Comparison: New Mercedes-Benz E-Class vs. New BMW 5 Series

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The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here: a real life comparison between the recently unveiled 2011 BMW 5 Series and the …

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here: a real life comparison between the recently unveiled 2011 BMW 5 Series and the latest Mercedes-Benz E-Class design. While we have been down this road just a few days ago with a photo comparison between the 5 Series and its competitors, this is time, the German magazine Autobild managed to get their hands on the new 5 and place it against the E-Class, and by place it, we mean, literally next to it.

The head-to-head photoshoot and comparison of the two models included the BMW 530d and Mercedes E350 CDI, two diesel engines very popular in Europe. The eternal confrontation, as Autobild has named it, creates and will create lots of controversy and disputes among BMW fans and plenty of comparison articles will flow from now on.

The new 5 Series not only put some more weight on, but it has also grown in size. It measures 4,899 mm in length, 1,86 mm in width and has a height of 1,464 mm. 28 centimeters more than the original 5 Series of 1972. Mercedes-Benz E-Class has the following dimensions: 4,868 mm in lengths, 1,854 mm width and 1,471 mm height. Pretty close dimensions, isn’t it?


Inside, the 5 Series welcomes the driver with its comfortable padding, many ways adjustable seats and a sporty yet luxurious cockpit, but as Autobild points out, 2,260 euro extra. Despite the extra inch, Autobild feels that the 5 Series feels less spacious than the E-Class which also has a more comfortable back seat entrance.

But the BMW 530d stands out with fine details and sophisticated functionality. At 49,300 euros, the 530d offers BMW Parking Assistant, Head-Up Display, Night Vision and in-color surround view. The new BMW 5 Series Sedan includes Adaptive Drive with four adjustable options.


The E-Class offers the 619 euros inflatable multi-contour seats, not as luxurious as the BMW, but also convenient, according to Autobild. The E 350 CDI is priced at 50,992 euros, even at 52,914 euros with the Elegance package. The interior design for the E-Class is labeled as being relatively sober and less elegant while the 5 Series offers more for the eye.



Moving forward with the comparison, Autobild looks at the fuel consumption. The new 5 Series beats the Mercedes by almost a liter per 100 km. While the E 350 CDI comes with a 7-speed automatic gearbox, the 2011 530d uses the new 8-Speed ZF automatic transmission. Furthermore, the V6 diesel in the E-Class has 231 horsepower vs. 245 ponies in the 530d (same torque 540Nm) and it weighs 95 kg more.Fuel consumption is rated at 6.2 liter/100km for the 530d and 7.1 liter/100km for E 350 CDI.

CO2 emissions is rated at 162g/km for 530d and 186g/km for E-Class. Both cares have a top speed of 250 km/h and the 530d runs from 0-100km/h in 6.3 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster than its competitor.

Even though Autobild doesn’t draw a final conclusion, the numbers show that the new 5er might have the lead for now….at least in this particular case.

More photos at Autobild

108 responses to “Comparison: New Mercedes-Benz E-Class vs. New BMW 5 Series”

  1. Frederik says:

    When it comes to engines, BMW wins.
    The E350cdi is slow, no matter how many horses Mercedes claims.

    I’m looking to buy a new car and drove an E500 4-matic last weekend. Even that car is slow and has a much higher fuel consumption than officially listed.

    When it comes to comfort however, the Mercedes is far better.
    I guess the lack of run-flats has something to do with that, but the suspension is great. I also like the ability to increase the height when taking on speed bumps.

    I really enjoyed the Mercedes, but I like my current 535d’s ‘vivacity’ a lot better.

    Both cars look great. Too bad the new 5 is just a small 7. (Something I have always disliked about Audi)

  2. Frederik says:

    Oh yeah, the Mercedes has far more buttons on the dashboard.
    They might as well just put an AZERTY-keyboard there.

    BMW uses the iDrive button, Audi has a combination of MMI and buttons for the most important functions but it looks like they couldn’t make up their minds for the Mercedes.

    (I admit that I am used to a BMW)

  3. joe says:

    BMW once again proves how overpriced, slow and hungry e class is. i think BMW engineers should give free back to education classes for e class engineers.

