BMW 5 Series GT vs. Mercedes-Benz R350

5 Series GT | November 20th, 2009 by 50
BMW 530d GT Merc R 350 002

One of the most unusual comparisons and one that we would see moving forward, is between the newly launched BMW 5 Series GT and Mercedes-Benz …

One of the most unusual comparisons and one that we would see moving forward, is between the newly launched BMW 5 Series GT and Mercedes-Benz highly controversial R Class, R350 Blue Tec.

While some us believe that the two cars are not really competing for the same customers, the german journalists at Autozeitung decided to put the cars head-to-head.

BMW 530d GT is powered by a 3.0 liter straight-six diesel engine outputting 245 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 540 Nm/398 lb-ft from 1,750–3,000 rpm. Still a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the 530d GT uses an 8-speed automatic transmission. As tested by Autozeitung, the 530d GT runs from o-62 mph in 6.8 seconds and it’s limited to 240 km/h (149 mph). Average fuel consumption to the EU standard is measured at 6.5 liters/100 kilometers – 36.8 MPG.

The price of the 530d GT as tested by the german magazine is 55,200 euros.

BMW 530d GT 004

Mercedes-Benz R350 Blue Tec is powered by a 3.0 liters V6 turbo engine producing 210 horsepower at 3,800 rpm and 398 ft lb/540 Nm at 1,600 rpm. The R350 Blue Tec engine is matted to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Mercedes R 350 002

The car tested by the same journalists runs from 0-62mph in 9.8 seconds and has a top speed of 220 km/h. Combined fuel economy was measured at 11.7 liters/100 km – 20 MPG.
Price as tested? 59619 euros.

While our german is still being worked on, allow us to share the final result:

BMW won every category except “bodywork” with a total score 3189 points vs. 3008 points. Some of you might think of bodywork as exterior design, but Autozeitung looked at several other things: space in front and rear, cargo load, towing capacity, quality and functionality.

If you’re interested in all the details, feel free to read the entire article as translated by Google.

50 responses to “BMW 5 Series GT vs. Mercedes-Benz R350”

  1. Giom says:

    Obviously, the R was meant to be an MPV, so, it would be bigger on the inside and out. But, the GT was designed to be an executive transport with very usefull luggage space. Theres a big difference between the two. Still, the comparison is relevant because I believe B and M is after the same sort of buyer.

    I think the R is a very good car, it also doesn’t look that bad in the metal. But, the GT really moved the game on and it’s just a monumental looking car next to the R.

  2. viper says:

    R apperas much bigger and nicer , a whole class above 5er gt , not a bad comparison but ridiculous at the same time..Id choose R class over 5gt any day anywhere

    • auday says:

      Viper, I’m happy to see more MB fans here and would love to engage in an objective discussion about the two brands, in the end they are both great cars each on its own way of being great.
      However, I find your comments to have more noise than any useful signal… it would be nice if you say something more informative than “a whole class above”, and “rediculous”,… this doesn’t tell me anything more than a personal beleive rather than the reason for that believe, maybe if you explain it well I would change my mind about the R vs GT, and other MB vs BM debates

      • The Lee says:

        “in the end they are both great cars each on its own way of being great.”

        Not even close.

        Disclaimer: The following editorial is made by someone who works at a shop that services both BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles.

        MB has steadily produced some absolute garbage on wheels over the last decade. Case in point: the Mercedes ML. The others weren’t much better. S Class vehicles that fall to the ground the second the vehicle is shut off because the suspension ages miserably, E Classes with constant fuel pump issues because MB did a horrible job designing the fuel pickups inside the tank so that they get clogged by even the smallest amount of foreign matter…

        • Jordan says:

          yea i’ve talked to many very disappointed mercedes owners lately who say their car has been in the garage for obscene amounts, weeks to several months and they have to get along with a B class while their S class is in the shop. very ridiculous things go wrong on them.

          as a little side note… no matter what dealership you go to or what make and model you inquire about, if you ask about the reliability of it the sales ppl will say it has good or excellent reliability. they will NEVER say a mercedes has reliability issues. go into a BMW dealer, same thing. ask a Toyota or Ford dealer, you’ll get the same answer. a little difference is that at a dealer like a Toyota one, they’d probably provide you with results to back up the claim. at mercedes, you would not be able to find any substantial evidence of good reliability.

