Car and Driver announces 2010 10Best Cars: BMW 3 Series/M3 make the list

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Car and Driver just released their 2010 Top 10Best Cars and BMW made the list….again. The 2010 BMW 3 Series and M3 has been nominated …

Car and Driver just released their 2010 Top 10Best Cars and BMW made the list….again. The 2010 BMW 3 Series and M3 has been nominated as one of the top 10 best automobiles.

Here are some of the rules that lead to their decision, as outlined by C&D:

“As is the norm, we invited back 2009’s 10Best winners and all the new or significantly altered cars for 2010. Every qualifying vehicle must be on sale no later than January 2010, ergo the complete absence of vaporware.

In all, we hosted a total of 58 automobiles at our secret base hidden amid the farm plots of southeast Michigan. We flogged the cars for a week over our long-standing route, which serves up everything from smooth curves to pockmarked apexes to first-gear corners to high-speed straights to elevation changes.


There, we sought answers to the following questions: 1) How well does this car perform its intended mission? Does a given luxury car, for example, ride harshly? Does it sacrifice rear-seat headroom for an aggressive tumblehome? 2) Is this a highly engaging, fun-to-drive vehicle in its category? Does it compel the driver to get in and enjoy it? And 3) What kind of value does it represent? How much goodness does it deliver for its price?”

The 58 contenders were valued at $2.5 million and they logged over 12,000 test miles.

The BMW 3 Series continues dominance in the 10Best history with an impressive 19th straight win. Only the Honda Accord can be proud of similar achievements with their 24th win, though not consecutive.

BMW’s 3 Series competitor, Audi S4, also made the list. Other cars include the Mazda Miata MX-5, Porsche Boxster / Cayman, Cadillac CTS-V and Volkswagen GTI. Falling off the list this year were the Chevrolet Corvette, Infiniti G37 and Jaguar XF.

Here is the full list in……alphabetical orders, thought it was worth mentioning before we start another flame war BMW vs. the rest of the world.

2010 Audi S4
2010 BMW 3 Series / M3
2010 Cadillac CTS / CTS-V
2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
2010 Honda Accord
2010 Honda Fit
2010 Mazda Miata MX-5
2010 Mazda3 / MazdaSpeed3
2010 Porsche Boxster / Cayman
2010 Volkswagen GTI

[Source: Car and Driver ]

  • Chocho

    So? It’s laugable that they compared a 335i and S4 and pronounced the S4 the winner. It’s clear the 335i is not supposed to be a direct comparison with the S4. They should try comparing the s4 to the M3, then wel’ll see who is talking.

    • KidrauhlM5

      Yeah the S4 should be compared to the M3 but what about the RS4??

      • Kelz

        LOL. Haha. Maybe the M5??…lool

      • http://na arman

        obviousely you guys dont know anything about audi and bmw rivalry…a bmw 335i beat u audi s5 not on drag but on a track..even though the s5 has the power bmw has the handling…so bmw 335i will take oin the s4..and the m3 will eat the rs4…they have no chance of winning bmw…a m3 can even beat an a8…i have an m3 and one of my closest friends own and a8l…on drag i took him….

    • Max

      335i may be less powerful but it is faster on track indeed!

    • Doug

      It makes complete sense to compare the 335i to the S4 because both are forced-induction 3.0L sixes. The RS4 would compare to the M3, both being V8s (if the B8 RS4 exists yet).

  • Swifty

    Yes 335i might b faster around a track but how many owners track their cars… I own a 335i e92 but evn I have to admit s4 is the better car in the real world in most driving conditions… Too bad the Audi’d coupe version (s5) is over priced and a v8 .. And the reason y the 335i was compared to the s4 was because they are much closer in price than an m3

  • Carlos Perez

    Question only the S4 is considered or also all the audis A4???

  • Patrick

    “Here is the full list in……alphabetical orders, thought it was worth mentioning before we start another flame war BMW vs. the rest of the world.”

    Audi is only listed first because it is alphabetical. They did not list in winning order.

    • Chocho

      The mag did a comparison road test between 335i and S4 and said the S4 was the winner. Completely b.s to me, from the tone of the article it seems that like as if the entire world has now pronounced the S4 is now superior to the 335i. They are just one mag and by no means authoritative. 335i remains THE top sports sedan.

  • Babken

    335i is the best car in its segment. S4 is no match.

  • lboogy

    Bimmer will always make better performance cars. folks think because Audi is all wheel drive its going to outdo a BMW, No, sorry thats never happening. BMW is a all around sports car.

  • Stjepan Šandor

    Curiously, in all european publications, the 335i was declared to be better, even by Vicki Butler Henderson herself.

  • swifty

    Man, I know what you guys are saying…I love my 335 coupe & the one time I tracked it, it was unbelievable…however in the real world I agree with Car & Driver,Automobile Mag, Road & track, Edmunds and I think Motor trend that the S4 is superior… thats 5 to 6 magazines giving audi the props… the 335i is only better in perfect conditions (weather wise) … honestly that diff in the S4 has really done a superb job in getting rid of understeer..not completely but almost… however, the price difference is still on the 335i side…there are major incentives/discounts ($3000-$4000) available from BMW on the 335i which is a lot of money plus the maintenance is free for 4yrs/50k…& i still like kicking the tail out whenever I please in the beemer which is not easy to do with the s4 evn with the diff…nway thats jus my 2 cents…

    • Horatiu B.

      Great to see this comment from a 335i owner. I own one myself and I have to agree with you. The Audi has come a long way, the S4 clearly is the biggest competitor, but as you said, it all depends on what the driver wants. A bit of tail shaking and great handling on curvy roads….335i…

      And you totally nailed it with the free maintenance, that’s a huge advantage and one of the reasons why many buy BMWs….