Autobild “draws” the 2011 BMW X3

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 Autobild draws the 2011 BMW X3

Another model coming back into focus in the second generation BMW X3. Due to be unveiled at the end of this year, the 2011 BMW …

Another model coming back into focus in the second generation BMW X3. Due to be unveiled at the end of this year, the 2011 BMW X3 is looking to regain its status in the premium mid-compact SUV/SAV market. With Audi revealing their Q5 model, it was clear that a new and refreshed X3 is due and a new approach needed to be taken.

The recently launched BMW X1 takes the entry-level spot in the X-models line-up, while the 2011 BMW X3 moves up a notch, both in size and style. With similar dimensions to the first generation BMW X5, the newly redesigned X3 will be aimed at customers looking for a dynamic SAV and United States remains the main market.

The 2011 BMW X3 is built on the next generation 3 Series platform and measures 15.15 feet in length, two inches longer than the current model featuring more rounded design lines and a sleeker look.

 Autobild draws the 2011 BMW X3

The “kicked-up” window line that first saw the daylight in the X3 will be again evident and it will be seen as an X3 characteristic, a design element that will be associated with the model. As illustrated in this rendering also, it will have a roof line slightly lower than the current mode, giving the car a sportier look.

Under the hood is already clear that efficiency will play a big role, thanks to the EfficientDynamics program. Sources close to the Bavarian automaker state that the new BMW X3 will bring lower fuel consumption numbers that its competing models from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt. A wide range of engines will be available, from four cylinder petrol and diesels to the more powerful six-cylinder turbos. The entry level models are expected to be the xDrive18d and xDrive23d, while at the top, the xDrive35i will take the crown.

A hybrid version based of the new X3 is also on BMW’s agenda.

The 2011 BMW X3 will continue to offer an all-wheel drive system and it is unknown at the moment if an optional rear-wheel drive, as in the X1 line-up, will be offered at the launch.

2011 BMW X3 is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in the Spring of next year.

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  1. viper says:

    looks awesome = unreal (bmw)….
    looks mean and aggressive but most likely never to look like that , shame , pity , disgust….not much to say because everything that looks good most likely will not become reality in bmw world that is

    • Esteves says:

      What I don’t understand is why a BMW hater spends his time leaving comments in every post in a BMW blog. Seriously, is there nothing else to occupy your time?

      It’s ok to point flaws, but I don’t get the point of constant bashing. Would you like people to go to Mercedes blog, since you seem to like them, and bash everything about them?

      • viper says:

        Im regular there too , and I bash what I think its worth bashing even if its a Merc…
        there you go

        • Simba says:

          Sorry, but I don’t see anything wrong with Viper’s comment up there. This is really what I feel as well and I am a huge BMW fan. BMW has NOT been able to come up with something decent, it is always coming up with hideous stuff that make people have indigestion. Look at the new X1 – what the hell is that? Look how ugly the front looks! Look at the new 5 Series – it is a pig head! I asked someone who didn’t pay much attention to the luxury cars to identify which 5 is the newer one and he chose the E60! I mean, seriously, this is terrible. I don’t think eanyone would make the same judgement when you compare the E60 to its previous generation.

          Why would I even bother pinning high hopes for an amazing 3 Series that’s been spied under the camo or even the next X3? Look how disguisting the first X3 was with pure black unsprayed bumpers, which they expected the public to just accept and digest – I’m sorry but it’s just a lack of taste and it is a joke that these guys claim themselves to be designing cars for the luxury segment of the market. Even the bumpers on the Nano are colour coded!

          Here’s a list of recent BMW’s that I would stamp a BIG RED FAIL on, in terms of design:
          X1, new 5 Series (that is just the biggest let down), pre-facelift X3.

          The rest is OK, but still disappointed, esp new 7 Series, E90, 6 Series

          These are the best: Z4, 5GT, E60

          It’s through reflecting on the bad that people pogress. I sometimes wonder if it is not better having multiple design elements to see which one makes the car look better instead of sticking to a design from sketch to end.

          • Esteves says:

            Simba, you are entitled to your opinion. I just find it difficult for you to be a “huge BMW fan” and not understand/dislike BMW’s design language in the past years. I understand your argument about the X3’s bumpers, but the rest is beyond me.

            They have had the nerve to break with typical german conservative design and created shapes, lines and creases which nearly every other auto brand has incorporated in their own models. The 6 series came out 6 years ago and nearly everyone who sees it in person finds it great looking and not one bit dated.

            But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I respect your opinion. What I don’t respect is people like viper, a “regular”, who criticizes pretty much everything about BMW for the sake of it.

            As for the sketch of the new X3, I can’t recall a single sketch of a future BMW which looked anything like the final product, so I believe it’s pointless to comment about it.

