History: BMW car designers – Episode 2

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With every vehicle launched, a new series of BMW designers rise and leave a mark in BMW’s car design history. Since over the last tens …

With every vehicle launched, a new series of BMW designers rise and leave a mark in BMW’s car design history. Since over the last tens of years there were numerous designers, we will break down the impressive and long list of “automobile artists” giving you a series of short episodes.

Our first episode brought you the designers of the new BMW 5 Series, Vision Concept and the new X1. Today, we’re looking at another page in BMW’s history and learn more about the designers of the recent Z4, 7 Series and 5 Series GT.

In the next few weeks, we’ll complete our series with some of the old school designers, many of them still with BMW.

BMW Z4 E89 Designers

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Juliane Blasi (born 1977) Exterior

juliane blasi designing z 4 100x100

German designer educated at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences in Design, Technology and Business (Master from Transportation Design, Febr. 2003: A Design Scenario for an Interstellar Space Mission – with Marcus Wallmayer).

Directly after her studies with BMW in Munich, Blasi designed one of the most beautiful and most desired BMW’s of last years – E89 second generation Z4, which because of its price will most likely remain very exclusive; Blasi says: “If you look at the car you should not be able to see whether it was designed by a woman or a man”

Nadya Arnaut (born 1972) Interior


Nadya is a BMW DesignworksUSA employee based in Newbury Park, CA and she travels all the time between California and Munich. Also, she graduated from an Art School in CA and even more interesting, she is the one that designed the Nilfsik Extreme P Series vacuum.

Nadya has also designed the beautiful interior of the canceled CS Concept, one of the most beautiful interior designs in the BMW fleet.

BMW 7 Series F01/F02 Designers


Karim Antoine Habib (born 1971) Exterior


Canadian designer who designed the body for the last BMW F01 7 series, until March 2009 Habib was the Team Leader at The Advanced Design for BMW in Munich, where he designed the F01. Habib regrettably left BMW to work for Mercedes in Stuttgart, were he already is leaving his mark. Habib earned a degree in mechanical engineering from McGill University and shortly joined the famous Art Center College for Design in Switzerland. He eventually finished his studies at the US branch of the Art Center College, in California.

He was hired right out of college and joined the BMW Group where he worked closely with former BMW chief designer, Chris Bangle. He moved to Munich and joined the Advanced Design department. Habib has also designed the CS Concept.

Nader Faghizadeh Interior

Unfortunately no official information were released on Nader’s career.

BMW 5 Series GT Desginers


Christopher Weil (born 1976) Exterior


German designer, completed the high school at Ettal (1994) and later studied at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences in Design, Technology and Business (Master in 2000, sponsored by BMW), later with BMW in Munich, Weil designed the body of the newest BMW 5 series Gran Turismo Concept.

Weil says: “BMW cars are defined by emotion. I think when you’re looking at the car, any BMW, you’re emotionally attached.”

Oliver Helmer Interior

Not much is being known about Oliver, but we do know that he designed the 5 Series GT interior, X5, X6 and the all new 5 Series.

15 responses to “History: BMW car designers – Episode 2”

  1. Giom says:

    It always botherd me that Habib left for Merc. Was it more money? or was he a closit Merc man from the start? I cannot imagine why you would leave a design strong company like BMW for Merc. Their cars isn’t bad, but it’s not ground breaking.

    Is he just another designer at Merc, or has he been given a more pivotal role?

    Back to the BMW designers… I cannot think for one moment that it can be easy to work for such a large powerhouse like BMW. With the likes of (formerly) Chris Bangle and now Adrian van Hooydonk as heads of the deprartment, I’m sure that a lot of your ideas gets turned down or changed.

    BUT, these men know what they’re doing, so it’s important to trust them and follow their lead.

    I also think that it is great of BMW to praise their designers and turn them into somewhat of a cilebrity in the automotive arena. It emphasises their connection to the human eliment.

    Great article H! Thanks!

  2. viper says:

    didnt you know that Mercedes makes better cars and have a lot more money than BMW , they can buy anyone… you didnt know that?

