New BMW 5 Series vs. its competitors

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The new BMW 5 Series has just been revealed and automobile publications around the world are starting to create comparisons between the F10 5 Series …

The new BMW 5 Series has just been revealed and automobile publications around the world are starting to create comparisons between the F10 5 Series and its competitors. places the 2011 BMW 5 Series against the Audi A6, Mercedes E-Class, Lexus GS460, Infiniti G37, Volvo S80 and Jaguar XF.

Most of these cars have been traditionally considered direct competitors to the 5, with the exception of the G37 which goes against the popular 3 Series. To make it even more relevant and interesting, Automarket breaks down the comparison into several categories.

Exterior Design.

Based on their opinion, the “true elitists” are the new F10 5 Series, E-Class and Infiniti G37 sedan, shortly followed by the Audi A6 and Lexus GS. The Jaguar XF is being referenced as having an attractive exterior design, in contrast with the Volvo S80 which features a more conservative approach.

New BMW 5 Series vs. its competitors

New BMW 5 Series vs. its competitors

New BMW 5 Series vs. its competitors

Interior Design.

New BMW 5 Series vs. its competitors

We’re glad to see that the new interior design from the 5 Series is already being praised. The folks over at Automarket name the 5 Series and E-Class as having the most attractive and modern interior design in luxury sport sedan segment. Third place goes to Infiniti, closely followed by Audi and Lexus. The new F10 5 Series offers an extra 13 mm of space for its rear-seating passengers, having one of the biggest cabin spaces in this segment. Audi A6 is being rewarded as offering the most cargo space.

Engine  offerings.

New BMW 5 Series vs. its competitors

Initially, the new 2011 BMW 5 Series is being offered with three diesel powerplants and four petrol engines.Based on the two transmission offerings, 8 speed automatic and manual, BMW offers 13 different combination of motoring and transmission. The entry level model is the 520d, equipped with a 2.0 liter diesel engine that outputs 184 horsepower and 380Nm of torque. This is the most fuel efficient 5er ever built by BMW with only 5.0 liters per 100 km. At the top of 5 Series line-up, we have the BMW 550i powered by the 4.4 liter twin-turbo engine found in the 7 Series and the X6. The engine outputs 407 horsepower and 600Nm of torque.

The 550i remains most powerful sedan in its segment followed by the Mercedes-Benz E 500 powered by a 5.0 liter engine that outputs 388 horsepower and 530Nm. Third comes the Lexus GS 460 with its 347 horsepower out of a V8 engine.

Jaguar XF keeps close with its 5.0 liter V8 engine and 388 ponies.


New BMW 5 Series vs. its competitors

The new 5 Series not only put some more weight on, but it has also grown in size. It measures 4,899 mm in length, 1,86 mm in width and has a height of 1,464 mm. The high end 550i weighs 1,830 kg. The Audi A6 gets away with 30 kg less, but at a cost of smaller, less powerful engine.

Mercedes-BenzE500 has the following dimensions: 4,868 mm in lengths, 1,854 mm width and 1,471 mm height. The E500 weighs 1,735 kg, 95 kg less than the new 5er. Lexus GS 460 is 4,850 mm long, 1,820 mm wide and 1,430 tall. Overall weight? 1,735 kg. Jaguar XF and Volvo S80 are both heavier than the 5 Series.


New BMW 5 Series vs. its competitors

According to official manufacturer numbers, the 2011 BMW 550i is about 0.3 seconds faster than the E-Class. Both cars are limited to 250km/h (155mph) and run from 0 to 62mph in 5.0 seconds. The Lexus GS 460 is 0.8 seconds slower than the F10 5 Series. Audi A6 4.2 FSI quattro runs from 0-62 mph in 5.9 seconds. Jaguar XF barely misses the podium with its 5.7 seconds.

The last category mentioned by Automarket was pricing, but since it is mostly relevant to Europe, we’ll move forward. Interesting fact: BMW 5 Series impressed in four categories out of the six outlined by the auto publication.

Does BMW have a winner in their hands?

[Source: Automarket ]

  • Bo Kim

    The E-Class with a bigger engine is less heavy than the 5-Series:-? I do not know but I’m kind of concerned about the dynamics of the new 5.

    • Carlos Perez

      What do u mena with a bigger engine???? i think the MB has 388 hp while the 5 series has 407 and the BMW is by 0.3 sec faster tha the MB

      • Kelz

        Is that the reason why it’s heavier? Mercedes could easily tweak their 5.0L to output 407 hp. Now, with a 4.4L engine (which supposedly should be smaller than a 5.0L engine) why does it still weigh more than the Big E?

        • Giom

          You should read the articles… they stated that the added weight isn’t in the engine, it lies in other technologies implemented all over the car.

  • plaxico

    so if i get it right,………you have ROMANIAN site as a source to draw a comperasment between bmw5 and merc e class………C’MON MATE …..e class all the way

    • Jag

      yeah, e class’s all the way… behind

      • plaxico

        aha..right..we all know bimmer is a jealous little brother….has been , is , always will

    • Kelz

      E – Class all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Horatiu B.