        • Esteves says:

          I just assumed you didn’t bash Mercs since I’ve seen you praise them more than once on this blog. But if what you say is true, you are the mother of all bashers. Still, constructive criticism would be nice rather than ranting on how much you hate BMW and everyone who loves them.

          • Simba says:

            Esteves, being a fan does not mean that I have to agree with what BMW is doing.

            In fact, being a fan means that I would be more disappointed with things that are wrong. Honestly, do you approve of the new X1’s design? I know BMW is (I should say “was” as Bangle left and we now have adrian, who is well known for his nostrils designs) trying to stand out from the crowd! But that does not mean making cars that make people frown at first sight. My friends and I literally did that when we first saw the X1 and the new 5. I know that this whole new design languge is about it growing on you – but why can BMW not make designs that are pleasing at first sight, yet above others?

            The new X1 lacks elegance, especially from the front… and this is supposed to be the luxury car segment. To me, the shape belongs in the same class as Honda’s old CR-V or Toyota’s old RAV. It is how outdated and poor the design is to me. What’s worse is that I know that BMW’s main rival (worldwide) WILL come up with a MUCH better looking, with much more class and style, Q3 – based on Audi’s recent exterior design. Now you tell me, how can a fan not be upset about this?

            What we are seeing here is not a new design language, it is the end of BMW’s new design language and the new cars that are coming out will be a great FLOP. The person who started the new design language has LEFT and now BMW has no direction – this is highly evident in the new 5 Series, so much so that it is heavily based on the 6 years old E90, esp the back view – and the car is a MESS! Go back to BMW’s design videos with Chris and Adrian and you’ll see which character is the dominant force in terms of understanding where BMW needs to go.

            The question that all fans, customers and staff of BMW should ask with each new car is whether it is the best that BMW can come up with. I don’t think so! So why did they approve of a design like that? Who knows? Is tehre something wrong with their design process and ease of alterations through the various development stages? maybe.

            Here is what’s happening from the outside while BMW is consistently making cars that people frawn on at first sight: Audi is rising from the ground with the looks of their cars, which most believe to be elegant and stylish at first sight. In fact, so many more people think Audi’s are cool now a days. They seem to be sportier with constant appearances in movies and TV series, they have super cars like the R8. Perception has a big part to play in success. Yes, BMW is still no.1 at the moment. But what they are not telling you is that they are constantly losing market share to Audi (i.e. more people are chosing Audi over BMW now a days), which should be the most important indicator of success.

            So BMW can go on designing shocking exterior, which definitely will stand out from the crowd, but while you figure out if this differentiation is a positive aspect, Audi will emerge as the cool luxury brand. This will be a sad moment indeed.

          • Doug says:

            Viper’s problem is not that he criticizes BMW but he often does so in an obnoxious, crass way.

          • Esteves says:

            Simba, the design will always be a matter of taste. Personally I enjoy revolution and designs which “grow on you” are the ones who stand best against the test of time.

            I enjoy the X1’s design, especially in a dark color such as blue. The design, in my opinion, is cohesive and I like the proportions. If to you it looks like a CR-V there’s nothing I can do about it.

            You’ve mentioned Audi. I find the A5 attractive, the R8 I think it is flashy but not necessarily pretty. But overall, for me, they are beginning to look all exactly the same especially in the front. Take the new A8 for example. I actually liked the old model, but this one I can’t think it’s something other than an enlarged A4 (from the outside) while the F01 7-Series is distinctive from all the other models.

            The only criticism I have about the new 5 is that I find the front a little bit anonymous in the pics. Do I think it looks like the E90? Of course there are links to it, present in the side creases and the tail lights might reminisce of the E92. But the overall result for me is a sleek 5m long sedan. From the rear 3/4 I find it really nice. I reckon it’s a matter of taste but I find it a lot more attractive than the E-Class angular approach and the bland rear.

            Returning to Audi, they are investing heavily in marketing and whatever possible to overtake BMW’s stake in the premium market. While I concede that they’ve improved a lot in the past few years, they still don’t offer a better blend of luxury and sportiness as BMW. You can find this argument over and over again in any publication that knows its cars, like my personal favorite “Evo”. No doubt some people will prefer more restrained, conservative looks and therefore choose Audi over BMW. If, like me, you value innovation technology and design wise and a great drive everytime it’s BMW over Audi or Mercedes anytime (again, for me at least).

            So, the design is polarizing opinions (not new). There’s not one right answer here.

          • viper says:

            simba I agree with your philosophy of thinking…however I dont agree on X1….the X1 looks great and fresh , much better than current piece of crap x3 and the first x5….you do know that bmw cars and all of their lineup has a major design problem , most of the cars look ugly , the e60 without proper wheels aka 19 and 20” looked ”fat” although it looks better than the new one (outdated dull fat etc..)….the cars from bmw that look good and appeal with minimum elegance are the new z4 , x6 50 , partly new 7er Alpina and long lost 8 series….bmw tries too hard to be mean and unique , but it doesnt go that way , it doesnt work for them like it does work for example audi , and ofcorse MB….italian cars and stuff like that , elegant , fancy and the same time muscle car

        • bmwm6 says:

          can I have a link to the merc blog that you bash

    • Bert says:

      This is one post that I agree with Viper. Usually when a “concept” looks great, the end product doesn’t end up looking great… I hope the X3 looks good this time around, because the current one looks like a pile of sh*t, inside and out.

