Rumor: BMW M Division -The Road Ahead. The New BMW M5

Rumors | December 18th, 2009 by 46
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The next generation BMW M5 is due in 2011 and with a year to go, the rumors around the highly expected model are started to …

The next generation BMW M5 is due in 2011 and with a year to go, the rumors around the highly expected model are started to pile up. At times, it can be difficult to discern the truth from speculations, or to filter through the amount of misinformation and clues, but our duty remains to report these news as well and give counterarguments if needed.

With information coming from multiple sources (some mention north of 600 hp, others around 580 hp), the truth is that the new M5’s specs still remain a mystery and when BMW is ready to reveal more information, we will be one of the first to see them.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at what Scott27, an BMW insider has to say about the upcoming M5 and Motorsport division’s future plans. Is it all true? Maybe. Can things change in the near future? Absolutely. In an industry where being able to dynamically and fast change things, is crucial to adapt to new requirements or changing markets.

The text below has been reproduced in its original form and some grammatical errors might occur, along with a small PR twist.

Update: Car Magazine mentions some of the facts stated below.

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New World Order – The New BMW M5.

Whilst it’s true that the M Division has come in for quite a few comments regarding current product or lets not beat about the bush The BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M. Identified as the “next Chapter” in M. Derided by enthusiasts and journalists alike. Has the M Division lost it? Has the M Division lost it’s focus? Does M stand for marketing now?
Does the M philosophy no longer remain pertinent?

Are some of the comments.

The Pinnacle of Efficient Dynamics.

With the creation of BMW Efficient Dynamics. Technology aimed at reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing driving pleasure and carbon dioxide emissions spreading throughout the BMW portfolio. One question remained unanswered how will the M Division benefit ? And how will the M division remain relevant in the long term?

BMW M Division will become the pinnacle of Efficient Dynamics. Welcome to the Brave New World of Performance.

Lightweight construction.

BMW M cars will now separate themselves from the core cars by utilizing the same platform but for the relevant M model. The floorplan will be pressed in aluminium. As the core 5er begins to use lightweight materials such as aluminum on the door and bonnet skins, these will transfer over as will an optional Carbon Fiber reinforced roof – A first for an M5 , and a first for a BMW performance sedan.

BMW Active Aerodynamics

First showcased on the GINA Concept Car – A car that was way ahead of it’s time and key component in the BMW Efficient Dynamics programme.
In principle to reduce drag and boost downforce and lower fuel consumption. Special Aerodynamic aids that will move automatically incorporated in the front of the car including the outer-edge of the wheel arches , front bumpers and within the grille intake. Mini Turbines are incorporated in the grille which convert drag under braking into electricity.

KERS (Kinetic Energy recovery System)

The new M5 will spearhead a radical addition to further reduce consumption. Conceived well within when BMW were still commencing with their F1 Programme. With KERS developed for the F1 car , BMW also created a synergy for an application of such a system to a road car.
Successfully applied to the Road Car division the KERS developed by M division consists of an on-off-on again programme involving Twin Parallel Supercapacitors between the driveshaft providing 10 sec power boost at the press of a button. The idea is to have stored up the energy and allow the driver to unleash the power on demand. An adaption of this idea will feature in the six cylinder Active Hybrid 5 Concept Car that will be shown in Geneva in March 2010.
Tests carried out within the confines of BMW’s private proving grounds are ongoing as the KERS is relatively new tech. The development of the new car remains in status.

The Importance of Character

The V10 in the E60 M5 is truly a work of art. Although a V10 was considered and remains as a possible venture for an additional M model.
The new car inherits the V8 engine found within the BMW X5 and X6 M models. Although BMW stress that the engine will be unique to the M5 with just under 580 PS.
The V8 although shared with the X5M and X6M is completely individual and unique to the M5. With BMW adapting the engine to suit the M5 and it’s character it’s not a complete transplant. Character in an M5 is essential as is sound. The engine has to synergize with the DKG Transmission and the KERS.
The V8 will in turn be faster and more powerful than the outgoing V10 and sound just as spectacular.
The V8 will also feature cylinder shutdown also to aid fuel consumption with overall figures expected to be between 25-30% better than the E60 M5.

As well as a unique engine , The M5 will inherit a Dual clutch transmission which will be unique to the M5, based upon the 7 speeder found within the current M3 , eight Gears will be available and will be equipped with a stop-start control. The DCT will also be operated with steering wheel mounted paddles. The M5 although not at first will also be available with optional Carbon Fiber brakes, currently being trialled.
Customizable driving options will also feature as will a new electronic stability control with torque vectoring and roll control. Efficient Dynamics features will also be available from the touch of a switch.