  4. wazon8 says:

    I don’t like new E-class at all. It’s slow, doesn’t look sportive, epecially its side and roof line express no dynamics. And moreover, it’s interior is worse than horrible. It really looks as if it was designed in 90-ties.

    • ferrarifan says:

      you dont like anythng non-bmw, fanboy..

      anyway, i think bmw made the right step into making their cars look modern.. white lights, non-bangled lines etc. looking good.

      • wazon8 says:

        I don’t like current E-class. Why does it amount to being fanboy according to you? I’ve got few cars and not all of them are BMW.

  5. ferrarifan says:

    also loving the new tail lights..just want a more modern interior like the 5GT.

    • Saleem says:

      I like the new Grille on the E-class thats it all the other lines on it simply suck. Don’t mean to be crass but thats it.

      I love the new 5er it has everything I need in a car. I would love to see it in Black and white pearl in the night time :-)

  6. viper says:

    Ive been waiting for this one….
    exterior :
    front: Mercedes looks better , more modern and sharper look compared to dull bmw front , (E60 was better)
    rear: kinda same but MB made their tailpipes on each side making it look more elegant and simetric compared to bmw twins on side looking like 2.0 vauxhal

    Ill give the advantage to 5er , looks somehow better on these pictures although I bet in person that E class is better looking than a 7er copy.

    as for the engines , please show us the complete current engine line up not just 3.0 cdi from both cars then compare.
    overall ride comfort , looks and prestige belongs to non other than the king himself.
    MB all the way

    • wazon8 says:

      Here you are:
      E-class diesels:
      E200 CDI, 2143ccm, 136PS, 360Nm, 0-100km/h: 10,7sec.
      E220CDI, 2143ccm, 170PS, 400Nm, 0-100km/h: 8,6sec (auto: 8 sec).
      E250CDI, 2143ccm, 204PS, 500Nm, 0-100km/h: 7,9sec (auto: 7,2sec)
      E350CDI, 2987ccm, 231PS, 540Nm, 0-100km/h: 6,8 sec.
      5-er F10 diesels:
      520d, 1995ccm, 184HP, 0-100km/h: 8,1 sec. (auto: 8,1sec.)
      525d, 1995ccm, 204HP, 0-100km/h: 7,2sec. (auto: 7,2 sec.)
      530d, 2993ccm, 245HP, 0-100km/h: 6,3sec. (auto: 6,3sec.)
      PETHROL engines:
      E200CGI, 1,8litre, 184 PS, 270Nm, 0-100km/h: 8,5sec (auto:8,4 sec)
      E250CGI, 1,8litre, 204PS, 300Nm, 0-100km/h: 7,5 sec
      E350CGI, 3,5 litre, 292PS, 365Nm, 0-100km/h: 6,2sec
      E500, 5,5 litre, 388PS, 530Nm, 0-100km/h: 5,2 sec.
      523i, 204HP, 0-100km/h: 7,9sec. (auto: 8,2 sec.)
      528i, 258HP, 0-100km/h: 6.6sec (auto:6,7sec.)
      535i, 3,0 litre, 306HP, 0-100km/h: 6,0 sec (auto: 6,1sec.)
      550i, 4,4 litre, 407HP, 0-100km/h: 5,0 sec.

      It’s clear that it’s in favour of 5-er

      • wazon8 says:

        And better don’t ask about track performance…

        • viper says:

          wheres the Torque Nm info on bmws?..u forgot that dude..
          second question , is the track and lap times all that matters to you?
          ask yourself a question why are buying a car , for every day use or every day Nurburgring?

          • wazon8 says:

            When I was buying my 335i e92 track performance was the first question I asked myself. And yes, it’s still my everyday car. I didn’t find torgue data for new 5-er, but 0-100km/h tell a lot, even if you don’t care track performance. BTW, if you need torgue data, you can find it yourself and share with us.

