2011 BMW 5 Series by TOPCAR and LUMMA Design

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Germany based LUMMA Design and russian tuner TOPCAR Moscow announce a new project for the 2011 BMW 5 Series models. The partnership between the two companies started in 2009 …

Germany based LUMMA Design and russian tuner TOPCAR Moscow announce a new project for the 2011 BMW 5 Series models.

The partnership between the two companies started in 2009 with TOPTCAR taking the responsability around styling, projection and modeling, while LUMMA will cous on productive capacity.

In the new 5 Series project, TOPCAR revamped the already beautiful design of the new 5er by developing a new exterior kit which includes new front and rear spoilers, side skirts, carbon fiber diffuser and a discreet carbon boot lid wing.

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The front spoiler of the Lumma TopCar design also features various carbon fiber accents. There are no information on whether any changes have or will be made to the interior design, nor any information on the total price of this kit.

The 2011 BMW 5 Series by LUMMA Design and TOPCAR will be available in April 2010.

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  1. Berk says:

    If I wanted to see nothing but stories reposted from bimmerpost.com I can just read my bimmerpost RSS feed instead of checking here. Unbookmarking site.. sorry.

    • viper says:

      go screw ur self with bimmerpost then , retard….
      on topic….beautiful rear! ,if only M5 looked like that , gorgeous!

    • Jag says:

      here’s the problem: someone (like me) don’t know what bimmerpost is, never come to bimmerpost, so we are pleased to read these articles here. i think the same happens to bimmerpost readers. those who read both sites (like you) should accept the fact that there’s not so much ‘exclusive’ news about BMW for each fan page and once you have followed both, reading an information already posted is inevitable.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Here we go again…one of our “fans”

      Let me clarify things again: majority of the BMW news are NOT owned by one website, they are part of press releases or news shared on the internet. With that being said, just cause one site posts something before the other one, that doesn’t mean that us or others cannot repost news widely available to everyone. With that being said: take a look at this google search http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=bmw+5+series+lumma+topcar&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

      Yes, BMW 5 Series LUMMA posted by 100+ others sites before us and bimmerpost.

      And let me now get into the times when we post news first and others follow. It happens, we’re not 24/7 online and some tips that we receive are placed in queue. We do try to be 24/7, but so far the best I managed to do is like 18-20 hr days.

      I really don’t wanna get into this, we are an online magazine, cover everything and anything BMW and sometimes even more, we are not a forum nor compete with anyone. There are plenty of sites that I read and they have similar news or sometimes identical. That’s the news game that newspapers are doing as well.

      As a conclusion, we do more than just news, we do columns, editorials, informational articles, attend ALL the auto shows, drive cars etc….sometimes I am personally shocked at the attacks that come my way or the site in general. Not many know how much work has been put into this and constantly is. I’m not looking for someone to praise us nor build a statue…but just need to understand that sometimes, we might be a little behind with stories while other times, we get advanced news and information.

      This subject is over and your comment will stay untouched, just like all the other “Friendly” ones we received. This is who we are, we do not tolerate. Go try these comments on other sites and tell me how long before they get deleted.

      Done, I’m going back to work so I can keep the BMW community happy :)

      • XC says:

        Great job at keeping the BMW community happy. Kudos Horatiu! BMWBLOG is one of the best BMW sites in the web. (And yet, dumb words usually fall on deaf ears my friend…)

  2. Vaybach Khan says:

    its not bad at all ,maybe a little bit over sized at front…i just want to see f10 in white,i think its the best color for the new 5…

  3. This… is beautiful. I love it. This has to be the best looking BMW since the E38.

  4. Robert says:

    Tooo Asian auto influenced… not my cup o’ tea – give me stock M

  5. alex says:

    front is nice! bmw shud had design it themselves! but side skirt…neh…boy racer…

  6. Josh B says:

    Im sick and tierd of reading negative comments about this site.
    I think Horatiu has done a superb job in creating and reguarly updating this site and input such as “Berks” is just a spit in the face of the many loyal supporters as well as Horatiu who deserves nothing but praise. I do not read “bimmerpost” and nor do i have a desire to knowing very well that the same information will be posted on this site in what i think is a better and easier to read layout.
    I am not a reguler poster on this site but i do read all the articles and comments on a daily basis. I enjoy hearing peoples varied opinions on the topic of BMW and i think the site has some fantastic, intelligent and passionate followers who contribute to the unique community of fans.
    Horatiu i think i speak for all when i say you have no need to justify yourself.
    I believe that was a waste of your valuable time, something “Berks” just isnt worth.
    Keep up the great work and thanks alot mate,
    Merry christmas and Happy chanuka BMW blog :)

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Thank you Josh. Happy Holidays to you also.

      P.S. Yes, we’re not perfect, but we’re working towards that regardless of the difficulties encountered. Truth is this place would not be the same without the community behind it.

  7. lennardt says:

    Oh god! Not Lumma :-D
    I hated what they did to G-Power Hurricane :-(

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