Spy Photos: 2012 BMW M5 F10 spotted at Nurburgring

Spy Photos | December 25th, 2009 by 28

Even in the days before Christmas, BMW engineers continue to test the next generation BMW M5 due out in 2012. With the next F10 M5, …

Even in the days before Christmas, BMW engineers continue to test the next generation BMW M5 due out in 2012. With the next F10 M5, BMW will continue to emphasize their efforts in the EfficientDynamics program. Further technologies aimed at reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing driving pleasure and performance, are rumored to make their way into the new M5.

The next M5 is all about lightweight construction. The chassis is pressed in aluminum and several lightweight materials are used in doors, bonnet and even roof (carbon fiber). To reduce drag and boost downforce and lower fuel consumption, special Aerodynamic aids that will be incorporated in the front of the car, including the outer-edge of the wheel arches , front bumpers and within the grille intake. Mini turbines are incorporated in the grille to convert drag under braking into electricity.

The new M5 receives a version of KERS utilizing super capacitors. The super capacitor is an electric double-layer capacitor which can have energy densities thousands of times greater than normal capacitors. Super capacitors can also be recharged quickly, transferring what otherwise would be heat energy in the braking process to stored electrical energy.

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The KERS functionality will be implemented in the transmission most likely. BMW partnered with several other manufacturers to implement hybrid capabilities in a transmission over the past several years. The ZF eight speed automatic used in the 5er GT and new 5er can be mated to a torque convertor or an electronic wet clutch so there is some possibility that this will be the core of the 8-speed DCT used on the M5.

Although the V10 in the current E60 M5 was a candidate for the next model, BMW M is moving into the direction of twin-turbo high-power engine. The new car inherits the V8 engine found in the X5 M and X6 M, but will suffer further modifications to increase the power. The number rumored at this point is around 580 horsepower. The V8, although shared with the X5M and X6M, is completely individual and unique to the M5. BMW is adapting the engine to suit the M5 and its character, and it is not just a transplant from the other Ms. An important character in an M5 is essentially the engine sound and the new V8 will not be only faster and more powerful than the outgoing V10, but it will also sound just as spectacular.

The V8 will also feature cylinder shutdown to aid with fuel consumption overall figures and a 25-30% more efficiency is expected, when compared to the current E60 M5.

As any other M model, The F10 M5 will feature the M-style front-fascia with larger, aggressive air intakes and of course, the now branded “M” fender vents. Different M-style wheels and other M-like elements will be represented as well in the new design.

The 2012 BMW M5 will debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show will production beginning months after.

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28 responses to “Spy Photos: 2012 BMW M5 F10 spotted at Nurburgring”

  1. Babken says:

    I’m looking forward to the new M5.

  2. Salah says:

    I can’t stand watching bmw dropping its high revving NA engines in favor of turbo engines, I mean whatever they say, it is still a turbo, and the car will lose its sole and driving fun. I’ve seen the x6 m acceleration and heard its sound, there is no way it will give the same pleasure as the current high revving v10. for me the only real M engine in the future is the M3 v8, and if bmw drops it in favor of I6 tt then it is going to be a disaster for the M range.
    I don’t know what the hell is in their minds, I was and still in love with bmw, but this time,
    this V8 tt is going to be an exception, and the NA 6.2L V8 AMG is the ultimate in its category.

    BMW M used to provide cars that give the driving pleasure of a Ferrari in the body and luxury of BMW, and i can see this in the current M5 and M3. But, let us not forget that most of the pleasure comes from its (high revving, lightening response, and furious sound) ENGINES. Let us take porsche 911 turbo and ferrari f430 as an example, they both give similar performance figures, but the ferrari wins easily in terms of driving pleasure and passion. The same applies here between old school M cars and the new stupid Efficient Dynamics M school which is focusing on turbos, the new cars may post better performance figures, but they will lack the character of a typical BMW M car, they simply cannot work this issue out….
    Anyway, I trusted BMW always as they give the best among their competitors, and i will trust this time and wait till the car comes out,

    I hope not to be disappointed then.

    • wazon8 says:

      What is wrong with torgue avaible from the lowest rev speed and in wide range? I don’t see most of driving pleasure coming from high rev engines. I would understand you, if BMW’s engines suffered on turbo lag, but BMW has smart turbo politics and they do everything to make their turbo as responsive as possible. It’s not a coincidence that BMW has patented their new order of ignition solution, which totally reduce turbo lag in X6M and X5M. This is new quality in thinking about turbo and I’m happy that it comes from BMW.

      • L1ndja says:

        In some aspects i agree with salah and in some with you wazon8..Bmw’s M cars have been all about handling,high reving and light weight.So replacing the High revving engines is something i really hate because they produce the best sounds in the world..On the other hand fuel consumption and strict emission plans are forcing bmw to actually reduce them considerably and im happy that bmw is the leading force in this respect..On turbo engines i have to admit that the Inline 6 Twin Turbo(or twin power turbo) is astonishing and it produces a sound worthy of an M engine,And the V8 isnt bad either..But what i am disappointed at is the new X6 M adn X5M engine which sounds really really bad..I mean what the …. it sounds like an 4cylinder..At least sound like the V8 on the 750i..Hope bmw proves us wrong on the new M5 and possibly M6

      • Ezh says:

        As an M5 E60 owner I totally agree on it’s low rev torque issue. You do not hi rev the engine in the city, where I drive 95% of the time. I wish my M5 would have more torque for city driving.

