Video: BMW 5 Series GT developing. Part 1

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With every new product, BMW made an habit out of providing backstage access to everyone interested in learning more about the developing process of a …

With every new product, BMW made an habit out of providing backstage access to everyone interested in learning more about the developing process of a new model. The new BMW 5 Series GT makes no exception and for the first time, we have the opportunity to take a glance of what went behind this new, but controversial model.

BMW 5 Series GT launched a few months back in Europe and made its official US debut back in November. In the U.S., the first model to go on sale is the high-end, powerful 550i GT, a V8 twin-turbo. In early 2010, the six-cylinder turbocharged 535i GT will complete the 5 Series GT in the U.S.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the video provided by BMW.

12 responses to “Video: BMW 5 Series GT developing. Part 1”

  1. Yves says:

    Note that during the ‘Concept Clinic’ the front headlamps are less sweptback and the D pillar DLO meets the tailgate shutline. R-class & Q7 also in the clinic. R-Class’ presence makes everything look great in an instance!

  2. Vaybach Khan says:

    man! i just love that old style grill !! and bumper is great too,hope bmw will do something different with the grill like upside down version at gina concept or something like this on new 1 series or 3 series…

  3. Brookside says:

    @ 1:27 thru 1:32 in the video we can see a much more radical prototype design (front and side view) that I like as much, if not more than the final selection. Horatiu pulled the teaser image from this car.
    It says to me that BMW design is now taking a less adventurous path.
    Maybe the strategy pleases more people, but I’d like to see them go balls-out on at least one production model.

    • bunker says:

      completely agree. the front end of that concept was much more CS-influenced, but also the grille was larger vertically as opposed to horizontally, which called to mind the original grille designs from years ago. too bad they didn’t go in that direction.

    • wazon8 says:

      I really like the back of concept you mentioned.

  4. efoza says:

    I can’t help noticing the number of heads that are turned each time I drive my GT. I have now had at least- I must assume- 100 people falling for the design. When I first got the car I knew that it was a design which was testing ALL of us who love BMWs but trust me when I say the GT has really brought FURTHER “joy” to me. This is one hell of a car and I am very happy with it. I am also glad that I picked 19″ wheels and not the 20″ which are really uncomfortable on a car of such shape.

  5. 100$ GUY says:

    That happens when an all new model hits the road, its pretty standard to turn heads. Its the novelty, if you turn heads 2 years later, now thats an achievement.
    When I have a car that still turns heads after that much time, I think, what the heck? LOL Well, for me that happens when u choose a sporty design.

    Now back on topic, if other designers do all the -hard work- , making designs and competing against each other, adrian just relax and decide with the help of the jury?? I mean, I know ain`t that easy, but I wish to know in detail what else Adrian V does?

    • efoza says:

      Not always. This is my 8th brand new model car and I can tell you that I have had a few M cars and also an Aston Martin. None have had the same impact as the GT on the design front when people see it in real life on the road or parked up on the side.

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