BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team Retains Winning Drivers for 2010 ALMS Season

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BMW of North America announced today that it has signed Bill Auberlen, Joey Hand, Tommy Milner and Dirk Müller to drive for the BMW Rahal …

BMW of North America announced today that it has signed Bill Auberlen, Joey Hand, Tommy Milner and Dirk Müller to drive for the BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team in the 2010 American Le Mans Series. This will be the second season of competition for the Hilliard, Ohio-based team.

The experienced quartet piloted two GT-class BMW M3s to third in ALMS Manufacturer points in 2009 in a first-year season that delivered one victory, five podium finishes, two 1-2 M3 qualifying efforts, and three fastest race laps. Auberlen and Hand drove to the team’s first win at Road America on August 16th and finished the season 14th in Driver points. Milner and Müller finished fourth in Driver Points and brought home the team’s second 2009 victory on October 31st at the inaugural Asian Le Mans Series race in Okayama, Japan.

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In 2010, BMW of North America will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the company’s March 1975 incorporation, as well as its first major sports car racing victory, the 12 Hours of Sebring, also in March of 1975.

“2009 was the inaugural season for this new M3 racing car and we needed to prove our competitiveness,” said Martin Birkmann, Motorsport Manager, BMW of North America. “Looking back this can be seen as accomplished. Looking forward, becoming better yet is a target. Using the well oiled machine of cars, drivers and team who all have developed tremendously over the past season is the best way to further raise the bar. And, if ‘09 is an indication then our fans should be ready for a great show delivered by the team, these four men, and the two cars.”

bmw 2010 alms 1 655x435

“Simultaneously developing a new race car and a new team is always particularly challenging to the drivers involved, but last year Bill, Joey, Tommy, and Dirk made things go much more smoothly than we had hoped,” said Bobby Rahal, Team Principal, Rahal Letterman Racing. “Continuity is a key component in building a championship race team, and we couldn’t be happier to see that all four of these talented drivers will be returning with us for 2010.”

The first official test of the 2010 American Le Mans Series will be held at Sebring International Raceway on February 22 – 23, four weeks before the season-opening race, the 12 Hours of Sebring on March 20th.

8 responses to “BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team Retains Winning Drivers for 2010 ALMS Season”

  1. Steve Tenney says:

    Great news! Can’t wait for next year.

  2. Yatti420 says:

    This is my favorite type of racing by far.. Also its just about the last series featuring BMW cars lol… Very disappointed BMW called it quits on F1.. Cars looked dope under the Dubai lights..

  3. James May says:

    I cant remeber who i was telling on here that the M3 gt2 will be raced in europe aswell. And they were saying that BMW would have something else in mind for europe, well we were both right BMW will run gt3 z4’s in the gt series, aswell as M3 GT2’s ran by Schinitzer.
    BMW compete in more then one championship besides ALMS. Why do you think there was 193 drivers from 24 countrys taking part in 29 different series all over the world driving non works backed cars competing for the BMW sports trophy. This year it was one by Colin Turkington who won the BTCC. Get your facts right Yatti420.
    BMW uesd the ALMS as a test bed because the competion is relativity week and get some pr. Now they can hit the ground running in europe.
    Anyway Yattti420 BMW has some big plans ahead the M3 gt2 will be allowed to take part in the le mans 24hrs next year the fia have sofend there stance on the M3 due to the M3 gts. Also BMW have been in talks with the DTM about rule changes for 2011 season who in turn have been talking to the Japanese gt series about having the same specifications. This would allow BMW to convert the M3 easier so the M3 can kick ass allover the world.
    And dont forget the r1000ss in the WSBK i can see BMW running them in the AMA in a few years time

    • Steve Tenney says:

      Why would you say that that competition is weak in the ALMS? Flying Lizards Porsche with Jorg Bergmeister and Patrick Long with Mark Lieb in there from time to time. And then comes along the Corvette team with a new GT2 car, but they do know how to build a race car and the driver lineup is very strong to say the least.


      • Yatti420 says:

        He is probably referring to the fact that Corvette \ Porsche have been dominant over the last few years.. It’s not like it was years back..

        • Steve Tenney says:

          Corvette’s been running a GT1 program though and not competing with Porsche and Ferrari (who I forgot) in GT2. This year we had Porsche and Ferrari, with Corvette joining at mid season along with BMW. A pretty strong lineup of drivers and cars. Jan Magnussen, Jaime Melo, the Porsche guys I mentioned. A strong group.

  4. Yatti420 says:

    Hi James,

    I think the simple matter is that BMW left one of the top racing series in the world.. You don’t do this if you have racing \ performance etc in mind..

    I am assuming your entire first paragraph is related to ALMS? With different classes? There were only 2 bmw cars I believe for last season? I am not familiar with the hundreds if not thousands of different series world wide..

    As for everything else I think you have missed my point.. Watching a televised race with BMW featured is becoming less and less of a possibility.. Small series racing I don’t really care about.. We can’t watch it anyways..

    I am not even sure why a Japanese racing league \ series would change specs to accommodate European cars.. This is most likely a merger deal.. The likelihood of this happening I think is pretty slim.. Unless financial of both series are hurting etc..

    Your point about the BMW trophy.. ( I never knew one existed ) … I am assuming this is BMW given \ sponsored.. Has nothing to do with the leagues drivers race in? ( I just checked).. The BMW Trophy is a monetary award via BMW for priv \ independent racers using BMW cars.. While I am glad BMW does this.. It doesn’t really mean anything.. Multiple series \ Multiple cars judged.. Then they pick a winner.. BMW is not about to cancel this trophy I don’t think.. Not unless they are officially announcing an end to BMW motorsports in general..

    As for the R1000SS I would love to see BMW competing.. I don’t think it’s likely to happen though.. Even with a few years time..

  5. James May says:

    Yatti your a retard f1 has a reg freeze, bmw was in it for pr and to test technolgy throw racing, all they can work on now is on areodynamics which has little benefit to there road cars. thats why they worked on kers last year because it will go on there road cars. you dont do this if you have racing perfomance in mind, prick. dont talk about what you dont know. Bmw is not a race team they are a car company which throw racing test technology to benefit there road cars. If no benefit why take part.
    You said the alms is about the last series which feature bmw’s. My point about the sports trophy was to show you how many other race series bmw’s are in 24 and the alms is just one of them. Not all race cars have v8s you know There is a world outside the usa ..
    I said the alms is relativly week, and it is when compared with the real le mans series. You cant compare gt racing in the usa and europe. Dont get me wrong i like the alms because the slower cars dont have to get out of the way of the faster cars.,But the gt1 class only had one team. the le mans series and europeaning gt series have all the cars that the alms has plus lambos audi’s astons v8.s and Alpina’s all in gt2 and now m3’s. And in gt1 vets astons and maseraties.
    You should be glade bmw used the alms as a test ground for the gt2. I am, now BMW can hit the ground running were it counts in big important race championships. you dont watch small race championships lol.
    And in furture read what is writen and then comment on it. Dont comment on something which was not said.

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