Tentative 2010 BMW Roadmap

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In 2010, BMW will continue to refresh their line-up and introduce some new models and concepts. While several vehicles have been confirmed for launch, there …

In 2010, BMW will continue to refresh their line-up and introduce some new models and concepts. While several vehicles have been confirmed for launch, there are still others that remain a sworn secret behind the metal gates of the Munich headquarter. But let’s begin with those new models that have been confirmed through official channels and press releases. We’re also going to cover the concepts arena at the end of this article.

Remember, the 2010 roadmap outlined here is based on data collected by us and has not been confirmed by BMW.

First comes the new BMW 5 Series sedan, followed in the second half of 2010 by the the touring version. The 3 Series Coupe and Convertible are also rolling out their now usual life cycle impulse update. An even smaller LCI update would be available on the M3 Coupe.

The facelifted BMW X5 will also be available next spring and sources mention that a new model, xDrive40d will be available as well (we’re working on double checking the news). The second BMW hybrid, ActiveHybrid 7 is due in Spring 2010 as well.

Tentative 2010 BMW Roadmap

Second generation and redesigned compact SAV, the X3, will debut in the second half of next year. The MINI Crossover will be also launched around the same time. Another exciting vehicle to make its debut next year is the M3 GTS.

There is also another revised model that has been confirmed recently, but unfortunately we cannot disclose it at the moment, our embargo expires later this week and we’ll be able to reveal it. But all we can say is that it will be quite exciting…..

So this is what we have confirmed so far for next year, but let’s take a look at some of the rumors and somewhat confirmed future models.

In the rumor category, we have the MINI by Rolls Royce which is going to be introduced next year as well.

Now, in the concepts arena, BMW is rumored to showcase a 135i Supersport version, with M1-like characteristics. This concept is to be introduced at one of the 2010 auto shows. Project i will also showcase a concept, but it is unclear if it will be a hybrid or an all electric vehicle.

Remember, this is a tentative road map and it is based on information we collected throughout the year and of course, based on some rumors as well. With so many large auto shows coming up in 2010, there might be some more surprises prepared for us by BMW, but you’ll be the first to know as soon as we learn about them.

  • Vaybach Khan

    what about freakin 3gt!

  • Bryce

    A revised model that cannot be disclosed at the moment? Looking forward to hearing about it later in the week. Could it be an M1?

    • Horatiu B.

      :) Unfortunately not, but there will be 2 revised models, very exciting for BMW enthusiasts. I wish I could say more, but wait 3 more days. We can’t break the embargo, never did.

      • Chuck

        E91 335i xDrive for the US market???

        • Horatiu B.

          :) No

          • Chuck

            Bummer, and here you are teasing me with the BMW 335i Touring with Performance Parts blog. :)

          • Horatiu B.

            Believe me, this will excite everyone…especially the BMW purists :)

          • viper

            dude I think I know this one… has nothing to do with some fantasy 8 series , CS concept or Z4 M or anything like that….please tell me Im wrong , I know dont expect anything out of this world or super big and strong from bmw?…Munich has proven over the years that they are very capable of making a good concept and then never realise it to the end

  • adc

    Let me guess: the M3 Performance Package is one of them.

  • Ramon Juarez

    I thonk of:

    ·3 series GT
    ·7 performance
    · an 8 series ( I HOPE!!!!!!)
    ·7 GT
    please tell me it’s one of them!!!!!!! :D

  • jamie

    so there is 2 bmws ?
    when you tell us will you guys show pictures of the cars?

  • jamie

    my guss is
    the Z4 M
    8 series

  • Zane

    Anything to do with the CS Concept from a few years ago?

  • 02fireman

    335 HP & Z4 HP ???

  • Lou

    no news on the Z2?

  • Ronald

    Is there anything known about the BMW X6 with the new 306HP diesel engine? and when this would be released?

    If the X5 x40dis released in spring, will the X6 also get the same engine in spring?

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