          BMW reliability is significantly better than mercedes today. BMW isn’t up to japanese reliability, however they are close and with the japanese faultering as of late, i wouldn’t be surprised if the most reliable BMW was more reliable than one or two of a japanese manufacturer’s vehicles.

    • wazon8 says:

      Guys, I think that the best thing we can do at the moment is just ignore Viper.

      Audray and The Lee, I completely agree with your thought. I happily would describe “electronical advatarues” with my father’s S-class W221, but it’s not Viper’s point to exchange experiences and information, when he got in disscassions here. His point is to made some noise here by expressing whataever contorversial and disputabely false opinion about BMW cars. He would even say that BMW cars are worse than Mazda, Toyota, Honda, even Hyundai, if needed to make noise. So, my advice – as many other’s earlier – is to ignore Viper.

    • Andrew says:

      Good luck! There are plenty of R Classes that have depreciated like no other before they’ve even left the lot so I’m sure you’ll get a good deal with it.

  3. The Lee says:

    I HATE the R-Class, with a passion. IMO, they’re the ugliest vehicle MB has made in years. On top of that, they’re just not very well-made. The interior feels maybe half a step above that of an F-150 fleet vehicle. The ergonomics are horrible; it’s completely impossible to get into a comfortable driving position where you feel you aren’t driving a panel van to deliver newspapers.

  4. efoza says:

    I agree with Giom. I am not sure whether Viper is having a laugh or is simply drunk! The GT is fast becoming a classic design for the modern age. I bet you in a few years, even Viper would have sobered up. I remember when the X5 came out, everyone knock the design and its looks. Look at it now and its place in the 4×4 league of the best. Move over Benz BMW has come up with another winner.

  5. viper says:

    please this is a matter of opinion , been in both cars , not driven R class nor 5er gt by myself yet…… Merc R class look better than dull fat slow ugly bmw 5er GT…in fact it may be the ugliest bmw to date , the ugly rear end is beyond ugly , theres nothing exciting about this car , its not a head turner hell the R class maybe ugly too for a Benz but its a head turner for sure , at least in my eyes the car is a copy of a typical voyager but its so original and well made , its the biggest benz Ive ever seen

  6. Vaybach Khan says:

    finally r class is defeated! simply by gt existence….when r class came out ,i loved the idea,and i thought what bmw answer would look like..and gt is amazing…Aldo r class is old one…nobody talking about 3gt,any info?
    @viper…somebody shoot that guy…hes been put down so many times..people dont react ,guy just stupid..its not his fault…

  7. wazon8 says:

    To be honest, I wonder whether there would be many persons considering buying 5GT over R-class. And think that since difference in performance, appearance, quality is so huge in favour of 5 GT, really not many people would think about R-class siriously.

  8. efoza says:

    Viper must be enjoying this. He likes to put BMW fans against Benz. Well, I want to ask him this question. If the GT is as bad as he says, why is it that everytime I have been in one in the last 3-4 weeks, I have noticed people even stopping to ask what is this wonderful car? The reactions have been very impressive. I last had such a positive impression in the X6 which again people like Viper, no doubt, knocked for its looks.

    Yes it is a matter of taste, but it is also a matter of common sense. BMW is miles ahead of Benz on all fronts and the GT is just a very good, but contraversial, example.

    Also he may wish to note that, in Europe the GT has had more pre-orders than the R class had in its entire first 12 months of production. The Gt was only launched in the UK last month. How about that for a fact- VIPER?

  9. BMfan says:

    Viper is probably an MB mole. Till date x6 is still turning heads yet he was villifying the car to no end. in any case Viper, I’ll pick up my Silverstone X6M by mid December while painfully letting go X6 5.0 which is a wonderful beast.You could keep talking whatever you like-its a free world.

  10. viper says:

    first of all there is no such thig as X6 5.0….theres X6 50i with 4.4l engine bmwfan..
    @efoza. bmw is miles behind Benz and bmw GT is one ugly car for sure. confirmed by me , the – Viper..
    @elge u forgot ugly as hell.
    almost all bmws are copy from another bmw , a little bit of this and that..
    the R class dont look like c nor cl nor even s class , its original , better , bigger faster , nicer and etc…5gt sucks ass next R class

  11. wazon8 says:

    R-class is especially faster than 5GT. We all saw it in statistics. This exposition of stupidity made my day! :D

  12. Maverick says:

    Hey Viper, I lost Goose, have you seen him?