Designed for Performance

The M5’s secret has always been to remain understated and discreet on the outside , but within lies the beast.
Typical M5 and BMW M aerodynamic features adorn the car. With the new 5er central grille being much larger the central intake size has been diminished , although the brake outlets are larger. Wheel arches are swollen to add some mass on the F10’s athletic muscle. A side air intake is placed underneath the character line which climaxes at the wheel arch.
The Side skirts are more sculptured allowing for good aerodynamics.
At the rear the typical Quad exhausts remain with a sculpted diffuser and central intake. A small bootlid spoiler allows the car to remain understated and restrained.

What Comes After?

In addition to the standard luxury performance sedan BMW will offer a more hardcore model in the same vain as the BMW M5 CSL 25th anniversary car. Swapping Luxuries for Performance and being as hardcore as they come. Not available at first but coming on steam eighteen months later. BMW want to expand the M cars by having the core model and something more inclined for enthusiasts.

A Touring model is under consideration.

Just as BMW teased the E60. The F10 BMW M5 will bow as a Production concept at the 2011 Geneva Autoshow with the production model debuting in the early summer before the world premiere at the IAA Frankfurt in 2011. European sales begin at the same time.

46 responses to “Rumor: BMW M Division -The Road Ahead. The New BMW M5”

  1. Auday says:

    KERS is mentioned again but nothing is mentioned about how the energy will be reused? an electrical motor? where is it mounted?

    The only positive thing for me here is the light weight materials, IMO this should have been the case fro all M cars, extra power is nice but light weight is way more important.
    The 8 gears mentioned will most probably be an Auto tranny, if so then shame!

  2. Babken says:

    0-100km/h figure of 4.4 seconds would be disappointing. That’s the figure of the c63 amg. I hope 0-100km/h acceleration figure will be not more than 4.1 seconds.

  3. No mention of a manual transmission, but they mention the DKG and DCT. The world just got a little bit darker to me.

    I don’t like how they call ///M the “brave new world of performance” either.

  4. viper says:

    …thats the one you are looking at it! right there the new M5 with carbon roof…578hp is just the right number and 4.4seconds is disappointing as well….You really cant get any closer than that , the info is 99% true and I wasnt hoping for this info at such early stage…as I said it before ,”nothing too radical” to expect from bmw , this M5 wont stand out that much from the X56M at all

  5. L1ndja says:

    There are several things im dissapointed at :
    1. No manual gearbox
    2. If it sounds like the X5M/6 it will be so dissapointing to sound like a fucked up 4cylinder engine
    3.It should get 0-100kmh in 4sec flat
    4. And last but not least bmw should break the 600hp mark

  6. John Hietter says:

    I simply can’t wait. M5 CSL!! Carbon brakes!!! Carbon roof!!! WOW!

  7. :p says:

    A couple of pounds lighter and 80+ hp more powerful, It should be the fastest super sedan ever. If it isnt in the 3 second range, then something is wrong.

    • :p says:

      I am saying this because most of BMW’s estimates were off my a couple tenths of a second. THe M3 for example, BMW said it was 4.7 seconds for the sedan but it was 4.4 seconds on the track.

  8. Babken says:

    BMW M5 will hit the 0-100 km/h faster than any other sedan be it pathetic mercedes, audi or whatever. The article brought here is just a prediction. BMW will break the 600hp barrier though even with 580hp it will beat any mercedes amg sedan. If the X6 M which weighs 2400kg accelerates from 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds and even faster so the M5 which will be lighter by at least 600kg will do that in 4 seconds or even faster. I myself believe that the next generation M5 will have at least 600hp.

    • auday says:

      M cars are not about HP, the 500 HP in the E60 M5 is more than enough. What counts is how to harness those horses around the corners of the track, and how much in control the car makes you feel over any and all of these horses.

      lighter weight, stiffer chases, stiffer suspension, better throttle response, and tighter more communicative steering wheel are far more important than the HP number in an M car.

      M is not there to compete against AMGs that have out of control straight line HP,… M cars are in a different league against hard tuned cars like Aston Martin and Porsche, where handling and control counts first.

    • Ezh says:

      Do not forget about the wheel spin. M5 still will be 2×4. X5 M is 4×4.

  9. Babken says:

    You’ll be bitterly surprised to welcome the comeback of M5 THE KING that will kick your ass.

    • auday says:

      oh damn not again, would you guys stop it ?!

