night Jan.2nd, picked up a female friend who lives on angeles crest street and we headed up angeles crest mountain… was taking her to a view spot for, u know…neways. at mile marker 30.65, no speeding no nothing, max i went was 35mph.came up to a pretty bad ass turn…the second i turned i saw 3 animals of some sort kicking it on the road. i panicked, swirved, hit the brakes, hit dirt road which didnt help me from stopping. flew straight off the ledge… flips+turns+tree+flips+turns+flips and landed on 3 rocks 426 feet down the mountain…Both of us are okay…walked out clean…i just have a fractured collar bone and my whole left side is killing me like crazy. the female is perfectly fine, just a few cuts n bruises.

We’re glad that everyone made it out alive and it fairly okay condition.

We wish you a fast recovery, both physically and psychologically!

[Source: E90post ]

49 responses to “BMW 335i lands on 3 rocks 426 feet down the mountain – Passengers make it out alive”

  1. Dan says:

    That’s a 335i, not a M3.

    Crazy story though!

  2. badger says:

    sucks for the car and owner, but cool post

  3. Tom says:

    that was an insane post
    i didnt know sht like this actually happened
    im glad you guys are okay!

  4. Tom says:

    picture number DSC_0157
    why didnt the steering wheel air bag open?

    • Giom says:

      I guess it’s because the car never took a heave blow to the nose. They’ve got sensors analizing every single g impact and obviously deployed the correct ones in this case.

      • Tom says:

        thats what i was thinking too. its still alittle weird to me.
        it might have killed him or injured him more if it did deploy..

  5. Giom says:

    THe left side of the car took a severe beating, but stayed intact. It’s crazy how they build cars these days – nice to know:)

  6. okeribok says:

    the ultimate falling machine

  7. wazon8 says:

    That was incredibly long distance as for fall down. Great to know that passengers are in one piece and that e92 is safe car.

  8. viper says:

    that cars fucked…no repair there for sure….pity

  9. :p says:

    This is a small car and it survived better than my mom’s Sienna when it got crashed by a slow cobra mustang. Both were dented so much, the sienna’s middle right passenger seat was pancaked with the center.

  10. Babken says:

    One more testimony of BMW’s GREATNESS.

    • viper says:

      you should check out other brands , they do it without a scratch , this is beyond horrible , if you think honestly that this is a prof of greatness , then go outside right now scream

  11. Doug says:

    I think the camera is at an angle in some of the pictures. The main picture shows trees growing diagonally and a sewage pipe section that should still be rolling. If the car actually fell 426 feet down a 60 degree embankment, I’d think the car would have major structural damage and things would have been less fortunate for the passengers.

    It would be interesting to find that road+market on google satellite maps but… it doesn’t come up.

  12. Mitchell says:

    Trees grow like that. If the picture was rotated so the trees were growing straight up, the pipe would be rolling more than it is in the current picture. The pipe looks to be in a rut, or somewhere flat where it wouldn’t roll.

  13. XC says:

    Guess you have to have eyes on the road, hands on the wheel! lol
    Now, what a pity but how lucky they were to escape with no major injuries. It reminded me once, when working at a BMW dealership, a costumer was delivered a once new 330i on a friday, and that same weekend he crashed with all his family when travelling to enjoy the car for the first time. The car was totalled but they whole family just suffered minor bruises. The next monday he came back to the showroom to get some papers pendant (!) and he was so blue about the crash and saying how unlucky he was, but my friend Edward, once salesman there, convinced him that he was indeed very very lucky, because he crashed in a BMW, and managed to escape alive from an otherwise fatal crash (you should have seen that car…) The costumer was so convinced about the car’s prowess that he ended up buying the exact same car with the exact same color! It was an excellent sales story because Ed was able to sell two 330is to the same client, but actually it was a happy end story since people’s life were actually saved due to BMWs excellent safety features. At BMW workshops we were trained to direct costumer’s attention to those ‘hidden’ safety features and car’s value when asked about the price difference between BMWs and other brands, but when we see accidents like these you really get to know exactly what those features are about. I’m glad to own a BMW.

  14. KidrauhlM5 says:

    I’m speechless after seeing that… Thank god the driver and the passenger walked out without any serious injuries. Once again, BMW safety saves some more lives.

  15. vixin says:

    if you were in a merc clk you would be dead
    because the clk is a piece of shit
    and it is a prostitutes car
    oh that is why Viper likes mercs like this
    because his mother drives a CLK
    aka she his a prostitut

    • viper says:

      vixin my mom dirves 2009 A6 3.0 , I aint even gonna go further with my family line up.
      , so for gods sake vix shut the hell up before I find you and execute you my way. get it?