      I don’t wanna get into this argument, but it really doesn’t matter where the source is from, there are some great publications in other parts of the world as well.

      I will give you this: some of these comparisons can be biased, I have always said that, but what I liked most about theirs was the photos they put together and the comprehensive info, without much biased added in there.

      • plaxico

        no ,im sorry you’re right…… it doesn’t matter where you’re from,my bad…i was little pissed.Keep up the good work mate

  • Kamran Hassan

    Dynamics..they always get em spot on.

  • joe

    Is 550i still powered by twin-turbo engine? i thought they got rid of one of the turbo’s.

  • Adnan

    bmw wins this easily, but im afraid of the new a6 which is to come out 2011 i think

    • KidrauhlM5

      Actually I’m afraid too… But look at the price. In the US, the price of a full equiped options Audi A4 is 60k while the full equiped options BMW 335i costs you 53k. I saw this article in 3 weeks ago. So expect the A6 to price way higher. So if the Audi priced way higher than the BMW, then people will start to go with the BMW.

      I’m also afraid that Audi will design their cars better…

      • Hantra

        You are full of it. There is NO WAY you can build a $60,000 A4 unless you somehow have an option to fill the trunk with $7-8,000.

        • KidrauhlM5

          Well I saw this article in Edmunds about 3 weeks ago. They tested it out and the price is 60k with full options. The base price is 35k. I don’t know whether there’s something wrong with their typing or anything but still, Audi is very expensive. And Rumours saying that the base price of Audi S4 would be 55k+.

          I was on Audi’s website and the highest that I can go is 45k+… Still expensive than BMW.

  • AJD

    I’ve already come to accept the misinformation coming out of this website. But to compare the G37 as a competitor to the 5 Series is complete idiocy.

    • Horatiu B.

      We mentioned at the beginning of the article that the G37 should not be there and throughout the article, we omitted the G37 numbers intentionally.

  • Elio

    Look how coherent the shape of the side is compared to its rivals.

  • wazon8

    BMW did really great job with new 5 serie. It will be the best car avaible in its segment. It looks modern and is technologically advanced. Can’t wait to see what exactly M5 F10 will offer.

  • Bryce

    The only look that the new 5-series doesn’t do better than the competitors is from straight on. The tail of the 5 looks better than everyone else, the interior is by far the best, and the shots from the quarterpanels look better than any of the other cars. The only shot that doesn’t make the 5 look better is from directly in front of it. The Merc and the Jag look more aggressive when looking directly at the front of the vehicles. Other than that, BMW has done a great job and the M5 is going to be a real stunner. Also, since BMW has been going in the direction of offering Performance Parts, I wonder if there will be Performance Parts offered for the new 5. I don’t particularly care for long horizontal lines of the front valence.

  • Giom

    The new 5 really is beautifully styled. Compared to the E, it is uncluttred and minimalist. The lines flow better and they’re not just a copy from the 7 or 3 series. Not even the GT. They’ve given the 5 a look of its own but still in keeping with current design language.

    What I don’t understand from some ppl posting on this blog (and other sites all over the world), is why all the aggression? So what if you don’t like the new 5… don’t be angry about it. Nobody is out to upset you personally. Tastes differ – pick your side and enjoy life!

  • kcsnyud

    True. But, we can’t see real comparison tests till march 2010, so yeah, ya guys have to wait. But if the publications make the 5 series to be wimpy, you guys sue them.

  • Babken

    BMW 5 Series always set the benchmark in its segment and it will always be the best car in its segment. All the rest starting from jaguar and ending with the pathetic e-class just struggle for the second place.

  • kcsnyud

    Babken- If it were up to me and you, yeah. But, the new 5 has tough competition now, so we’ll wait and see. That said, the 5 will still sell well . The e class is nooo match.

  • Joe

    Its perfect all around except for the front … I really think it should a bit more aggressive and styled.

  • Joe

    BTW I like how they are not following the stupid trend of LED dots everywhere.

  • joe

    you can also buy e class alot cheaper these days, they call the cheaper versions HYUNDAI. .

  • Artmic

    Even though the 5 isn’t perfect (lack of dual clutch transmission) i’d take it over an E 550 any day of the week. I drove the new E, and sure the engine is nice(if it was in my 335 coupe), but besides that, meh.

  • Julien

    BMW FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam DeVincent

    Not sure what it is, but from the front, the hood lines of the BMW look really wrong, they don’t seem to flow (See XF lines in comparison) and just seem busy. The Jag wins hands down for me from the front. I’d give it to the 5′er in every other category though.

    • Giom

      That Jag front is nice, very distinctive. I’ll give them that.

  • efoza

    I agree with Giom in that the front of the Jag is very nice, but we all know that a pretty pussy cat does not always mean a good f–k.

    • Saleem

      This was such a beautiful reply I just had to say LMFAO

  • Beowolf


    As for the aggression \ negativity for the new F10 5 series.. I’ll take a guess it’s most likely coming from C. Bangle groupies upset the F10 is better than the horrid mess that is E60, no dame-edna front lights and perhaps devaluation of the E60 which is going to get worse as people drive the F10 and begin taking delivery..