      • Lol.. Babkens post makes me laugh. He’s regurgitating the stupid slogan on the above image, “BMW M5 – THE BEAST IS BACK.” It’s all just to get you hyped up. It’s all just marketing ploys and techniques. They want you to think that all other versions of the M5 are obsolete junk and that this new one is inherently better because it’s “new.” I read “the beast is back” and my first thought was “Wait, I didn’t know that the M5 ever went away.”

  10. wazon8 says:

    4.4 sec to 100km/h is unrealistic prediction, since 2400kg X6M runs to it in 4.5sec. How the hell is car lighter about 400kg only 0.1 sec faster? 4.4sec is not only prediction, but it’s bad prediction as well.

  11. its impossible for the M5 to accelerate from 0-100 in 4.4 seconds because the previous M5 accelerated from 0-100 in 4.5 seconds and it was only 507 hp whereas this M5 according to this source developes 578 hp 71 hp differences and only 0.1 second differences in accelearation!!!!! i doubt it this source is accurate its probably just another prediction it definately less, it has to be less for the M5 to be able to compete with its rivals form audi and mercedes. BMW FOREVER

  12. viper says:

    simple wazon , its very realistic , I think that they are counting on the 2000kg weight here , so not only the new 5er is fat but the M5 will be even fatter so 4.4sec is pretty realistic then.the new M5 wont stand out much from the E60 M5 except the turbo engine (for the first time) and a carbon roof option and kers and some other small things….the improvement will be around 80+hp , and some increase in torque about 700 I think but the time 0 to 100 will basically remain the same more than 4 seconds less than 5 seconds…its just going to a mediocre fast sedan very easy beaten by the fast RS6 and a monster E63 , I wish I was wrong though

    • wazon8 says:

      Man, BMW managment is not cazy. They won’t deliver car that would be beaten by RS6 and E63AMG.

      • viper says:

        E60 was….crushed by RS6 on straight line , so did AMG , they need to do something radical in order to beat the RS6

        • wazon8 says:

          Do you mean that M5 E60 was crushed by RS6 C5? I don’t think so. BTW, you overlooked really easly the fact that 2400kg X6M, which is heavier about 550kg than M5 E60 is as fast to 100km/h as M5 E60. Despite huge difference in weight, new technology in X6M allow it to be as fast as M5 E60 and this new technology is something that you don’t take under consideration when compare new M5 with M5E60. You talk as if BMW would apply tuned up V10 with the same transmission as in M5 E60 and so on. But there are wider differences, which is showed by the performance of car that is 550kg heavier. How then the new M5 which is rumored to have similar weight to M5 E60 could be faster only 0.3 sec faster to 100km/h than X6M? Man, even 400kg would have huge influences on acceleration time to 100km/h, surely bigger than 0,3 sec. I suspect that new M5 will reach 100km/h in 4 sec. Just stop ignoring facts when you make your judgement.

        • wazon8 says:

          BTW, E63AMG W211 appeared one year after M5 E60. It’s plenty of time to make car that is faster on straight line, but MB failed. They made car that is faster to 100 km/h, but which is still slower on the quarter mile, where E63 AMG is 12,5 sec. and M5 E60 needs 0.1 sec. less. Similar story goes for accelaration to 200km/h, where M5 E60 is about 1,5 sec. faster (13,5 sec of BMW against 15 sec. of MB). Moreover, when M5 E60 appeared in 2005, there was no sedan from its segment at all that would be faster on straight line than it. Actually, there was only E55AMG W211, which was accelerating in 4,9 sec. to 100km/h and RS6 C5 which needed 4.7 sec, but was singnificantly slower to 200km/h (17,8 sec. against BMW’s 13,5 sec.). I would like to ask you to check stats before you publish any opinion, because it’s rather boring thing to transcribing data that you found elsewhere, if you would care about substantial disscussion here.

          • viper says:

            dont bother that much wazon , I see u doing ur homwork constantly , just wait and see , all Im saying man is I dont belive that they will come up with something radical , to actually leave the rs6 and amg far behind , remeber that these guys are now equally as good as bmw if not even better , audi is so faster than the M5 , the M5 doesnt stand a chance on straight line , go watch clips on m5board and , those guys even race in ur fever , because they more than often cheat only that bmw could win , its ridiculous , that murcielago is slower than M6 for example and that Cralsson is slower on straight than M5…epic stuff no doubt , you should check it.but back to the point, only time will tell and prove that I was right , bmw will not make a super M5 that could beat the RS6 E63 , you know stuff like that…the days when the M5 was the fastest saloon in the world are long gone , it will never ever be like that again even with all the facts some people here still belive the opposite.