      • vixin says:

        ok that explain more than words can say.
        by the way you will never find a girl like me

        • bmwm6 says:

          oh my above comment wasnt to you vixen it was to viper

          any BMW girl is a great girl lol

        • viper says:

          you are trash I dont need a girl , child please go play with your dolls

          • vixin says:

            i should be psychic i knew u were gay

          • bmwm6 says:

            let me correct that

            I cant get a girl

          • :p says:

            seriously people, this isn’t the cold war. Stop hating.
            Viper, Vixin, and Bmwm6, If all you have are insults, then don’t say it. I love BMW but due to prices, I am considering an Audi A4 as my first car. Bad choice, Maybe, but I find audi’s 2.0 I4’s potential when I send it to APR for tuning. I can’t find a C 300 or a 328i Tuner that can take the car over 400hp. If you find one, tell me

          • bmwm6 says:

            I dont hink you under stand my friend
            let me give you the situation

            We here are all BMW fans (that is why we are at this blog)

            now a certain someone is a BMW hater. He is constantly saying garbage about every subject on every article regarding BMW.

            now maybe once or twice is ok but this guy spends his life on BMWBLOG, and hating on the BMW cars

            We will get irritated by his constant bashing on BMW’s and the above (and below) happens.

            if he doesnt like BMW why doesnt he leave

      • Alex says:

        Oh man only a 3.0 LOL what a slow piece of shit my E38 would cream it.

  16. bmwm6 says:

    oh also thats an amzing crash I dont even think my chevy truck can go through that

    regardless of what viper says we should have pride in knowing our cars are safe and this proves it

  17. v1p3r says:

    Amazing that the people involved only picked up minor injuries. True testament to the car’s safety. Great that the safety cell held up so well. Reminds me of an ad on South African TV quite a few years back about a guy driving an old 230E Merc or one of the other old models, and he drove it down a cliff somewhere along Chapman’s Peak road in Cape Town, which is a great scenic driving road around the Cape, but notoriously treacherous and known for rock falls, and the guy survived the crash.

  18. G.Franklin says:

    I think is great how a client keeps in touch with the company were they bought their car and has good things to say about the service. We work very hard at Bavarian Motor Cars GMBH in Mannheim Germany to look after our clients. I own a 2007 750 i loaded, its been the best car I have every had in my life. Look me up at if your are station overseas.

    God bless this client and his family and lady friend.

  19. A N says:

    Cn we get a link to the thread? I want to see what the road looks like because I don’t buy the no speeding bit.

    • Doug says:

      Yes… he seemed defensive about not speeding. Actually, it was also odd how he pointed out his passenger as “female”…

  20. v1p3r says:

    Admins, can we please please please have viper removed from the blog? He contributes nothing at all to the blog. The only thing he does is incite arguments and use profanity, in comments that have nothing to do with BMWs. There is no place for him here.

  21. Josh B says:

    Although i think Vipers a tool i really dont see why we should pay attention to him. I dont take anything he says to heart and im sure its the same with you.
    So his a merc lover, and yes they make great cars. Before the 6series my mum had a CLK and no Vixin shes not a prostitut. She had the first gen CLK and the secound. The first gen my mum loved whilst the secound was disapointing hence she now has a 650 convertible. My dad had a number of mercs ranging from an ML430 to two E-classes and an S430. But he now drives the new 750LI which he traded his 745LI in for. My point being is car lovers are car lovers and shouldnt be blinded or biast towards compition. Compition is a healthy thing. Personaly i loved mercedes but i feel there losing touch whilst BMW is growing from strength to strength. Today im a bmw driver and i feel the only other car that can persuade me in the future will be audi.
    I bet some people are reading this saying ‘you dont get it Josh, you dont have the BMW passion we do’ i beg to differ. Im on this site everyday. I love BMW. I think they are the best in nearly all aspects but i still appreciate the compition and iv learned through my parents miss treatment at Mercedes that brand loyalty should be taken with a grain of salt.

    • bmwm6 says:

      I agree with you josh but we dont have a problem with people liking mercedes
      the problem is when those people cone here and start bashing BMW

  22. bmw335i says:

    maybe you should ask permission to use the pics Horatiu B….

  23. sanjeev says:

    Dude.. you definitely have an angel watching over you.. Great car and all else is only statistics.. Get your insurance payoff and get a brand new 335i :D ..

  24. George says:

    I have an identical 335i (Space Gray, Red Leather, but has factory sport package wheels). It will be 4 years old in Sept and still looks like new. Maybe I just take better care of my stuff. OK, seriously, it’s good to see how I can expect mine to hold up if it ever ends up in a similar unfortunate situation. Glad you’re both OK.

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