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It has been a while since we posted new on the rumored BMW 3 Series GT, the niche model that will complete the next generation …

It has been a while since we posted new on the rumored BMW 3 Series GT, the niche model that will complete the next generation 3 Series line-up. The PAC, Progressive Activity Coupe or V3, as it is known internally, is expected to based on long-wheel base 3 Series.

The always resourceful Scott27 has some new information to relate. BMW sees the 3 Series Gran Turismo as an entirely separate model from the 5er Gran Turismo which means the emphasis will be more on the dynamics and performance of the car rather than space and luxury. Although the 3 Series Gran Turismo will share the same philosophy as the 5er GT and it will have a distinctive design when compared to the regular 3 Series model. As seen in the new 5 Series family and the 5 GT niche model, the bloodline will be there, but the details will be different.

According to the same source, BMW have been planning a Shooting Brake style car for quite some time now. To quote the source, BMW sees the rumored 3 Series Gran Turismo as “the alternative to alternatives, a style conscious car with the dynamic prowess to match its looks.”

bmw 3er gt rendering1 655x396

A rendering by Autobild

BMW calls this prototype “Progressive Activity Coupe”  because of the way the roof slopes down at the rear, but instead of a larger glass area as in a Touring, there is an additional quarter light and a wrap around tailgate. The rear end is a combination of Touring and a Shooting Brake . The 3 GT will not feature the flexible trunk arrangement seen in the 5 GT instead settling for a traditional trunk.

Now here comes the interesting statement, but we have to admit, we’re still reluctant to pass it on as valid. Having the 3er Gran Turismo Shooting Brake in their line-up, it will allow BMW to offer another niche concept under the M Division. Same source mentions that an BMW M3 Touring was considered in the past, but axed at the last minute. The rumor is that BMW did produce M3 Tourings prototypes before, based on the E30, E36 and E46 platforms, but they are currently locked away.

It is still unclear if the BMW 3 Series GT has been indeed greenlighted or it’s still in the design contest phase where several internal teams compete for the final design. As we move into 2010, we expect more details to emerge and we will learn more about BMW’s future strategy.

15 responses to “More information on the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo”

  1. Bruno says:

    LOL this place just regurgitates what this Scott27 says on you know what site.

    And half the time he’s full of nothing but hot air. Regurgitated hot air is useless.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      You’ll be surprised how many things he says and we hold off. We learned to discern the truth from diversion. And yes, 3 GT is being considered by BMW and no, it has not been sent to production. In the past, most of Scott’s predictions came through while others haven’t, hence why we know now when to differentiate the news.

      We try, at least when we can, to cross-reference his rumors with some of our sources.

      And btw, when we believe is just a rumor, we definitely point that out.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      One last thing: what would be the automotive industry without rumors?

      Same goes for technology and other fields. Look at Apple products and you will understand more about the hype around products and diversions produced by the companies. Do we fall for them sometimes? Sure, never denied that.

      Should we just focus on posting new releases and other CONFIRMED news? Sure, that would be ideal. Are we going to start doing that? I don’t know, didn’t really think it bothered everyone.

  2. Enzo says:

    Keep the rumours coming. You can read announcements and confirmed news anywhere. If people didn’t write about Apple rumours there would be nothing Apple to talk about. I love hearing all the speculation and leaks when evidence isn’t available, as long as the sources are credible or have some record of being mostly correct.

    Keep up the good work Horatiu.

  3. XC says:

    And the rendering looks cool. BTW it seems that everytime Autobild offers a rendering, the actual car ends up looking almost exactly the same. Sometimes it seems that Autobild’s illustrators go to BMW’s HQ and then draw a rendering… just MHO.

  4. Giom says:

    Wow, a long wheelbase 3 series platform. I asume that the 3 won’t come out in a L version, only the 3 GT will have this for extra rear leg room.

    I really like these forward thinking models from BMW. It brightens up the automotive landscape somewhat. I predict that these GT models will find a nich even greater than BMW is hoping for. Simply because the concept is so new and well thought out. The three box car won’t disapear – far from it. But at least now customers have got a greater range to choose from. Never a bad thing.

    I too love these rumors, so, bring them on!

  5. L1ndja says:

    1st of The rumors should continue because we are fanboys and want to know anything if possible :P
    2nd The GT are really going to make more profit then first thought..Im confident about it because i love these new ideas they are fresh and bring something new.I mean if you would always have to choose from 3cars then it would be boring..I remember when bmw had one 3-4 cars in their lineup and i know that whenever bmw introduced a new car bmw fans said oh no why cant they just continue how it was..I know this from past experience..After 2years that the new models had arrived most of these fans were actually stuned by the new models.
    I can give you the best example with the X6.You know how contraversial it is ?Yes it is and do you know that it sells like hot cakes?I live in a poor country and all but here in my city there are at least 15-20 X6’s that is unbelievble,everyone loves them and im sure that the 5GT will be the same and this 3GT would be also welcomed.
    At least this is my opinion,the industry needs freshening up

  6. Vaybach Khan says:

    finally ,some news for gt,it seemed like everyone forgot about this concept idea…as you know where is smoke there must be a fire…and i really hope for that 3gt to come out as 1gt…but most of all i hope for cls competitor 6gt,even more then a supercar…

  7. Vaybach Khan says:

    little correction ˝…3gt to come out,same as for 1gt˝…

  8. bunker says:

    I will wait for this car. Please build it BMW.

  9. viper says:

    they are extending their line up with completely unnecessary models…the 3 GT , why not 8 series?…the 5gt , why not first the CS?….there is nothing wrong with 3gt and 5gt but they should first fill some major holes with super car first and CS then move on to unusual 3gt , who the hell needs that , such ugly 5gt already we dont need an even more uglier and duller 3gt….just think… cars like the cls , q7 , r8 , e class , s class…..the beauty now yesterday and tomorrow , bmw you need to wake up and start making cars. not crap like the gt series.

    • Doug says:

      Vaguely agreeing with you, I’d totally buy a 3GT if it’s just an AWD hatchback 3 wihout the 5GT crossover proportions or shooting brake design.

      In fact……. Lets not have a 3GT at all, please. Just offer a subtle sport-back. Is that so hard??

      Also, I agree with Viper, we do need an 8 series … but in an El Camino form.

  10. XC says:

    Why, why God, BMW is investing such huge amount of money in ‘crap’, ‘ugly’ and ‘dull’ cars… Isn’t BMW a commercial operation? Mmmh, maybe because these cars SELL LIKE HOT BREAD? OMG!! Could it be that BMW is fastly adapting to it’s consumer needs? OMG!!!

  11. Dede says:

    I am interested in the 3 GT and 1 GT. Having only 1 vehicle in a dense urban environment with a daughter and dog, I do need the one size fits all, but I hate SUVs. So I wait for this vehicle.

    As for all the bs about rumors vs. not, I love them so keep them coming.

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