          • wazon8 says:

            You forget to notice one simple fact: RS6 C6 appeared 3 years after M5 E60 and it’s huge amount of time in car market.

          • viper says:

            brother , it could have been ten years for someone and still would fail , you actually admit that the RS6 c3 is faster than M5 just because they had three years to work on it?

    • :p says:

      The E63 AMG is the fastest N/A Engine of its class. 4 seconds under 518hp V8.

      • viper says:

        right on , I cant even imagine what horror they will bring to bmw when they start using turbos , absolute horror and failure for the M devision is predicted .

  13. XC says:

    I reckon this is ‘filtered’ news from BMW, and as usual, they are on the coy side. I think the catch will be more on the ‘less weight’ than in the ‘more power’ side.

  14. 100$ GUY says:

    Speculations, just let it be.

  15. Heikki says:

    I thought that you guys hier are more clever. The X5 M runs 0-100 in 4,7 sec aand 0-60 Mph 4,5 sec. The M60 M5 runs 0-100 in 4.8 seconds!! I think this shit would be awesome. M pure power”!

    • wazon8 says:

      No, according to official stats, M5 E60 accelerate to 100km/h in 4.7 sec. According to some car magazines and the fastest laps, it’s even faster. Fastest laps declares 4,4 sec for it. Anyway, all sides agree that it reachs 200km/h in 13,5 sec.

  16. XC says:

    I wonder why those kids are so obsessed with who beats who… Real life driving is so different to numbers, stats or track times. When you have to ‘live’ with a car is when BMWs truly excel. And I’m borrowing this from a BMW book by Paul W. Cockerman: “BMW describes its vehicles as being ‘The Ultlimate Driving Machine,’ yet BMW’s products are considerably more down to earth than those availiable form supercar manufacturers such as Ferrari or Lamborghini. What makes the BMW unique is that it is indeed the ultimate in providing a driving experience tailored to the real world.”

    I certainly do agree.

    • wazon8 says:

      Kids? I don’t really get people who are not interested in M-cars performance. Tracks numbers would be of first importance for me, if I was buying any of M5. IMO, 535i is enough, if one is not interested in visiting tracks, but only in driving on regular roads and highways.

      • Auday says:

        I wouldn’t say kids, it’s just a preference.
        But I agree with you, numbers are not everything… 0-60mph/100kph is just a small window of the car acceleration and the acceleration itself is a small window of the car performance. Even if you take pure car performance (like the Ring time) it still doesn’t tell you how much you would enjoy the car.
        For example a car like the 911 GT3 RS could score crazy numbers on the track in the hands of a racing driver yet they are extremely hard to drive and most people wont be able to get anywhere with them on the track… on he other hand the Nissan GT-R is a 2tons computer guided missile that is way more forgiving but how much fun would you have driving it?
        BMW M cars are well balanced cars that are mechanically stable even without electronics, they are easier to drive yet they give you so much control and feedback that makes you smile and forget about all numbers that your buddies brag about, ….in the end the number that matters is how much bond and fun you could achieve you and your car together.

        • XC says:

          I agree with you about how much fun you and your car can achieve…

          Check this spanish made BMW commercial. ‘K.Miles, the man who sells kilometers’

          The guy talks about kilometers being the basic unit of happiness… Hope you get something since it’s in spanish. I may upload a subtitled version during the week, if this job of mine allows me lol.

    • XC says:

      Cockerham, Paul W. BMW: Precision and Performance. London: Tiger Books International, 1997.

  17. Straight Six says:

    To all those who says 4.4 sec isn’t enough, consider the fact it’s a big, luxury RWD sedan and not a carbon/plastic two seater, besides, how much lower can they put the limit? M5 intention is not to be a supercar.

  18. viper says:

    those times depend on tires and conditions in general , it could be a 60kg person behind the wheel or two with a full tank of gas , it depends

  19. fadi says:

    i think that we should look to the torque output more than the power output if we want to estimate the 0-100 acceleration.
    and BMW have done a grate job with torque since peak of torque starts now from 1500 r.p.m due to direct injection and new vanos system .
    i think that the new M5 will be able to reach 100km/h in just 4.1 seconds.
    for the coming M6 I think they will get to 3.9 seconds.

  20. […] to Doug Demuro, cars of the early ’80s were a bit crap. There is merit to his claim, as BMW’s M Division wasn’t yet established, there really weren’t any AMG cars, the Audi Quattro […]

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