    • Kodey says:

      You have no life what so ever do you? You are always on this website bloating about Mercedes-Benz and bashing on BMW. So this is how you spend your terrible life, you go onto a BMW fan site and just bash on Bmw like always, this is the best you can find to do? Go to a Mercedes Blog and preach your hate about BMW on there, o thats if you can find a Mercedes Blog that is legit and not just bogus talk and bias opinions. I mean its just rude what you do and say, People write these blogs for people to read and comment and the occasional debate, not just flat out hating on BMW. Like you do it all the time its not like a 1 or 2 time thing its constantly i read what you say, and i find it extremely rude,. And i dont know why the maker of this blog just doesnt ban you, because i think i speak for everyone when i say your just a flat out douche bag. people like different things, i personally find Mercedes to be a badge reference and thats it nothn special, id rather buy a Audi before i buy a Mercedes. And you must not do your hw its no longer BMW and Mercedes its BMW and AUDI. I dont preach my hate about Mercedes on here, so, go find a life, a Mercedes blog, and buy yourself that big-ol Benz of yours and go royally screw yourself.

      • plaxico says:

        i love bmw AND MERC ….but jesus you are just sad sad man…..Just the fact that you say that you would buy AUDI over merc ….OMFG…..OMFG….Audi is just updated version of Volkswagen…. sad, jealous man ccccccc

    • KidrauhlM5 says:

      Yeah.. got to here viper.


  3. KidrauhlM5 says:

    @ viper:

    There’s no use if they have money and can buy people into their company, but they still made CONFUSING CARS a.k.a. SPLIT PERSONALITY CARS.

    Extra info which I quoted from carbodydesign.com :

    ”Canadian designer Karim Antoine Habib has moved from BMW to Mercedes-Benz, where he will work directly under design chief Gorden Wagener and will lead the Stuttgart Advanced Design Studio.

    He will be responsible for the F-Series models, the experimental vehicles used by Mercedes-Benz to explore new design directions.

    Among Habib’s works at BMW are the CS Concept and the new 7-Series.”

    Looks like he’s just another designer in Mercedes.

  4. JMLBMW says:

    I have been a long time fan of BMW design, but I must admit that the Chris Bangle years were my least favorite. Ground Breaking doesn’t necessarily mean radical. The 7-series, and the 6-series designs were not accepted very well and I pesonally think that those cars hurt BMW. The latest design of the 7-series is fantastic both inside and out! I can only hope that the new 6-series will be as refreshing and beautiful.

    • Giom says:

      If CB hurt BMW, then why did the sales numbers not reflect your opinion? His 7 series outsold the previous one by quite a margin. Also, if CB hurt BMW, why can you see his inflouence in most cars today?

      NO! Chris Bangle moved the design industry up a few notches – but some people weren’t ready for it. Furtunatly, most were.

    • KidrauhlM5 says:

      I don’t think CB hurts BMW. Not even a little. As everything that Giom said is true. CB made BMW’s cars other than the other which is, quite unique. Like the E60 5er. People said that the car is bloody ugly but the thing is, they didn’t see the secret behind the design. The 6er on the other hand, is also very unique and very special. In fact, more than a million of E60s were sold from 2003 until 2009. So clearly, it doesn’t seem to affect anything.

      • L1ndja says:

        CB was great for bmw in my opinion,other than the 7ner all were great great cars..especially the E60 which will be a legend

  5. Vaybach Khan says:

    its very hard to design a car these days,and in same time to call it your own work,cos there so much people involved,from chef designer,to chef directors ,to bmw characteristics and so on…so we cannot say its one man design cos if it was it would be much different…
    the best way to express your ideas is in new project cars or prototypes..and there we can see the true talents…

  6. viper says:

    bangle was the king

  7. RayS says:

    I think BMW is now realizing that the “shark” design back in the 90’s was really an excellent design. They tried moving away from that design by going with the “flat nose” – it didn’t work. Now they are evolving slowly back to the shark nose design, such as the CS concept. That is an excellent bet. Kudos!

  8. Peter Skelton says:

    Most of the info you publish is taken from the bmwism website ( http://www.bmwism.com ).
    Why you do not point to the source of your article? Shame.
    By the way – bmwism gives much more, especially about the history of the design at BMW.

  9. oakley42456@mail.ru says:

    When I saw the BMW car , I always think about the designer and how would they come with such design. Thank you a lot to know about them here with such great article.

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