        • Auday says:

          I’m totally with Salah!
          @wazon : it’s not about the lag, it’s about the response and throttle control and no matter how better BMW turbo engines are they are still not as responsive and controllable as the NA engines.
          @Ezh: dont mean to offend in anyway, but the M5 is not supposed to be one of those cars where you could push on the throttle on low rpm whenever you want to have the power, so basically it’s not designed for lazy driving. You could always downshift in the city and get to the power you need and it’s more fun cause you are more engaged with the car and have to always think of your gears and engine rpm, it’s totally different than driving an AMG where you could be on the phone and dont even know what the engine is doing or what gear you are on (automatic) and could get the car to push for you with a push on the throttle, …. for M cars this is a no no… the M5 wants you to listen to, engage with, and feel her so she could deliver the performance.

          • wazon8 says:

            I understand that you drove X6M and you know everything about responsiveness of its engine.

          • Auday says:

            no I haven’t and I’m not interested, the X6M has a way bigger responsiveness issue than the engine, and that is the Auto tranny with torque converter. I’ll have to wait for a proper manual or DCT/SMG car with that engine to give it a try.

          • Ezh says:

            May I ask, do you own a M5 and use it on every day basis?

          • Auday says:

            no, I own an M3 with S54 engine which has kinda similar torque curve shape (basically the torque band is all on the upper RPM range) and it’s 6spd manual so it’s even more demanding (I’m guessing you have an SMG right?).

          • Doug says:

            @Auday, I think the turbo+AT *is* for lazy driving, because it takes less skill and strategy to operate it :) Or I have no idea what you mean by “lazy” unless it’s “driving peacefully in traffic”. In that case a better word is “repressed”.

  3. Jordan says:

    can. not. wait!

  4. BmwM5Fan says:

    “it will also sound just as spectacular” – no offence, but bull***t, comparing to v10, it will suck. For instance if x5m/x6m sound like subaru’s, there wont be a certain change…..

    V10 forever.

  5. This tree hugger bullshit that we are all force fed daily is killing all of the fun cars.

  6. Ezh says:

    Auday, yes I have an SMG one. But I cannot rev it to 6k+ all the day long. It’s just not comfortable. For me and the citizens. It also lids to a way more consumption (for me the average is ~23.5 l/100 km). I drove an chip tuned 535d. It had plenty of torque from 1.5k revs and it was a pleasure to drive. It was a very disappointing experience.

    BTW I had an M5 E39. There was plenty of torque in low-rev. From 2.5k to 5.5k. It was an engine-masterpiece.

  7. viper says:

    M5 needs to beat the rs6 and 63 on straight line…by the time the new m5 arrives there will be a whole new rs6 with who know how many hp , and AMGs will probably fly by then

  8. Kushtrim says:

    580hp very less for M5

  9. viper says:

    based on the facts , the e39 had 400 , e60 500 , new M5 should have around 600 , the competition is very strong and they should think about braking the 600hp , amgs have over 600 for quite some time now and still keeping big engines 6.0 6.2 in most of their lineup.

  10. Doug says:

    Ok I’ve got a few questions here.

    Horatiu say “the chassis is pressed in aluminum” — does this mean that the unibody/frame is aluminum whereas the 2011 5 series is steel? I’m sort of baffled… is this a custom frame, which would be a huge departure fo ///M cars?

    How is this KERS system different than in other cars and the F1 implementation? My understanding was that KERS (at least the prototype illustration posted a year ago) was a combination of flywheel and supercapacitors, forgoing tradtional (eg, li-ion) batteries. That’s in contrast to other hybrids which use supercapacitors to buffer batteries (li-ion, etc).

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Doug, I honestly don’t have the answers to these questions, but I can push them forward and see if we can get an answer from somewhere.

      • Doug says:

        Hi! thanks… it would be interesting to find out

        • Auday says:

          I’ve been wondering about this KERS too. In F1 most (actually all if I’m not wrong) implementations use the electric motor/generator with a super-capacitor and that added extra weight and complexity for a gain of 80hp for a 6 seconds burst.
          In F1 that could mean a gain of some tenths of a second which is more than worth it.
          but I can’t see how this will have a value on the road though, unless the super capacitor is actually a full battery that could store more energy than 6secX80HP and if so it would be nothing but a hybrid system marketed as KERS (Hybrid’s have KERS by default as they recover energy from braking the same way).
          Hope we could get an answer for this soon.

          • wazon8 says:

            6 sec. sound not bad, since this system will be mostly used at track after driver runs corner. On many tracks it’s enough time to increase speed significantly before next corner. Even when considering straight line acceleration, 80hp by 6 sec makes a great difference. Anyway, I think that it will be something like short time burst.

  11. Nizer says:

    Enough with the 600hp idiot pig machines already. Why can’t BMW build a lightweight M5 with a nice massaged straight six that’s more in keeping with the spirit of the 3.0CSL from the 70’s?

    I want M-car handling but anything more than 400hp on the street is worthless.

  12. viper says:

    nizer shut the fck up

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