Rumor: Renewed BMW M1 to Debut at Dubai Motor Show

Rumors | December 11th, 2009 by 23

The rumors of a new BMW M1 have been floating around for years now and recently, the rumormill has been churning rumors out at a …

The rumors of a new BMW M1 have been floating around for years now and recently, the rumormill has been churning rumors out at a rapid pace, but truth is that no information came our way and we encourage you to take these news with a grain of salt.

Worldcarfans reports today that the BMW M1 is expected to make a renewed appearance at the Dubai International Motor Show. The car supposedly displayed there will be an updated version of the M1 Hommage car unveiled in 2008.

Could this be related to the camouflaged M1 car posted first by us weeks ago? Not sure, but Worldcarfans’ sources say that the M1 is a mid-engined car with rear window louvers, but it has a body that is larger in all directions.

Rumor: Renewed BMW M1 to Debut at Dubai Motor Show

Here is a quote from WCF:

“The BMW M1 was an utterly uncompromising super sports car which exuded passion,” said BMW Middle East exec Phil Horton. “Its forerunner, the BMW Turbo by Paul Bracq, displayed innovative technical solutions that found their expression in emotional design.”

We’re still not sold on these news, but everyone seems to expect an announcement this week. If you do hear something, you’ll be the first to know.

[Source: WCF ]

  • Ramon Juarez

    Wow!!!! This would be amazing!!!

  • David

    I dont think the M1 spotted last week has anything to do with this… More important: when will the Dubai Motorshow take place??

    • v1p3r

      Press Date 15 Dec
      Show Dates 16 – 20 Dec

  • plaxico

    i hope that is just rendering foto …cos that looks to spaceishly ugly,ugly,ugly,ugly.-Now this is ONE SEXY CAR

    • Theo

      Vipers alter-ego? Shouldn’t you be out in the Latin qtr, shooting yourself in the thigh?

      Perhaps in Dubai we’ll see a further development of the Vision ED? It already shares some of the overall external appearance with the Hommage….

      • plaxico

        yeah youre right mate…its nice to know you are cowgirls fans like good cars

        • Theo

          Big Blue all the way!
          Along that same line of reasoning though I would like to point out that an SLS is more of a Flozell Adams than anything else… Slow, antiquated, overweight, deaf to the audibles of the road and continuously failing to make the proper adjustments…

          I’d rather see a Vision Efficient Dynamics, perhaps a little undersized but full of potential and as manoeuverable as anything out there. An Umenyiora or Dumervil so to speak…

          • plaxico

            well if you like g-man…you are kinda ok now.BUT new sls is more classic meets future… like Strahan meets James Deen meets Michael Corleone car, i woud say ,strong-kickin -ass-and- taking- names- rebelious car…. on the other hand bmw m1 or Vision Efficient are like Tony Ohno in December…….you know …tying to hard

      • efoza

        Well said Theo.

        The M1 if it become reality is going to be a massive advancement which the Merc AMG can only dream of. As regards thge SLS AMG looking sexy, that may be right but just think the dummest girls and guys always look sexy- perhaps that is why Plaxio is attracted to the SLS!!!!

        • plaxico

          hahaha you kick ass efoza….

        • viper

          the SLS is something that bmw will never have in one million years….theAMG is by far the best house tuner….the M1 is something to laugh at seriously , like who needs ulgy 1er M like car with over 400hp which no one will buy anyway , u compare that to SLS u are without a doubt the dumbest s.o.b. on this planet , u make other people here look pathetic as well

          • efoza

            Viper and Plaxico: You are either related or share the same madness. If you get a chance first drive an AMG car and then rate it. Everyone who has, apart from the ones who need a Benz as they are too old or square to have a BMW, has never bought one with their own money. That says something does it not?

          • wazon8

            Actually, SLS is poor, since it present no improvement when comapre with SLR, despite being its successor. M1 is not 1-er with M-like package.

          • wazon8

            efoza, perhaps viper and plaxico share IP eigher. :D

  • viper

    no it doesnt , in fact it says that u are a coplete jerk off along with the major bmw ass licking population here , you and the rest of the guys here are either jealous or you are so crazy that you seriously think that bmw is better than MB?…how pathetic are you willing to go?

    • wazon8

      The only pathetic thing here is content of your comment. Stop insulting people. You don’t like us, so stop posting here. Your comment are not informative at all and you don’t get our point at all. But it’s little wonder since you don’t assess such things as performance, handling and so on high.

      • efoza

        well said Wazon8. viper is getting upset but don’t worry he loves us really. Afterall Benz does not any form of forum other than the retired homes club for chats about its cars. However he just gets upset that time and time again BMW beats Benz in reviews etc.

    • Jag

      the same thing can be said to you: a pathetic, jealous MB fanboy denying the fact that BMW is better

    • efoza

      Take it easy Viper. Cool off . I suggesy you stop driving your Benz it appears to be having an affect on your wellbeing.

  • billy

    I hope they change the headlights and the whole front area… they look so rigid and un-bmw-like (for this era of design)

  • efoza

    we will for sure have a new M1 but I am not sure when. I think BMW is waiting for the world economy to pick up before going for it. So much the better as it will allow me time to save up for one.

  • huseyin

    i hope it wont change any thing cause it looks fantastic i and i am thinking about buying one in the future, i would only wont it to be alowed on the roads…

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