Real life photos: 2011 BMW 5 Series spotted on Autobahn

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The folks over at spotted the new 2011 BMW 5 Series on a German autobahn and ….it looks great. The road presence and design …

The folks over at spotted the new 2011 BMW 5 Series on a German autobahn and ….it looks great. The road presence and design lines are impressive. and the overall exterior design stands out even more. While many have said, including us, that the new design can be classified as being safe, well, we might have been wrong. We see plenty of evolution, attractiveness and more important, sportiness in this new 5 Series, a design that will attract new buyers, both from the competitors, but also from existing 3 Series owners.

In some people’s opinion, the new F10 5 Series carries a lot of unique design aspects of the current 2010 3 and 7-Series models. The headlights and front end share a lot with the 5 GT and the 335i. The headlights are slightly modified over the 3-Series units and much smaller than the 5-Series GT, making the new F10 its own uniquely styled BMW. The eyebrow remains an important characteristic in the latest headlights’ design. The hood is a design feature shared with the current 6 and 3-Series, a look enhanced by the creases coming across the hood.


The rear-end design has always been an area where BMW typically has taken a less aggressive look to appease more of the subtle luxury crowd, but now they really give you something to stare at when you’re trailing behind the new car and these photos clearly show that. The taillights design looks even more appealing that what we have seen in the official photos. We can only imagine what an M Sport package will do this car…

We expect more real life photos to surface in the next weeks, so stay tuned!

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  • Giom

    Yea, that is looking good! But I think compared to E60, it can be thought of as being a safe design. But I am not disapointed with this car – it looks fantastic and these pictures prooves that it has the road pressence to make it stand out.

  • wazon8

    Very nice. As each BMW in real life looks only better.

  • stuizdaman

    Yeah man!! The F10 looks WAY better than the E60. I’ve looked at the pictures for days now and I cant find any unimpressive details. It is near perfect if not perfect. I’ll have to see it in the metal though. E, A6, XF etc are done for

  • KidrauhlM5

    This car really is comes to live when it’s on the road. Can’t wait to see it in real life!! :D

  • viper

    I dunno what the hell were they thinking when designing that front , the E60 had better front ten times , this looks like some previous generation 3er or some unsuccessful attempt for a 4 series

    • X5SoB

      “4 series”?! You’re an idiot. Stop posting on BMWBLOG.

  • Bryce

    I like it a lot! The more I look at the car the more I like it. Now I just need to see one in black. The M5 is going to be gorgeous!

  • Dickey SINGH

    When is coming in the NA market, june 2010?

  • joe

    viper is a true merc fan, i know it from the way he speaks a lot and does nothing like MB cars

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