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BMW M5 | January 2nd, 2010 by 18
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The next generation BMW M5 is due out in 2011 and the not-yet released car is already creating huge buzz among BMW fans. But while …

The next generation BMW M5 is due out in 2011 and the not-yet released car is already creating huge buzz among BMW fans. But while the new M5 is rumored to bring out some amazing technology, the current E60 M5 is still here and it’s going stronger than ever.

The BMW M5 needs no introduction anymore and everyone acknowledges that the M5 has been, as Mr. Clarkson says also, “the ultimate sport saloon”….well, sedan as we call it here in the U.S. The E60 M5 is powered by the amazing and soon to be phased out, 5.0-liter V10 S85 naturally aspirated engine which produces 500 horsepower and redlines at 8250 rpm. Torque? An impressive 384 lb-ft (520Nm) at 6100 rpm.

Top speed is limited at 155 mph(250km/h). Official numbers show 0-60 mph(0-100km/h) at around 4.5 seconds, but we’ve heard of people that have done better.

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Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through an equally innovative 7-speed sequential manual gear box that uses Formula 1 technology to shift much faster than would be possible with a manual gear box. For the true enthusiasts, a manual transmission is being offered at no-cost.

Another innovative feature in the E60 M5 is the BMW M Drive system that allows the M5 owner electronically to select the level of damping desired (comfort, normal, and sport), with electronic steering assistance tied to damper setting. In addition, the system allows selection of three levels of engine power and throttle response, several shift-program settings on the SMG gearbox, and variable dynamic stability control settings.

Some of these features and even more, will continue to be offered in the F10 M5.

While we’re not ready to retire the current M5 yet, we’re still fans of the several tribute articles we’ve seen lately, including the video above published by Motor Trend.

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18 responses to “Video: E60 2010 BMW M5 – MotorTrend Tribute”

  1. Concept-Zone says:

    it would look much better if it would not be in black and white

  2. Joe says:

    I own one of these beasts and while it is the most amazing saloon on earth the SMG is an abomination for city driving – where I do most of mine and the lack of low end torque has been hard to deal with in all the city streets. So if you have nice long sweeping commutes and roads your in for the treat of a lifetime, if you are like me then its a tough decision to keep your dream car.

    • Jordan says:

      agree. i would say SMG is a failure and i think BMW realized that as they’re moving to DCT now. i drove an M5 with SMG and it was a huge turn off, the car is a lot more impressive with a manual.

    • Elio says:

      It’s horrible to parallel park in – getting the revs up sufficiently without driving into the car in front or behind you is very difficult.

      Still I adore the sound of this beast and is only matched by the Gallardo.

  3. black7 says:

    Still ONE of the greatest BMW’s build. Love the e60 M5.

  4. Josh B says:

    Very well put Joe, My mum had an M6 but actually changed to a 650 due to the transmition. It was just to rough for her and she didnt enjoy driving around the city. When she changed the car BMW told here this reaction happened to be very common for M5/6 drivers and BMW aknowledges that they made a mistake with the transmition hence the M3 had DCT rather then SMG.
    I would have endured with the M6 but hey lol

    • Joe says:

      Hehehe I am doing the same. The M5 is being put up for sale and I am getting something in manual, not sure if it will be an F10, M3, or even an M5/6 if they have one anywhere.

  5. Alex D says:

    The M5 was unfortunately a bit mis-engineered. Besides it’s athletic capabilities it was less nimble than an M3. An absolutely fantastic engine was hobbled by a bit of lack of torque in the lower and mid RPM ranges and the unfortunate transmission choices. The SMG was horrible in auto mode and every day use for all except the most dedicated enthusiasts. For the US the launch mode was watered down to being almost useless (max. launch rpm was 2500 for the US while it was 5500 for RoW).
    The much anticipated 6 speed was actually worse for performance (0-60 was 4.7 – 4.9 sec for the 6-speed instead of 4.1 – 4.3 sec. for SMG) because it was the transmission out of the old M3 V8 and the DSC mode could not be completely disabled to avoid hard launches.
    Further the E60 dashboard was not the driver-centric command center BMW used to have and rather bland.

  6. Joe says:

    Thanks everyone for your points – I am hoping that they get the next version right and STOP short changing people who are willing to pay the premium price for an M5 and give them options like the M3 – (DCT and 6MT). I know it may seem like a lot to ask for but the majority of the drivers of these cars live in cities with speeding laws and traffic. Enjoying gear 1 – 3 are pretty much 90% of my driving and I want to manually engage with a third pedal for fun and to keep me involved. We just bought a 135i 6MT and I find myself driving it more and more than the M5 simply because its fun – I want my next M5 to be fun and not SO mechanical in the name “technology, efficiency, and innovation”. I am BMW fan boy to the end (K1300R, 135i, and M5) but if they keep forgetting about the enthusiasts I just can’t sit here and take there experiments anymore. Thanks for listening.

  7. Babken says:

    Whatever some people say BMW M5 was, is and will always be THE GODFATHER OF SEDANS.

  8. 100$ GUY says:

    And to think that the new M5 will be a like a demon unleashed.

  9. Guys, to be able to drive the M5 in slow traffic, parallel park, city traffic etc (in short all your complaints about SMG), all you have to do is select the last SMG gearbox response setting and your problems are resolved! In this last setting there is little if NO low-end torque issue as well as the gaerbox system response time is immediate. As you get used to this seting experiment with the intermediate settings until you are happy with the various permutations for differing driving situations. This works extremely well for me and my M5!!! Hope this helps you with yours…

  10. Beowolf says:

    Joe.. Like you, i enjoy roving thru my gears using 6MT (like my current E39 M5.. YES i kept it all those years). sorry to tell you but 6MT are going to be a thing of the past and i highly doubt the getrag manual boxes can handle yet more torque over 500 for f10 m5. The getrag gearbax could barely handle the 400 torque in the 6MT E60 much less 500 torque. I have also driven DCT M3 and it is a change im willing to make.. SMG however is another story. Serious lack of torque especially in the lower RPMs is annoying. Im not revving 7k rpm just to get around town! Not practical and will probably annoy other drivers except on a true highway where E60 M5 is built for.. but then again, i live in the city so.. E60 M5 to me is not suitable..

  11. Biffster says:

    I picked up one of the last new E60 M5s around (SMG). BMW put the full/new I-drive on these late modeled E60s and what an improvement it is! The standard (i.e. #3) shift setting is best for all around driving, by the way. It’s nice too that Active Roll doesn’t exist on this model; as a result, road feel is true. Launch assist is de-activated – hopefully because it hasn’t yet had its 1200 mile fluid change, at which time the dealer will activate it?! (yes, I realize it’s watered down here in the US versus RoW – but still would be good to have). Does anyone know if they scotched launch control all together for, say, the 2010 model year?

  12. e60 m5 says:

    The new beast WILL be better than the old one. As a tuner – I can’t wait to get my hands on that turbo and crank up the boost. My Porsche Turbo friends have been doing it for years.

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