        • Babken says:

          Here is the comprehensive comparison data:
          1) 520d: 1715kg, 1995cc I4, 184hp/4000, 380Nm/1900-2750, 0-100: 8.1s,
          top speed:225-227km/h, 5l/100km, CO2: 132-137g/km
          2) 525d: 1765kg, 2993cc I6, 204hp/3750, 450Nm/1750-2500, 0-100: 7.2s,
          top speed: 236km/h, 6.2l/100km, CO2: 162g/km
          3) 530d: 1790kg, 2993cc I6, 245hp/4000, 540Nm/1750-3000, 0-100: 6.3s,
          top speed: 250km/h, 6.3l/100km, CO2: 166g/km
          2.Mercedes-Benz E Class
          1) E 200 CDI BlueEfficiency: 1720kg, 2143cc I4, 136hp/2800, 360Nm/1600-2600,
          0-100: 9.7s, top speed: 208km/h, 5.22l/100km, CO2: 137-145g/km
          2) E 220 CDI BlueEfficiency: 1735kg, 2143cc I4, 170hp/3000, 400Nm/1400-2800,
          0-100: 8.6s, top speed: 228km/h, 5.32l/100km, CO2: 139-144g/km;
          3) E 250 CDi BlueEfficiency: 1735kg, 2143cc I4, 204hp/4200, 500Nm/1600-1800,
          0-100: 7.7s, top speed: 238km/h, 5.82l/100km, CO2: 139-144g/km;
          4) E 350 CDI BlueEfficiency: 1825kg,2987cc V6, 231hp/3800, 540Nm/1600-2400,
          0-100: 6.8s, top speed: 250km/h, 6.93l/100km, CO2: 181-186g/km
          So before comparing petrol engines let’s make some notes regarding the diesel engines. The 520d with 1995cc turns to dust both the E200 and E220 in all respects. 525d vs E250: BMW is much better in terms of performance but the benz wins in terms of fuel consumption and lower emissions (but the 525d figures are provisional. I’m sure that in reality the consumption and emission figures will be far smaller. But anyway). And at last 530d vs E350: BMW beats the mercedes in all respects. So BMW takes the diesel engines crown.
          And finally I’ve averaged out the figures:
          1.BMW: weight: 1760kg, 211hp, 457Nm, 0-100: 7.2s, 5.8l/100km, CO2: 155g/km
          2.mercedes:weight:1755kg,185hp,450Nm,0-100:8.2s,5.8l/100km,CO2: 155g/km
          As we see the average fuel consumption and emissions are nearly identical but BMW manages to offer more power and performance with the same level of consumption. This puts an end to the question of who makes better engines.
          1. BMW
          1) 523i: 1700kg, 2996cc I6, 204hp/6100, 270Nm/1500-4250,
          0-100: 7.9-8.2s, top speed: 234-238km/h, 7.6l/100km, CO2: 177-178g/km
          2) 528i: 1710kg, 2996cc I6, 258hp/6600, 310Nm/2600-5000,
          0-100: 6.6-6.7s, top speed: 250km/h, 7.8l/100km, CO2: 178-182g/km
          3) 535i: 1760kg, 2979 cc I6, 306hp/5800, 400Nm/1200-5000,
          0-100: 6-6.1s, top speed: 250km/h, 8.4-8.5l/100km, CO2: 195-199g/km
          4) 550i: 1905kg, 4395cc V8, 407hp/5500-6400, 600Nm/1750-4500,
          0-100: 5s, top speed: 250km/h, 10.4l/100km, CO2: 243g/km
          2. mercedes-benz
          1) E 200 CGI Blue Efficiency: 1615kg, 1796cc I4, 184hp/5250, 270Nm/1800-4600,
          0-100: 8.4s, top speed: 228km/h, 7.5l/100km, CO2: 177-184g/km,
          2) E 250 CGI BlueEfficiency: 1650kg, 1796cc I4, 204hp/5500, 310Nm/2000-4300,
          0-100: 7.5s, top speed: 236km/h, 7.6l/100km, CO2: 179-187g/km,
          3) E 350 CGI BlueEfficiency: 1735kg, 3498cc V6, 292hp/6400, 365Nm/3600-5100,
          0-100: 6.8s, top speed: 250km/h, 8.7l/100km, CO2: 201-205g/km,
          4) E 500: 1830kg, 5461cc V8, 387hp/6000, 530Nm/2800-4800, 0-100: 5.2s,
          top speed: 250km/h, 10.8l/100km, CO2: 253-261g/km
          Now let’s make some observations regarding the petrol engines.
          a) 523i vs E200/E250. Well performance-wise the 523i beats the E200 and is on equal footing with the E250 (but we know that on the track the 523i will leave the E250 far behind) but what impresses the most is that the 2996cc I6 523i beats both 1796cc I4 benzes ith lower emissions and the same fuel consumption. So the clear winner here is BMW 523i.
          b) 528i stands there alone having no competition from the benz. But still it’s amazing that the 258hp 528i has lower emissions and nearly the same level of fuel consumption as the E200 and E250. Bravo, BMW.
          c) 535i vs E 350. The benz is totally beaten in any aspect.
          d) 550i vs E500. The same story. The benz is smashed having no chance.
          And finally the average figures for the petrol engines.
          1.BMW: weight: 1770kg, 294hp, 395Nm, 0-100: 6.5s, 8.6l/100km, CO2: 201g/km;
          2.mercedes: weight: 1708kg, 267hp, 369Nm, 0-100: 7s, 8.7l/100km, CO2: 206g/km.
          So when comparing the petrol engines we see that BMW beats mercedes-benz in every aspect despite being heavier. More power and less fuel consumption and emissions. These numbers alone say that BMW 5 Series is much more better that the outdated e-class and once again explain why the 5 Series is the clear market leader.

