2011 BMW 5 Series F10 UK Pricing

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BMW UK E60 Pricing

One of the main concerns when a new BMW model launches is around the new pricing structure. Will the new design come with a price …

One of the main concerns when a new BMW model launches is around the new pricing structure. Will the new design come with a price increase? Will it remain the same? Or will we see more standard features at a slight price bump? All of these are valid questions that many of us have asked ourselves days after a new BMW was launched.

While the U.S. pricing is yet to be unveiled, and won’t probably revealed until next year, the UK and German market are the first to be transparent about the pricing scheme. To our surprise, the price increase has not been substantial for many of the models available in the UK market. The entry level model remains the 523i SE (manual transmission) with a base price of £30,560, £1500 more than the previous generation E60.

The E60 525i is being replaced by a new 528i with a naturally aspirated 6 cylinder. While the 525i was priced at £30,705, the F10 528i comes with a price tag of £32,205.

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The top mode, 550i with automatic transmission is priced at £49,440, £3480 over the E60 version and the most significant price increase in the new line-up. You can compare the two pricing structures in the following images.

BMW UK E60 Pricing 655x847

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12 responses to “2011 BMW 5 Series F10 UK Pricing”

  1. Ward says:

    Isn’t that cheaper as the “previeous” 5 series?

  2. L1ndja says:

    when will it go on sale ?

  3. Bo Kim says:

    What does it mean by M Sport? A full M Sport Package with M appearance or just slight modification and tweak in the suspension and speed limit raiser:-?

  4. 100$ GUY says:

    A 4% increase of the 528 vrs 525i…..ok ok.
    Interestingly, BMW prices keep going up, while mercedes benz E class prices went down…and by $5000 more or less.
    Is that good?

    • KidrauhlM5 says:

      I don’t know.. Maybe because the sales aren’t good?? If it’s by $5000 or more. Boy everyone could go for a Merc but it’s just too much!!

  5. James May says:

    4% increase between the 525 and the 528 is not a increase they are two diffrent models one is 2500cc and the other is a 3000cc inline 6.
    Plus the f10 is about 4% faster to 62 then the e60, and dont forget this car has a lot off 7er in it which in turn is used for the rr ghost underpinings. this cars is over engineered for this sector thats why it weighs a bit more. Its bigger, stiffer,faster,more efficent, drives better and looks good.This car is a bargin

  6. BMW Fan says:

    Hi,can somebody explain me please Why the New 520d is about 6500£ cheaper in the UK than in Germany,where this car is buildt? I dont understant this policy

  7. BMW Fan says:

    27500£ are in €30500,you understand me now dude?i have made an currency exchange.the car is in germany 39900€,this price will nobody pay in the uk i think

  8. 100$ GUY says:

    Yes, its an increase,its a 4% increase. The 525i now becomes the 528i. The 525i its a 3.0L engine as well.
    Its not the only increase, almost 9% for the V8 engine…..oh well.
    Now they might keep the 535i price the same as before, thats very good.

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