Spy Video: 2012 BMW 3 Series spotted during winter testing

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After we have seen recently the first spy photos of next 2012 BMW 3 Series F30 and somewhat having a general idea of the overall …

After we have seen recently the first spy photos of next 2012 BMW 3 Series F30 and somewhat having a general idea of the overall size of the new 3er, the fellows at Bimmerpost return with a spy video of a 3 Series mule undergoing winter testing.

Even though the video doesn’t reveal much, expected at this testing stage, in the past we learned that the proportions of a typical 3 Series, evident since the E36 through to the E46 and currently the E90, will remain, meaning squat proportions, short rear overhang and wheels placed to each corner. The overall look is more slimmer and more toned than the E90.

It is being rumored that the typical BMW glasshouse remains in the new design, the Hofmeister Kink as featured on the 7er and X1, will also be present on the car, this time wrapping around the rear door quarterlight and forming a surface line not cut into the body to form the shoulder line of the car. The flanks from the rear light towards the rear-doors are left with a subtle line which links to the shape of the rear lights and the bootlid sculpture.

As somewhat expected, the front of the car receives a widened but not too large kidney grille, smaller than the F10 5er with shapely lighting units surround the grille.

The rear of the car offers a typical BMW layout with the classic L-shaped taillights that wrap around the rear of the car.

BMW will also enable the next 3er to feature the very latest in Efficient Dynamics technologies such as aerodynamically designed wheels , BMW active aerodynamics, solar roof panel for extra energy efficiency in the use of interior controls, brake energy regeneration , stop-start technology , pre-heating technology for the engine, gearbox and differential.

As we advanced into 2010 and later in the year, test mules will continue to be seen and we’re hoping to learn more about BMW’s top selling series.

[Video Source: Bimmerpost ]

16 responses to “Spy Video: 2012 BMW 3 Series spotted during winter testing”

  1. Wolfer says:

    Whoa, check out that massive fat guy leaving from the rear seat, was he selected especially to test the rear leg room for the new 3 series, or advertisment for bmw to show there is sufficient room in the back for passengers?

  2. Bryce says:

    Does anyone else think it’s hilarious that the tail-lights on BMW’s test mules are the same as on a VW Jetta. Check the 1:27 mark.

  3. viper says:

    heavy camo , nothing to see there

  4. Bryce says:

    To clarify. I wasn’t saying there’s anything to see, I just think it’s hilarious that what’s only good enough to use as camouflage on a BMW is good enough for production on a VW. I do currently drive a VW, and it’s nothing like the BMW’s I’ve owned.

  5. Edox says:

    Haha you can obviously tell that they were trying to stand in front of the camera

  6. lennardt says:

    :-D nice one! really looks the same!

  7. Saleem says:

    We will never know until the unveil it spy shots are not at all appealing.

  8. Saleem says:

    I mean we don’t even get a nipple slip here.

  9. Doug says:

    Any idea what suspension features we’ll see on the F30, along the lines of the 5-series’ hydraulic compensations on the rear sway bar?

    Audi is already offering magnetically-controlled dampeners on low-end vehicles and some kind of roll/squat/dive stabilization (probably using the former). A comparison of bmw and audi in this month’s R&T describes the difference this makes, and… actually this is one of my major complaints about the current sport suspension — it has a rubbery bounciness to it that they need to counteract.

  10. Very lame says:

    Its hofmeister kink not “Hoffmeister Kick”… Sad. Is this blog run by the lowered off-lease M3 spoiled-brown-kids generation or something?

  11. lol says:

    “Hoffmeister Kick as featured on the 7er and X1” Badly misspelt and misfacted. The hofmeister kink has been featured on BMWs since the late 60s, tools.

  12. Wild-Speed says:

    They cant go wrong with the space in the back when testing it with a big fat middle aged man

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