BMW 6-Series convertible spied …in snow this time

Spy Photos | November 30th, 2009 by 14
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BMW test mules are moving up north for the winter testing sessions at Arctic Driving Center in Rovaniemi, Finland. AutoExpress and their team of spy …

BMW test mules are moving up north for the winter testing sessions at Arctic Driving Center in Rovaniemi, Finland. AutoExpress and their team of spy photographers spotted the 2011 BMW 6 Series Convertible during some….snow drifting.

It is worth mentioning that their report is a bit misleading in regards to the soft-top. Despite the several prototypes seen in the past with a soft top, BMW will offer the new 6 Series sportscar with a similar hardtop found in the 3 Series Cabrio.

As we mentioned several times before, for now it has been confirmed that the 2011 BMW 6 Series will come in three flavors: Coupe, Convertible and M6. There are still some rumors around a Gran Turismo model based on the 6 Series, but prototypes have yet to be seen.

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The next 6-series coupe and convertible will be radically different from the current cars’ styling. Even people close to BMW said that the current 6-Series is very polarizing due to the “Bangle butt” it carries, but the redesigned 6er, will be a “super sleek” vehicle. The redesigned 6er is slightly longer and wider than the current generation. It will have shorter overhangs and a lower roofline which implicitly gives the car a more muscular look.

The current engines line-up will be the base in the next generation 6 Series.  The award winning twin-turbo 6-cylinder will power one of the entry levels models with its 326 horsepower, while the V8 twin-turbo 407 horsepower engine found in the new 5 and 7 Series will be found in the higher-end models. It has not been yet confirmed with multiple sources, but the rumor mill has it that BMW is developing a tri-turbo diesel engine based on the six-cylinder turbo existing in the BMW line-up and one of the top 6er models.The tri-turbo engine will output 354 horsepower and it will be initially used in a BMW X5 Performance Diesel.

BMW’s Efficient Dynamics updates, including Stop/Start and regenerative braking will also be available on the 6-Series for the first time. The M6 will replace its powerful and large V10 engine with a turbocharged powerplant.

The new 6-Series will make its online debut late next year and it will officially unveiled at 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

[Source: AutoExpress UK ]

14 responses to “BMW 6-Series convertible spied …in snow this time”

  1. Giom says:

    Are you sure about the hard top? Cause all the test mules we’ve seen so far had a real soft top. You can even see the ribs underneath. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out as a soft top – weight and packaging being the reason. Time will tell…

    I’m releaved to read about it being ‘radically different’. But I hope it’s towards a more daring side, not a more safe side. The overall shape of this test mule looks very similar to the current car. As long as it looks low and mean, it’s gonna be ok.

  2. Axelsaurus says:

    what about the 6er coupè? I haven’t seen test mules..
    I think that hard top will increase weight too much… it doesn’t make sense if there will be also the coupe model… I hope that it’ll not be replaced by the convertible with hard top.

  3. Axelsaurus says:

    the 635i’ll have the N54 L6 3.0? why not the N55?
    or 635i with 306hp (N55) and 640i with 360cv (N55 bi-turbo).

  4. BMfan says:

    Need it be wider and longer? A sports car should be cute and powerful-neednt be monstrous.

  5. XCpac says:

    I see a very ‘safe’ design coming. It will be no doubt a nice car, nothing to alienate current customers. Sadly, the days of controversial but incredibly cool cars are over.

  6. viper says:

    the current 6er is really a stunning great car , I dont expect too much from new one , it should be the best looking in bmw lineup , but I doubt that from thee pictures , bmw is playing safe , bangle was the king

  7. billy says:

    It still has a bit of a bangle butt, you can see the slight difference in angles at the back

  8. xcpac says:

    If it just looked as the Z9 Grand Turismo Concept… (sigh) This BMW has to compete against Aston Martins and Porsches 911. Please BMW, don’t make it wrong…

  9. xcpac says:

    I know, I know…

  10. p.wong says:

    i know it sucks but i still wanna see a cs concept on the street lol

  11. xcpac says:

    Well, Concept CS is all over the lineup right now, but sadly BMW is no longer bold enough to put that exact car in the market. I guess is ‘safe-designs times’. Anyways, a CS would blow the competition away!

  12. reece says:

    This car looks very similar to the current car. Is it possible that they are using the old shell just for testing the engin and other dynamics? I llike the CS concept very much… that would have been a good 6er shape. I like the crisp folds of the metal. It echos precision and lightness. the gentel folds are very normal and safe and look heavy.

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