BMW 530d GT vs Infiniti EX 37 GT

5 Series GT | November 27th, 2009 by 10
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Another unusual comparison was just published by the UK-based Autoexpress magazine. The British fellows compared the BMW 530d GT against the Infiniti EX 37 GT, …

Another unusual comparison was just published by the UK-based Autoexpress magazine. The British fellows compared the BMW 530d GT against the Infiniti EX 37 GT, a comparison that we find it to be ….just a tad odd.

The EX 37 GT could be classified as a crossover vehicle rather than a Gran Tourismo that appeals to a particular niche, but let’s hear their thoughts on this:

“Producing bold cars like the X6 and 5-Series GT is a brave move for BMW – but it takes even more courage to launch an entire brand. Nissan debuted its Infiniti premium division in the US 10 years ago, and has finally brought it to Europe.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the company has proven popular, cultivating the image of a ‘Japanese BMW’. Will that message get lost in translation?

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All Infinitis have edgy styling and claim to offer a sporty driving experience. The push into Europe brings five models, ranging from the BMW 3-Series-rivalling G37 saloon, coupé and cabrio to the FX – a sporty SUV competitor to the X6.

In between sits the EX37. The crossover model shares its platform with the G37, so it’s considerably smaller than the 530d GT. A taller ride height helps it to make an impact, but does it look more dynamic as a result?

Although the jury is out on that, if you want a car which blurs defined class boundaries and makes a statement, the EX is well worth a look.

Just don’t be fooled into thinking it offers SUV levels of practicality. Rear legroom is tight and the 340-litre boot is exactly 100 litres smaller than the cavernous 530d GT load area. Up front, the driving position is equally confined – the seat doesn’t adjust low enough and the range of movement on the wheel is limited.”

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10 responses to “BMW 530d GT vs Infiniti EX 37 GT”

  1. 100$ GUY says:

    The bmw is no match for the little EX infinity.

    • kcsnyud says:

      No match, as the bmw is a thousand times better. The infinitis claim to offer awesome driving experiance, yet the bmws still offer better.

  2. efoza says:

    The GT is a unique one of a kind car and should not be compared with anything else which is currently on the market. it is just like comparing white bread with brown bread. The UK press is foolishly misguided in this regard. I have also noticed that since the GT’s launch in Europe, the GT has already started to appeal more and more to all the people who stand by the side of the road with amazement when they see it approaching. It is most certainly a cult status car already for all the right reasons; with the most important being that it is just a fab design car and as long as you avoid the 20″ wheels and go for the 19″ instead it offers the best ride car BMW has ever produced.

  3. Giom says:

    According to the article, the Infiniti is not close to the GT. I was expecting at least some elements to be closer, but they’re all way off.

    Question: Is Infiniti seen as a premium brand in the US? and, how does this brand square up against Lexus? We have Lexus here in this country, but not Infiniti, so, I can’t get my head around it.


  4. :p says:

    In the US Infiniti is a premium brand. Its G37 Series is much cheaper ($35000) than the german counterparts. with a standard 328hp and standard leather seats. it is priced thousands of dollars below BMW and Audi. MB C class didnt stand a chance because $39000 for a 268hp engine and leatherette is expensive. 40 grand for the 335i but it has no leather or nav. This car also beats the 50000 Audi S4 as it is just as fast but the G37 is about 15000 dollars cheaper and much more stylish

  5. efoza says:

    I have just seen a sophisto grey GT on the road and it looks fab. The amazing thing about it is that it sits nicely on the road and gives the impression of a very powerful but also restrained car. This is for sure the right colour for the GT.

  6. travelgeek says:

    The comparison underpins the uniqueness of the GT. There is simply no match in terms of competition. You could say because the GT is unique or weird – your choice. The poor Infinity is a complete different league, I mean lower league, I saw a report vs. the X1. This one is apple to bananas.

    Although I had a test drive myself already with a black 5GT, I didn´t see any on the road yet. My preferred color scheme is black with 20″ wheels – even if I have to give up some riding comfort. Smaller wheels are just dwarfed by the height of the car and they don´t look good to my taste.

    I took some pics. I guess I will not wait for the new 5 but will order a GT next week.

  7. ///-Game says:

    gt is a kind of car you start to like….it takes time to get used to it but then you realise how great car it is

  8. Avery Edwards says:

    what r yall talkin bout, first off learn how to spell infiniti, second, the ex is like a tall g-deries, and the g-series is fast, which means this gotta be fast, in terms of luxury it doesn’t fall back what so ever. stop hatin on infiniti just beacuse they r movin on up

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