          • Zambath says:

            The MB is more durable, robust and reliable, as you can see in real life that there will be more MB left in the next 20 years while the BMWs will be in the scrap heaps or junkyards. Eieiei.

      • Babken says:

        Your data regarding mercedes are well above optimistic. If we look at your data mercedes has a clear advantage performance-wise. For example, did you pay attention that the E250CGI beats 523i, or that the E220CDI beats 520d having less hp? Where did you take those data regarding mercedes-benz? In reality I’m sure that any 5 Series will beat its counterpart e-class. The only thing that is bad about the new 5 Series is that it weighs 130kg more than the E60 in average. But anyway it’s the KING in its segment.

    • L1ndja says:

      you truly must be gay..I really liked the E-class and i still admit to but after seeing the new 5er you can see why bmw was is and will always be better then MB..I dont know about comfort and i wouldnt be surprised if the MB would be somewhat better because thats what its designed to be at least comfy but else Bmw wins in every aspect..I bet the 550i can keep up with the E63 AMG preety much and when the new M5 comes out than the AMG will look so outdated

      • Merc boy says:

        5.5 with AMG! haha, you got to be kidding ! In straight Line no car CAN beat the AMG! it has a big lorry torque!
        The E63 kicks out the M5 every time it tries to beat it!
        AMG Is simply the perfect engine that’s why in formula and dtm races the safety cars are always AMGs

    • plaxico says:

      i like youre view viper man…
      but god daaaaamn bmw5 looks real fine too

    • Saleem says:

      Viper I agree with the fron of the merc being very nice but they destroyed the rest of that car. The 5er is perfecto. My favorite Merc to date is the CLS Brabus ROCKET. I have never seen a sexier coupe aside from the hurricane 6 G-pwer

      BMW has this one hands down.

    • XC says:

      You can’t take seriously a car with a column shift trany! OMG! It reminds me of a Chrysler station wagon my granny used to own AGES ago! (BTW my grandma died in 1991…)

  7. Babken says:

    When it comes to automobile engineering, BMW is at the top of the competition. In this particular case, BMW makes mercedes look like a tractor from 1970s. BMW beats mercedes in all aspects starting from comfort and ending with performance and fuel consumption.

    • :p says:

      Audi is for sport, MB is for Luxury, and BMW is luxourious sport.

    • viper says:

      what are you on man….must be those hot tailpipes from m5 I guess…bmw lover and loser.loser

      • Ramon Juarez says:

        HEY! You guys stop it! Were here to discuss politely! Viper and Plaxico… please stop fighting! If you can’t handle this situation as adults then go away, but don’t insult!

      • bubu says:

        hey viper.why you waste your time with all bmw funboys.they buy bmw cause cant afford mb and are all ugly insecure small penis,they think that if you boy a bmw you look cool and girls gonna like you.long live the allmighty king case you dont know mercedes built airplane engine 10 years prior to bmw.all my friends drive bmw and they are stuck with it every week at is a bag full of air.when they drive my mercedes they say mercedes is mercedes.anyway all the best,love your courage.

        • XC says:

          LOL! HAve you seen the huge lines at MB service on monday mornings! I bet you haven’t!

