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The rumors around a third 6 Series model have been going around for quite some time now and as expected, rendering artists adventured themselves into …

The rumors around a third 6 Series model have been going around for quite some time now and as expected, rendering artists adventured themselves into the unknown land, trying to anticipate a car that has not even been officially acknowledged by BMW.

We learned last year that an additional 6 Series model was being developed to go before the BMW board before a final decision could be made. According to sources close to the Bavarian manufacturer, the BMW 6  Series Gran Turismo will be a Premium Sports car with four doors , not a typical sedan , with a coupe-like shape. The 6 GT is considered a “progression” of a sports coupe and will take on competitors like Porsche Panamera.

It will also be the first BMW Coupe with a hatchback and four doors that will open hinged from the rear like the Mazda RX-8; strictly a four seater, each passenger’s position and the driver are separated with a large sweeping console.

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Exterior wise, the BMW 6 Series GT will have a different look when compared to the 6er Coupe and Convertible. with a wider grille and headlights which sit above the grille positioned on each corner , similar to the current car from the CS Concept Car.  A resemblance to the CS Concept is being mentioned, but an identical replica is excluded. The typical 6 Series flared wheel arches remain intact and will its characteristic muscular proportions. A strong shoulder line is typical on this car, again inverting into the rear lights.

The driving position will be very low and structural issues are taken care of by strengthening the pillars and additional reinforcement to the chassis. This will not make the BMW 6 Series GT the heaviest car in the segment since innovative techniques such as aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber will be used extensively. The pillars and roof of the car will be injected with foam that, when hardens, provides stability as well as being a lightweight addition to the construction.

There will be several engine offerings, from a single petrol V8 Twin-Turbo engine  to a Hybrid and six cylinder diesel powerplant. It is being said that the Motorsport Division will offer their expertise as the car has an unique potential.

Moving onto these latest renderings, it is important to mention that the artist took a different approach, as he mentioned himself. The starting point was the current 6 Series design in order to keep similar proportions. Next design element he focused on was a four door coupe, a competitor to the MB CLS and Audi A7.

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The result? Well, maybe not the next production model, but nonetheless, interesting enough for us to publish it.

[Source: Mihnea via Promotor ]

25 responses to “Renderings: BMW 6 Series GT”

  1. Robert says:

    Mmmmhmmm – It sure ain’t gonna look nothing like that!
    But interesting – yes!

  2. Bryce says:

    I agree, it definitely won’t look anything like that! I do like the sleek shape of this rendering, but all the details are off. First, there definitely won’t be a ‘bangle butt’ on the new 6. Second, the front definitely won’t be modeled after the now defunct Pontiac G6 GT.

  3. michael says:

    BMW should build the CS…

    I’m not understanding why you would create a 4 door hatch off a 2 door coupe… I’m not…

    • vixin says:

      they say the next 6 is gonna be the best looking bmw in a long time
      maybe even a cs look a like
      so in other words the CS get it

  4. Vaybach Khan says:

    HAIL 6GT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a car will it be! the dream…and the rendering is quite good,not the front end but the rear end ,and a side view great,specially the characteristic line across the side…
    as we can see the GT badge is for representing the special car series in its class..5 gt as high luxury crossover ,the 6gt as a only 4dr coupe ..and we can only guess what 3gt is bringing to us…

  5. joe says:

    nice looking car, just dont like the head n tail lights

  6. atr_hugo says:

    FWIW – the rear hinged ‘demi doors’ used by the RX-8, Honda Element, Ford Ranger, etc, first showed up in a 1930s era MG, the K Magnette.

  7. lennardt says:

    i really don’t like it. It looks like honda civic..
    BMW wouldn’t do such a nasty thing

  8. M6 fan says:

    The front isn’t the worst but from the rear it’s very ugly. Should change the rear part then it could be quite nice.

  9. Keshav says:

    6 series should remain a 2 door!!

  10. viper says:

    because of the market junior…
    still…the cls is the most beautiful of all.

  11. Axelsaurus says:

    wonderful roofline and body, good rear but terrible front.

  12. T. says:

    Oh No. But we call the car CS 6. When the car makes production you will see the CS badge on the bootlid just as the GT is prominent on the 5er Gran Turismo.

  13. Giom says:

    BMW has got a chance to do another superb model here. I can see this car along side the Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide. BMW is good with coupe-like designs and this one should be in a league of its own.

    Now, lets just hope the board decides to produce it – unlike the CS.

    About the rendering… I think the little driving lights spoils the front end and the rear lights are too small. Furthermore, the side profile shows that the roof is too low and the green house too small.
    But apart from this, it’s a real good design.

  14. efoza says:

    Just like the 5 GT this is also going to be a fab car. Well done BMW

  15. Jacque Strapp says:

    Guys, I’m a newbie beamer fan…

    can anyone explain what the “real world” difference is between a 5 and 6 series? Seems redundant to me.

    • Jacque Strapp says:

      to elaborate… I’m wondering who bmw intends to target for 5 and 6 series buyers.
      is the difference just in price?

  16. Jag says:

    the market segments for sedan, touring (5-series) and coupe and convertible (6-series) are different, mate. i think that’s quite clear, unless … uhm, you know what’s a sedan / touring / coupe / convertible, don’t you?

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