    I understand their frustration.. i was the same way back in 03 when i saw the POS the E60 was.. What a new day.. thank you BMW for going back to the classic shark..Now i’ll be waiting eagerly for the F10 M5.. :)

  • Kelz

    Mercedes Benz E easily beats the 5 series, watch and see. It will never outsell Mercedes.. None of these cars will.

  • viper

    Jesus…..the E class looks even better than I thought , the exterior and front looks like darth vader its simply beautiful , the 5er looks like some hyundai from 2005 , bmw lost what e60 had , the aggressive and scary presence , this new bigger 3 series with 7 series interior simply is the worst new bmw 5 series ever

    • Theo

      Ah, the fisherman again on his daily routine. Maybe you should use some more bait… sigh

      • Saleem

        Exactly what planet are you from dude. and if you are looking for an expensive hyundai try the new infinit m LMAO what a joke.

  • :p

    The E class is the only one without the stick-style auto shifter. I dont like its spinning shifter. Makes it less sporty. . By the way kelz, BMW and Lexus out sell MB in the US. Even the Honda mande Acura sells more. MB over priced most of its vehicles. GLK looks is nice though. Would be better if they ad the E550 engine on it

  • jocamryn

    The japanese and swedish cars are not even of the same market, calibre, or pedigree of BMW so it’s foolish to even compare them. The benze is quite nice and the A6′s lights just weren’t done as well as their A4.

    F10 ALL the way! Where do I trade in my 09 E90?!

  • jocamryn

    BTW has Jaguar addressed their reliability issues? After coming out of a land rover, I’ll never get a car from the Isle.

  • ferrarifan

    that’s right compare a 2010 bmw with older models of other brands… bmw still looks about the same age..

    compared to the previous 5 which sucked, this one’s pretty decent.

    • etuoyo

      Well even when the new E-Class came out it was being compared with the 2003 5 series from 6 years earlier (and losing the battle against a six year old car). So what is wrong with comparing the new 5 series which the new E-Class which is only a few months older?

  • wazon8

    I saw other pictures straight to front and they looked a way better than the one above. I guess that shadows at this picture of front affect negatively its overall appearance.

    @ferrarifan – E-class is brand new and looks really poor and oldish when compared with F10, especially when you take a look at interior. It’s hard to expect that there will be huge gap between XF and F10, since the first one appear one year ago. I can clearly see that Volvo, Lexus, Infinity and Audi were designed few years ago and they look vividly oldish when compared to F10.

  • Saleem

    The new E-class is rather on point from the front view but thats it the rest of it reminds me of boxy assed Caddy. This is 2010 can we have some curvature please. Whats with all the voltron sh****? This new 5 is the answer to my prayers Audi a6 let me down big time and the a4 is a ladys car.

  • viper

    E class looks ten times better , E class looks 2009 , new bmw 5er looks like its from 2002

    • kcsnyud

      I dont think so. Give me some points to tell why. Oops, you have no points. Everyone likes the bmw f10. Actually, the mercedes looks like it was from… 2001. Everyone will agree with that, right? And your “facts” are actually fakes, so would someone [oint out the actual facts to “viper?”

      • Jag

        i have to disagree. the new e class looks like it was from the 80s

  • Saleem

    New is is LAME point blank

    • Saleem

      Please forgive my blunder. The new E class is lame point blank.

  • viper

    the E class is a masterpiece , such beauty and style cant be seen on a bmw , bmw should hire a better designer

    • Saleem

      Perhaps a MasterPiiece O S***.

      Long live the King BMW

  • Babken

    My fiends,
    Only such gays like viper and kelz can like the e class. Don’t lose your dignity by quarreling with them.

  • viper

    u guys are blind or so in love with bmw that u cant see which one is black and which one is white , u are all ridiculous , only a fool can say that new bmw 5 is better looking than new E class , that is pathetic beyond pathetic.

  • Babken

    Rubbish viper,
    Only such gays like you can think that the pathetic and gayish e class is better than BMW 5 Series. Remember this, you naughty GAY: BMW 5 SERIES IS THE KING, and your pathetic e class is just 2nd.

  • viper

    No…ur freshly new gayest ever 5 series is Third! audi second and the king of all cars tha Mercedes on 1st place , come to think of it the jag XF looks damn good so in this comparison ur gayest ever 5er comes out on 4th…maybe even 5th , I had a crush on volvo few years back

    • Saleem

      I agree wuth Viper in the regard that audi is number two though. That A6 front end is soooo bland but BMW is number 1.

  • Dan

    New BMW 5 Series Tail light Shape matches exactly with 2003 Infiniti G35. Compare and see for yourself. I am saying it looks good however it is a copy. Only difference is that BMW uses tubular LED while Infiniti had Torpedo like individual LEDs.

  • Ben

    Jaaaaaaaaag all the way!!!!!!!

  • Hubert Jadczak

    THere’s no room for japan crap – only BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Jaguar are the real PREMIUM cars.

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