        • :p says:

          Most people who bought BMW can afford MB. Who cares about Benz’s Airplane history, its the cars. I think AMG cars are better than the M cars on the racetrack, but for an average person, BMW is much better suited for the job. Like XC said, MB cars have lower reliability than BMW’s.

  8. :p says:

    Can you make a comparison between the (550i and the E550)(High end model) or the (535i and the E350) (Base model in the US). The states prefer Gas over Diesel in small cars.

  9. joe says:

    I think there s only 1 car maker that ll be a true competitor against BMW in the near future ( in terms of performance and fuel economy) and thats Audi

  10. Artmic says:

    The inside of the car i give it to BMW, (I hope that orange display glow is stronger so i can see it through my sunglasses )

    The outside, i give it to the bmw, not that it looks weird, cutting edge, or sharp, it just looks more sleek, and less like a tank, the picture of the merc and bmw head on shows how fat the mercedes is compared to the bmw, a freaking tank, and yes i drove a E550 coupe, and i do like the engine with its almost 400hp, but it feels like a tank never the less.

  11. joe says:

    i said near future not present :)

  12. Vaybach Khan says:

    if you watch closely the 2nd pic from above(the rear and side view) youll notice that their r very similar in design from taillights to side lines,not to mention measures…
    and to be true there r very little differences .its just which brand do u want to stay loyal..also i think this f10 5 series are the weakest 5 series ever..just remember when e60 came out or e39,that was a revolution!

    • Babken says:

      You’re wrong. The rear of the 5 Series is fabulous whereas the e-class looks like it is made in 1970s. As for the strength, unlike mercedes each new generation of BMW’s models is one step forward compared to the previous one. And this 5 Series won’t be an exception.

  13. efoza says:

    Viper’s comments make me laugh. They are so ill-informed. lets look at some facts here. The 5 GT was launched in Europe last month and it has already become the car of choice for anyone who wants a BMW or a luxury car with both power and comfort. In April next year we are going to have the all new 5 series sedan. Given that the e class has flopped for all but taxi drivers in europe, what hope is there for the likes of Viper to continue making silly comments against our beloved Ultimate Driving Machine- BMW

  14. Ramon Juarez says:

    At thins moment, we already have what we wanted: The comparison between the 7, S and A8. Although it’s our personal opinion, aparently the 7 series won. Even more exciting, we have the comparison between the modern and stunning E Klasse and the very sporty and yet luxurious 5 series 2011.

    I think that BMW is the answer to Sport+Luxury; MB is just for Luxury but that doesn’t take anything away. If you want a pretentious car, MB; a sports car, BMW.

    The final result may be that BMW takes it all, not only for design but for the power behind the hood that covers that great V6! They are both great competitors and we can’t take all the credit. I have to say that I like (a little) the E Klasse but a lot more the 5 series!

  15. badger says:

    Bmw and Mercedes at their best

    Bmw has the right idea of engine management and the road feel, but MB
    is far more luxurious and the quality is coming back. So why not let BMW design the front part of the car? – engine, driver/passenger seat and let MB do the suspension, back seats(leather and trim). BMW design with MB ride comfort.

  16. I have my own share of gripes about both cars. I’ve never ever cared for that, in my opinion, stupid double-egg-shaped-headlight design that Mercedes uses, and it looks like they’re just making it look 21st century on their new cars. I don’t like how the Mercedes gives the appearance that the front of the car comes to a uniform point. It looks like a damned Hyundai to me.

    I like the front of the BMW up to the head lights, the grill, and that’s about it. The hood has too many curves on it which make it look way too busy. I don’t like the air opening at the bottom, how it’s curved up at the sides. It looks like one of those new smiling Mazda cars.

    The back of the Mercedes is so bland that I think if I ever came up behind one on the road, I would confuse it for again.. a Hyundai. A fancy Hyundai, with dual exhaust. I like the rear of the BMW way more, it’s not enticing but it’s still not that bad. I don’t see any traits of the millennium-era models left though… a shame. However, I’m willing to bet it looks much better in real life.

    I always hate interior shots because they never do justice to anything. I can say though that I hate how that pointy theme on the Mercedes continues in to the interior and rears its head on the dash vents. My dads Cadillac does that as well and I can’t stand it. It doesn’t look like a dash vent, it looks like some kind of space vacuum portal booster from Star Trek. The interior of the BMW on the other hand still looks like… a car. I like it a lot more, but like I said earlier, pictures never do justice for me.

