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MINI | November 22nd, 2009 by 11
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Nearly five months ago, a rumor around the MINI and Rolls Royce brands showed up on our radar. Autocar reported that Rolls Royce is working …

Nearly five months ago, a rumor around the MINI and Rolls Royce brands showed up on our radar. Autocar reported that Rolls Royce is working on a super high-end MINI vehicle manufactured at the Goodwood plant. Rolls-Royce will focus on upgrading the MINI’s interior bringing to the standards of a luxury car.

At the time, sources close to MINI gave the insight scoop to Autocar UK fellows who report that the project was close to getting the green light. Some spy photos of a late prototype were posted at that time as well.

Two days ago, Autocar returned with the confirmation that MINI by Rolls Royce will indeed make into production. Highly placed sources at BMW have told Autocar that the cars will “totally individual” and the project is seeking to create “niche vehicles” for customers.

mini rolls royce 3 655x476Executives at the company believe that a MINI with the interior luxury of a much larger car has again become relevant thanks to the current trend of downsizing, especially for affluent city drivers.

It is likely that the options will extend beyond trim materials and buyers could be encouraged to choose more luxury features and interior fittings. Back in the 1960s, MINI vehicles featured high standards of trim and were often owned by celebrities, a plan that inspired the Oxford based company.

There are no news on when the new model will be launched or revealed, but we expect to see an announcement sometimes next year.

[Source: Autocar ]

11 responses to “MINI by Rolls-Royce confirmed”

  1. michael says:

    can you get the spirit of ecstasy hood ornament? ;)

  2. Bryce says:

    Unfortunately, I thought Rolls was all about being the flagship luxury vehicle; I don’t think a Rolls-Mini will further that goal. Rolls’ usually have a V12 engine combined with a distinguishable vehicle and pristine interior. The most a Rolls-Mini can have is a pristine interior, since the exterior will still be distinctly Mini and the engine will be a 6-cylinder at best.

    Putting a hood ornament and a new interior on a car does not make it a Rolls-Royce.

  3. ///-Game says:

    it would be great if they´d add some detail to the exteriour…lil bit chrome, christal glass, xenon, decent spoilers, rimms, LED…anyway smth so you can see that the rolls had something with that….

  4. Gil says:

    I wonder how much it will cost for that extra touch from Rolls-Royce…? Would be interesting to see.

  5. :p says:

    I have heard o of small cars like a civic with 8 cylinders. A Mini with a RR Interior. Its still a Mini

  6. ///-Game says:

    i like the comment from one reporter that said how it suprises him that with every new generation mini has bigger speedometer and that he expects in next generation they´ll start to install big ben as one…i think that is by me the only floud in mini, that and position of speedometer (not in front of a driver)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Will Jeeves tow it behind the Phantom, a la American RV’s on vacation?

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