Video: BMW M5 M6 Launch Control – Instructions & How To Setup

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One of the cool features in the BMW M5 and M6 is the F1-inspired “Launch Control”. The current BMW M5 and M6 uses a a …

One of the cool features in the BMW M5 and M6 is the F1-inspired “Launch Control”. The current BMW M5 and M6 uses a a 7-speed SMG III semi-automatic transmission. The SMG III includes the “Launch Control” feature, which allows maximum performance standing starts automatically (it limits wheelspin in hard starts to what BMW says is an optimum 18 percent).

However, the US spec vehicles have a reduced RPM to prevent vehicle damage and abuse.

A video posted by RideStory gives us a visual on how the Launch Control feature works, but for those of you that would like to have some printed instructions, please continue reading.

Launch Control is available when Drivelogic is set to the most aggressive manual shifting mode, S6. To use Launch Control, deactivate the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, hold the SMG shift lever forward, and press the accelerator down all the way.


The engine automatically revs to 1,500 rpm, and the car will not move until the shift lever is released. When the shift lever is released, engine speed rises to 8,000 rpm while the M6 launches with automatically balanced clutch and wheel slip. The result is a standing-start launch just as flawless as what a pro driver could muster with a regular manual transmission.

However, you cannot use Launch Control at every stop light. The system requires several minutes between launches to keep from overheating the clutch.

While this might not be news to the BMW M5 and M6 owners, we figured it could be useful for new and future buyers.

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  • Ezh

    It makes way to much wheel spin. Maybe it’s useful only for brand new tires.

  • 100$ GUY

    I would`ve liked a lateral shot as well.

  • Damien

    HMM USA only gets part of the magic once again…

  • Arjan

    Nice. Here is a movie of me doing it in an European spec 2009 M5 Touring

  • Biffster

    I was worried that my 2010 (BTW – I love the new I drive) didn’t have Launch Control. While still in break-in mode, I set up LC (without engaging the clutch) to see if the engine would rev to 1,600. It did NOT; instead the car inched forward as it would normally. However, after the 1,200 mile oil change etc., LC works. BMW service must enable the Launch Control software after the break-in period. Interesting.

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