  17. :p says:

    50,000 euros and the Benz doesnt even have leather. 1 euro = 1.5 dollars so that means $75,000 for a non-leather car. With that money I can get a M5 or a 750Li.

  18. Giom says:

    Really, the Five looks more rounded off, more complete than the E. It comes down to personal taste – obviously, but for me, the Five just look sporty, together, elegant, expensive (so does the Merc)… it’s the one I’ll choose. Plus, I can’t really get used to the Es rear light treatment…

  19. dennis says:

    the merc just looks like its trying to hard. the 5’er just brings everything naturally into show, if that makes sense.

  20. The Lee says:

    A MB vs. BMW flame war and I wasn’t invited???

  21. XC says:

    I definitely don’t like the MB… from behind it just seems a very tired design; the front looks semehow squarish. MB quality is without discussion, but it is trying to do something that only BMW does well: the sports sedan. Thank you Horatiu for listening on the thumbs up/down thing…

  22. efoza says:

    I was driven on the back of an E class taxi today in Munich and yuck it was slow, heavy and dead boring. I asked the driver if he was happy with his new car and he laughed and said: “I wish I had taken one for a test drive before buying; if I had I would never have bought it”! That comment just sums up the failures of Benz in recent years.

    • plaxico says:

      thank you for these deep insights on thoughts of that half turkish half bosnian taxi driver………….

      • efoza says:

        I am not sure why you bring race into this, however, you may wish to note that he was actually a German. In any event, since when were half Turkish half Bosnian drivers were not a reliable source for personal comment on their cars?

        • plaxico says:

          well …….youve never been in ny taxi im assuming….. if you have than you would know what im talking about….second of all ,im not bringing race into this …turks and bosnian are not different race …just nationalities.. Give me somethin more ..why he thinks its no good ? you did not ask …right…because he does not know…right.Yeah

          • efoza says:

            No I did not need to ask him. Any how, just in case you are not aware of the rest of the world, Munich is in Germany and they speak German there. So he told me what he needed to tell me in German about his new car. He was honest and I respected him for that. As for you, I am sure you would have done what you Benz lovers do which is to insult the person who knocks your Benz for lacking quality.

  23. joe says:

    plaxico! just reading ur statements here. i think in real life u have no one that gives a s.. about u or what u do. u are desprate to take some1’s attention here. its so sad.

    • efoza says:

      Well said Joe. Him and Viper are two 80 year old Benz anarchists based by Benz to pretend to know what they are talking about

  24. viper says:

    yeah they pay us to make ur life miserable here , to insult u every day , there happy?

  25. Babken says:

    You insult yourself and make the whole world laugh at your ignorance by making such unreasonable statements. I brought a comprehensive comparison between the new 5 Series and the e class which you can find above. And if you can have any arguments after that then you must have problems with your brains. I’m sure you do.

  26. malgoof says:

    the 5 looks like a baby 7, but did the 7 copy lexus?

    • Babken says:

      Of course not. You can’t find any vehicle looking like the 7 Series. Instead the mentioned Lexus looks like the s class.

  27. badger says:

    i dont know why but it seems if the MB E is larger than the Bmw

    but i do agree with some comments above
    audi – sport MB- comfort
    BMW- luxary sport cars.

    • XC says:

      Having worked once for BMW, the Company has (not surprisingly) very clear demographic goals. Having said that, at one marketing workshop the trainer told us that design-wise MBs are like whales, big and elegant; Audis are like dolphins, playful and stylized, and BMWs are the sharks of the automotive fauna… by design…

  28. e39 m5 says:

    The BMW looks faster, is faster and is less expensive. MB is really pushing their brand into the “older driver” demographic, whereas BMW seems have better placed their brand.

    I wonder who is more profitable? Anyone know?I know that MB is the largest car maker in the world…

  29. BMW definitely swerves it’s way ahead of Mercedes, It has got better looks and comes at a cheaper price.

  30. bimmer bull says:

    For god sake! Someone tell MB that a column shift trany is a horrible idea that all but Oldsmo-Buick realized as far back as the 1980’s! That alone drove me away from this MB (and curiously, the new E-coupe has the shifter in the right place…WTF?).