  2. Artmic says:

    Wow, that is a an awesome looking X3, the current X3 i wouldn’t want for free.

  3. Bryce says:

    I think this drawing looks great, except for the headlights. It’s missing the headlight ‘eyebrows’ and the lights are a bit too rounded. Otherwise, I think they got the kidney grille, the hood, the front valence, and the proportions correct.

    • Doug says:

      It might actually have the eyelids, it’s hard to tell. But the headlights look too much like audi A3.

      I was so horrified for a second, I thought I was looking at the new 3 series hatchback… but for an SUV it’s actually pretty nice <<< this may hint at the 3 series sedan/coupe if accurate, which is good. Very strong CS elements.

  4. bmwm5fan says:

    that is absolutely fantastic! i wish they put a v8 under that bonnet, and damn ill buy that car!

  5. T. says:

    This rendering is the closest that has been to the actual F25 X3. If you look at the latest Spy Images taken around the Spartanburg plant , you can see the details rendered on the prototype especially on the front of the car , especially the way the headlights angle downwards , the twin kidney grille sits exactly underneath the bonnet line and the air intakes.

    This image is also by Huckfeldt, In a day when Clandestine meeting places , trenchcoats and manilla envolopes have been replaced with public meeting places , everyday clothing and an SD card or Thumbdrive ,
    Huckfeldt still gets the details.

  6. Jag says:

    @Esteves: Agree with you.
    @Simba: I wonder what you about BMW. The design, market position or the brand’s coolness. Maybe the design, cos you mostly talked about how you upset with the exterior of new models.
    Well, like Esteves has said, that’s totally a matter of taste. IMO, Audi do have good design, but no more than 1. And they multiple that design into every model. That’s why they all look good, at least at first sight. But later you’ll see that they are so similar, nothing new, nothing impressive. And those elements can be found on every Audis, they don’t grow on you, you couldn’t love they more. It’s different from BMWs. The designs may look imperfect at first, but then they start to make you love them, make you see how they combine harmoniously together and day by day, you’ll love them more. And that’s a longlasting love, unlike soon-to-come-soon-to-fade love at first sight.
    However, the design is only 1 of the values that make a brand. I doubt Audi could offer the “joy” of driving and the prestige of technology as BMW (I mean they have cool hi-techs, but those can also be found on VWs).
    One more thing, IMO, a fan is supposed to support the brand, not to bash the brand. You may criticize, yeah, but don’t look at the other brands and tell BMW to do what others do. In that case, it would be easier for you to call yourself those brands’ fan. I think you may be a potential buyer rather than a BMW fan.

    • Simba says:

      I would like to clarify that I am only referring to BMW’s exterior design. BMW is perfect in all other aspects. But it is important to note that the exterior design of a car plays an important role in a purchaser’s decision.

      Furthermore, I would never be a fan of Audi, nor do I like their cars. But what I am saying is that many people are now thinking that Audi cars are cool due to the fact that they look good… and there are those who don’t know cars as well, or are less enthusiastic about them and therefore they do not care about other aspects such as driving dynamics, quality, performance and efficiency.

      The one thing that I do appreciate a lot from BMW is that they differentiate their cars very well, you’d never confuse a 3 and a 5 (should I say that for the new one? esp from the back?). I absolutely dislike cut and paste designs. But that was not my point earlier, I meant (this is obviously my opinion) they must make more pleasant designs. Yes, designs need to stay fresh and be able to withstand time, but I doubt the X1 and new 5 will be able to do that. The current E60 has done that very well. It’s be great if BMW can come up with pleasant as well as long lasting designs throughout its product portfolio, like the 5GT, 1 Coupe, X6, X5,E60. They are all great looking cars to me.

      Lastly, I am a fan – I support the BMW Group fully, and I do that by praising the good as well as criticising what I think are mistakes. I care enough to criticise because I want BMW to stay the best and be better. That why I am worried about current trends, which will eventually lead to Audi dethroning BMW worldwide. If I am not mistaken, they are selling around 80% the volume of BMW – and this is using VW stuff with an Audi badge trying to be premium. This is what I am upset about. Where else could BMW have gone wrong? I think: 1.exterior design on some cars, 2.lack of marketing effectiveness (worldwide) – US is doing well in this. 3.RFT.

  7. JayBMWer says:

    Well, hope this BMW X3 can be the production model, will buy it!

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