Customized 1988 BMW 6-Series Coupe with M5 Engine

6-series | November 20th, 2009 by 22

eBay is well known for some of the most eccentric deals one can see on the internet and when it comes to cars, nothing surprises …

eBay is well known for some of the most eccentric deals one can see on the internet and when it comes to cars, nothing surprises us anymore.

The 1988 BMW 6 Series Coupe displayed below doesn’t only impress by its 315HP 3.5-liter inline six-cylinder engine from the 1992 M5 E45 and a manual gearbox, but only by its price tag: $250,000. Yes, that 25 and about four more zeros.

After days of sitting with no offers, the buyer decided to lower the price to $45,000, a far more acceptable price range, but suddenly, the offer was reversed back to the original.

Why? Here is what the owner had to say:

Customized 1988 BMW 6 Series Coupe with M5 Engine

“I decided today that it is not worth parting with my baby for less than $250,000. So the price starts here, regardless of any logic. It’s mine and when someone wants it they have to pay my price to get it, period. Otherwise one shall build his/her own.”

Fair enough.

Aside from the beautiful standard look, the owner invested money in a special bodykit, new wheels and other bodywork that turns this 1988 635 CSi into a gorgeous car….if it wasn’t already.

But what really impresses us the most is the full leather interior that gives the car an ultimate luxury feel. Overall, the owner claims to have spent over $20,000 in parts and “wasted” five years of his life, not a bad way to invest in your passion, but apparently the total net cost would be around $92,000.

Will he able to part with his car after all these emotions he has put in?

[Source: Carscoop ]

  • Bryce

    There’s no doubt it’s a beautiful car. $250,000 sounds a bit steep to me, but if that’s how much it’s worth to the owner then that’s the price he should put it on ebay for.

  • Jordan

    what a beauty! and i can totally understand the owner. i would ask a lot more for my car than what people would say it’s worth. i’ve put a lot of love and care into it and i can guarantee it runs better and is smoother than most of the other cars around my year. i will be keeping it for awhile before getting another BMW.

    • Andrew

      I agree that you should take pride in the way the car was treated and the condition it was restored to. But, isn’t it odd that the seller knows he’ll never get $250k for it but leaves it up for sale on eBay regardless?

  • philmoney

    $250,000. is it November Fool’s Day already? maybe . . . MAYBE . . . a $40,000 car.

  • cary

    “from the 1992 M5 E45 ” is that referring to the engine code or the car… because don’t you mean E34?

  • Matt Stokes

    Sorry but that looks rubbish, the owner, indeed anyone that does that to a work of art such as the E24 6 series oughta have his ass removed.

  • Andrew

    I’ll take my $250,000 and buy two M1’s and an E30 M3 instead. That price is stupid – it’s as if he put it online just to get attention, not that he wanted to sell it.

    And I agree with Matt. It looks bad. I know it’s freshly “restored” on the outside and inside but something just doesn’t look right to me about the way it was done.

  • Andrei M

    Andrew , i too think it looks bad . And i think that having this clear finish look is what makes it look awful . It is meant to have all those trims on the body , that is what makes the design of it . I don’t like it ,and i think a 635CSi fully original is more value than this .

    • Andrew


  • Peter

    The Owner is an idiot. I will take a PERFECT E24 Alpina B7’s and an M1 for that price.

  • Peter Louies

    It’s a very nice car from the outside, nicely done. The interiour, with all the leather – even the dashboard is leather (ooomph) – and the choosen color, is not so attractive on the other side. Worth $250.000? Guess not.

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  • viper

    smart move owner….

  • The Lee

    I love all of these people trying to rationalize the fact that this car exists…

    It just doesn’t work that way. Modifying a car to fit your taste is a very personal thing. You sink years and thousands of dollars into it because it’s what you wanted.

    There are certain elements I would change if it were mine, without a doubt. To call it ugly and a waste of money, though… That’s in the eye of the beholder. Given some of the bullshit we’ve seen lately from companies building “modified” modern BMWs, at least this guy put some freakin’ effort into it instead of simply slapping some wheels and a retune on it.

  • travelgeek

    SMART!!! from the seller to put this price.

    Would anybody have even noticed if he put like say a 60.000 realistic price? He is now allover the blogsphere with the heavy asking price.

    Maybe he doesn´t need to sell nor he wants to. He just want to please his Ego after all the time and money he spent on his baby. Now he receives a great worldwide feedback.

    Who knows, maybe there is really somebody there who pays it.

    So you did all a good job helping him…

    Beside the car looks really nice. Would I buy it for 40k? no….

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  • Tom

    $250k? LOL

    That thing belongs in the junk yard.

  • Koorosh

    Happy Holidays to all of you BMW Lovers. Here is my car up for grabs with no reserve, I have put it on ebay ( Link Below) and decided to let the public and the auction winner decide what it’s worth. Go wild. It’s for grabs now, will sell to worldwide.


  • vaatie

    i got a 83 e24 new painting e34 m5 motor m5 brakes

    whit 1500 $ work on it
    for 20.000

  • Elgee

    that’s crazy, people just need to buy one, restore and customize it to their taste, and it will cost a lot less.
    Come on for 250 u can buy an M3, an X5 and a used Z8 at the same time, that’s not serious!!!!!!!!!!

  • m powerfull

    its a modern classic well customized id pay 90 grand no problem if i had the money but 250 is steep but still verry beuitiful well customized and if i were to buy this car i would like to have some setle but tasteful decals some ac snitcher and or alpina parts and i wanna let the hatters no im not just drive a standerd 88 6 series i driving a work of art just need. JUST NEED SOMETHING LET THE HATER NO YOUR DRIVE A EXTRAORDINARY 6 SERIES NOT A STANDARD ONE 

  • Eddie R

    I would pay no more than 30,000 dollars for this 6-series. 250,000 dollars? I can buy myself a two story house with a two car garage for 250,000 dollars. This guy is delusional!