    And I sure hope BMW brings an manual tranny for the 5-er. That kept me out of the A6 and MB’s on my last purchase.

  31. bubu says:

    what is wrong whith all these brainwashed bmw you know that bmw let mb do all bmw inspections at baltimore port.why bmw trust mb on that.

  32. А мне бльше салон BMW нравется, у Мерседес панель приборов какая то угловатая, а у BMW более продуманно и симпотичнее, с зади Мереседес помоему вообще не смотрится, BMW лучше, единственное что у BMW не понравилось… так это нижняя часть передного бампера, но я уверень что его скоро (рестаилинг) поменяют, вобщем BMW по моему лучще!!

    • XC says:

      I agree Алеко, but let’s wait and see how the M5 turns out, guess it will be a pretty agressive fenders design.

  33. И я соглошусь с тобой XC, М5 моя любимая модель в BMW, я уверен что она будет как всегда безупречна во всём, я надеюсь что она будет быстра и… точно сказанно, агресивна, жду не дождусь!!

  34. torrou says:

    All, I have read with interest your comments about BMW, MB and Audis. I feel there is a lot of biased information. I used to purchase Audis for the last 25 years or so (Yes I am old but not that old!). I could not find a decent economical Audi and I also felt that the interior of the new A6 and A5 is too “plastic”. I was thinking to go for an A5 sportback quattro or an A6 Quattro but I felt both cars were not economical enough and the engines seemed old. Even considering the smaller engines, these were not economical enough. I therefore searched for an economical engine and investigated the BMW 520d and 525d. Both of these engines were not as economical or powerful as the E250 CDI. I just had a delivery of an E250 CDI sport manual. It seems a great car to drive although the messages above got me a bit concerned about the fuel consumption not being real as I was not getting more than 47 mpg (UK figures). Last week I drove the car at 51 miles/hour on cruise control on the motorway and for 43 miles (fifth gear to get maximum torque at about 1600 rpm) and it showed on the mpg meter to be 63.2 mpg after 43 miles. The MB spec indicates 64.2 mpg and I as really pleased now that I have achieved 63.2 mpg. I also noticed that here in the UK BMW show comparisons on their website for the E220 but not the E250. I did choose a Manual because the MB did not offer their automatic 7 speed gear box on the E250. The automatic for the E250 is a 5 speed gearbox. Anyway, I am used to a manual gearbox and their 6 speed new manual gearbox it is nice and smooth unit.
    The only thing I will miss moving from the Audi is the quattro!. I also find the car extremely quiet and confortable. Good luck to all those they want to buy a BMW and those sad MB Taxi drivers in Munich…

  35. brandon says:

    MB dealers will agree with BMW dealers that the BMW 5’s are stronger and faster. The new 550 will be faster or as fast as the M3 and 6.3. With the luxury it carries the 550 will be the hottest upper middle class car in US since the new M3 came out. (upper class kids that now are having a baby and need a 4 door that the wife will approve)… And it will be side by side down the highway with those super speed cars, while being much more comfortable than the overpriced MB and average Audis. There is really no reason for buying a Mercededs. Check this out,

    It’s like Samsung and Sony TVs.. Samsung TVs are better, less epxensive and its not even close. Take it from someone that owns 2 businesses installign and dealing TVs and home theater… But the Sony carries a 20% market up for the name in almost all their products compared to their worth. But as an videophile Samsung has been outperforming Sony for years, better picture, smoother refresh rate, slimer screens now and brighter colors. But a lot of people will still just think Sony is top tier without looking at them side by side.

    ** This is off subject sorry.,

    but what I find the most interesting about the posts is that BMW has always been a little lacking in the entertainment area for me, but many are touting that the 5 series are loaded. I am excited for this. And lastly the seat heat is awesome in all BMW. That is something my wife and I enjoy over our Lexus and the MB. Little things.

    I’m looking to have one of the first 550’s off the lot. I’ll be back to write about it in a couple months. bw… feel free to email me at info @ if you want to talk about the 5. I don’t want to have haters emails, nothing will be solved that way. but feel free o comment.

