Video: BMW 7-series drifting! Don’t do this at home!!

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Drifting is fun, without a doubt, we have never deny that nor we will start now. But looking at the video below one cannot wonder …

Drifting is fun, without a doubt, we have never deny that nor we will start now. But looking at the video below one cannot wonder how safe that maneuver really is and if the driver has the skills to pull it off. We’ve had our fair share of drifting this past summer at the BMW M Performance School, but granted, it was aboard the M fleet, starting with the M3 and finishing with the almighty M6, and of course, with the school instructors holding the wheel.

Now, is really drifting in a new 7 Series considered to be cool? Don’t think so, while the car’s power might give the perception of a “drifter vehicle”, truth is that the new 7 is far from that, it’s a classy luxury sedan and used for total different purposes.

Clearly, we do not condone such excessive and dangerous driving, especially considering the unorganized event it took place in, surrounded by several cars and people around it. To each its own, but DO NOT try this at home!

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  1. sheqel says:

    This is insanity.

    One of the other cars is a Holden Statesman — the vehicle Chev will be importing as a Police car to the States.

  2. Soofdawg says:

    Moronic. ‘Nuff said.

  3. :p says:

    Full Size drifter, nice. I can now tokyo drift in style

  4. Malberto says:

    Sheesh! I shoulda known it was Saudi dudes in Wherever-the-hell-Stan. WoW! It must be nice to have more money than class, common sense, and intelligence. SMH >:-/

  5. Malberto says:

    What part was racist, the fact that they’re from the middle east? I quested by the clothing. I don’t know were exactly they are, do you? They could be anywhere. And the money statement can apply to anyone who abuses wealth for just some bad kicks, only this time its not some suburban kids in the here in the states.

  6. wgait says:

    This takes stupidity to a c ompletely different level. The 7 series driver probably complains on the high cost of maintenance and will call his car a “pig” when the transmission fails.

  7. Patrick says:

    haha wow! time for a new set of tires.

  8. Ray says:

    I think it is awesome that he cannot get the 7 Series to spin as all the other cars do. Well, that is the downside on good handling ;-)

  9. I remember doing this in vacant parking lots back when I had my E38. Donuts around light poles are a lot more fun though, and I think they test your abilities more as well since you have to focus on keeping a steady distance from the pole.

  10. Brian Edwin says:

    This is insane especially with passengers in the back of the car going for the joy ride.

  11. Nemro says:

    Malberto or whatever you are
    If thats “not class” as you said , what do you call spending ten millions Dollar on a movie where many cars are just getting crashed here and there, and at the end you just go to the nearest store and buy the fucking DVD for a mere 40$ for just a 2 hour of entertainment , I agree though at thihs video that its crazy aand a waste of time but don’t mention a specific race


    • Malberto says:

      Yeah, alright. I see your not a movie fan (no Tranformers in your stalking, lol). And your willing to pay $40 bucks for a DVD (instead of $20 for the new release)?! You must be doing well for yourself (congrats, no joke). But I still don’t see what the heck I said that was racist (what? saying their Saudi? Please.). I understand that its not cool to be intolerant toward other peoples but its not like I used a racial slur. But that wasn’t my point. The fact is that it isn’t the kind of car those maneuvers should be done in. Its like those idiots over here in the states who make it rich off of a one hit song, buy themselves a Lamborgini Murcelago, get it painted neon pink with matching leather, and crash it the next week. I’m all for fun but using an M3, M5, M6, or even one of the new XM’s would have made more sense but not a new 7 series.

  12. Stratus650 says:

    This is a well known drifting technique in Saudi Arabia

  13. sheqel says:

    Reefing on the steering wheel at 120kph isn’t ‘technique’…

  14. i love all these comments…the fact is that these drifting events have been taking place longer than this site came into existence and longer than i was even born..thats 1975..these are controlled drifts which our Arab brothern have been perfecting for a long long time…class is not a concern here…they have so much money they just wana have some fun..which i think is so cool.. you should see what these guys do with SUVs hahahaha u’ll all go insane. Personally it was awsome to see the FO1/2 drifting so wildly..
    @ Brian- the rear passengers are not in for a joy ride. they are placed there to even out the weight distribution..

  15. and all you folks talking about class..what is wrong with some fun..please dont be so uptight.

  16. JoeDoe says:

    There are several videos on youtube and other sites of such drifting events going horribly wrong. Cars crashing into the crowd, swiping people off their feet. It doesn’t seem all that controlled and ‘perfected’ to me.
    If it would be a closed road or a track, that’s another story but this is done on public roads.

    IMO this has nothing to do with class or where people are from. It’s about rather stupid and irresponsible behaviour, which happens in all corners of the world.

  17. viper says:

    what a bunch of retards

  18. Joe says:

    It’s a terrorist drift event – run away!

  19. says:


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