  36. PROTON says:

    bimmer is egronomic,merc is elegance..both shows the ultimate engineering..but bimmer is even better…

  37. brandon says:

    I’m learning more and more. I drove the Caddy CTS-V and it has some power man. It is way too cramped though for the price and it being a sedan. I’m excited for the 550i with more leg room, and the similar speed.

    Can anyone give me some expectations with the 4.4 L V8 Turbo for the 550i with possible mods vs the displacement of the 6.2 Supercharged Caddy? I’m looking for the speed and realize BMW saying it does 5 sec 0-60 is most likely very conservative as they tend to do, my 335i with minor mod does what they claim 5.4 0-60 in 4.4. … So the 550i is probably in the 4.5 sec range without mods. Will Dinan do mods right away? With mods will it be in the 500 HP and 550 LB torque?

  38. Jason says:

    Just bought the new BMW 530d and i am very happy with my decision. I have had MB for the last 10 years and alway preferred them to BMW. I test drove both the E class and the 5 series before making my decision and to be honest it was easy! BMW have made a fantastic car that is better looking, more luxurious ( I know ur going to say how can this be and its simple it drives as smooth as the 7 series with the handling of nimble car), performance and fuel economy are far better also.

    Mercedes have really fallen behind recently in terms of styling and quality and even for someone like me who has been loyal to the brand they have nearly made it impossible to choose the E class over the New 5 series.

  39. Russell says:

    BMW all day long, the beautiful styling of it & its luxurious interior wins for me every time without even including its cheaper price tag.

  40. oTTo says:

    In my opinion, Design-wise, Mercedes has a much better exterior styling. Much more dynamic and aggressive than the 5er exterior, which looks good but pales in comparison. On the other hand, the interior of the 5 Series looks much better than the E-class in terms of design and ergonomics. The unpolished wood accents on the Merc interior is a nice touch though.

    Performance-wise I think Mercedes has better engines than BMW. The AMG pumps so much torque no car can compete with in a straight line, while BMW has superb and undisputed handling, which makes driving BMWs a true pleasure.

  41. I like the BMW interior and both exteriors are nice but the E class in that picture should have been Black. Its very close but I think the BMWs in driving dynamics and the choice of a manual transmission

  42. BMakro says:

    I like the BMW and own the previous 5-class , E60 but one thing I don’t like about the new 5-er is the lack of a spare tire…. I hate RFT and use performance 19-20″ rims but without a spare, it would be a pita if I ever got a flat……

    Oh yeah, and the F10 is way heavier than its previous model.

  43. Merl Elton says:

    For the high price tag, BMW’s should have more trunk space for emergency equipment like spare tire, jumper cables; and for recreational equipment for people who like the great outdoors. I have no purchased a BMR for that reason.

  44. bmwFan says:

    i think the e550 coupe is awesome inside and looks better than a 3 series car. imo.
    the c63 is a blast to drive, although it will lose out to the m3 on the track, unless the track is 5 miles long and has no corners, then the bmw will lose like a puppy.
    each car has something special to offer, i like the bmw handling but love the amg engine better…….

  45. CAIWENXIN says:


  46. Cpchhukout says:

    хочу выразить свою точку зрения о сайте или ну в общем, какая разница.
    Действительно, согласна со многими предшественниками…
    Способ заработка очень хороший, дает возможность заработать многим людям.
    Потратила 4 часа на обучение, зато чистая прибыль за эту неделю 220$.
    не у каждого есть такая возможность заработать! Используйте услугу full – версии.
    …деньги приходят быстро… вот теперь и я решила оставить свой отзыв,
    чтобы другие тоже обратили внимание на него и воспользовались
    возможностью заработать…удачи вам всем в работе!!

  47. sharad Agrawal says:

    5 series bmw is cheaper than e class and offers more mileage,but the handling in 5 series is not as comfortable as in e class,e class will ot provide u the power but handling is defintly much better……and otherwise bmw is far better in intereiors than e class…but if u already own a bmw go for mercedes

  48. Russelldaily says:

    Do not purchase a MB product. Look up Mercedes Benz class action law suits. MB is NOT the product it once was and they do not honor their defective products. I am a long time MB person, but a 4 year old, $66,000 car that needs a $6000 repair from a known Mercedes defect is not what anyone wants. Save yourself the irritation and buy something else. 

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