  13. efoza says:

    I love it. Viper is getting upset. Just like the Benz drivers who are always upset when they are overtaken by a BMW – time and time again. Let me tell you this Viper, In Germany more people buy BMWs and Audi than Benz. Why? perhaps we know something you don’t. Benz lost it years ago when it merged with that one other failure!!!

    • wazon8 says:

      Interesting point, when I lived at Wannsee in Berlin, I didn’t even notice that in fact Benz was really rare car at the street where I lived. Only my nearest neighbour had E-class. There was more A8 than any MB’s car and BMW 5-er was pretty popular eighter.

  14. Straight Six says:

    …and I thought Mercs couldn’t get any uglier…just my opinion.

  15. ///-Game says:

    before you start to attack my comment read it ´till end….
    first of all i´m big fan of bmw… i still remember the first bmw i had been driven in and the first that i had drive… i´d had had many series in my property and almost evry day i argue with my brother about bmw (he preferes mercedes), and i´m seriously thinking about moving to munchen
    second: i don´t like gt, i don´t like it at all…i know that i´ll start to like it in time but that´s not it…it´s just not dynamic, agressive….it´s not real bmw….the thing i most disslike on this car is the back. i just don´t get it….it is just bad designed i no1 can convince me i´m wrong….
    i think it has the same floud as the r class, both nice cars (just nice, nothing more), both have mistakes in design mercedes in the front, bmw in the back…
    hope that´ll be fixed in redesign like the last 7 serie
    sorry for being honest….

    • Auday says:

      I dont like it either, but I dont think it’s a design issue ,… it’s more of a concept issue. From my understanding BMW wanted to enter the station wagon market in the US which is a tough one because US customers have a stereotype about the estate cars. So BMW came up with a new concept that will fill the gap but has a new identity. The designers are given very little to play with especially on the back, so they came up wth the best they could IMO, still not the BMW that I would like but well, much better than the R which looks like a typical mini-van IMO. Let me know if you think of a similar car (a cross over kinda thing) that looks better.

    • Giom says:

      @ ///-Game: I get what you’re saying. But you also need to understand that BMW caters for a wide range of customer these days – they have to. I, for one, love this GT. It answeres my needs to a T. Plus, I love the design – front and back.

      Don’t let one concept ruin the whole marque for you. Just accept that not every model is made for the same type of need.

      Also, while I’m on the subject… A lot of ppl say that BMW has lost their way with 4x4s and x-over designs and you name it. But let me remind those of you who says they don’t like BMWs anymore because of this… If BMW didn’t do this, they would have been a very small little car maker with no prospects of growing. The hand full of fans would be very happy, but the rest of us preferes a company that is dinamic and at the forefront of development.

      Sure, there are BMW cars I’m not interested in. But it doesn’t make me go to another marque. I realize that I am just a small percentage in BMWs overall plan. But a lot of small percentages makes up for a big company with lots of sustainablility and future prospects. And that is where you want your fav car manufacturer to be!

      • Jordan says:

        I agree. It doesn’t make sense if you really like your E92 M3 you just bought to start hating BMW because they made the 5 GT which doesn’t conform to your needs or desires.

        And, like Giom was saying, if BMW made only the best performance cars for the select few that appreciate that, you’d be paying a heck of a lot more money for your performance car!

  16. efoza says:

    I admire ///-Game’s and Auday’s views. Its nice ot read such honesty rather than the nonesense which Viper has been entertaining us with.

    I would just urge both of you to wait and see the GT settle down on the road market. This is what crazy concept designs are about. They are designed to: “Shock First; Enjoy Later”.

  17. viper says:

    someone said more and more people are buying bmws and audis , that in some place there are so many bmws , and a few mbs…, thats such bullshit , everyone knows whos the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be , I know and You know it , bmw is VW these days…everyone owns it , every hill billy owns it which proves the fact that bmw is a car for masses not individuals , just like vw , its becoming peoples car

    • Jordan says:

      really? because people are buying a lot of one thing, you think automatically that the one thing people aren’t buying much of, is much better and more luxurious or w/e?! haha… you ever think that maybe they’re not buying it because it’s a piece of crap?

      there should be an IQ test you have to pass before being allowed to post on here.

    • efoza says:

      Given that many Benz modes when compared like for like are cheaper than BMW, it is strange that BMW is now ‘becominh peoples car’ as you put it!!!!!!!!!!!

      Could it be that, ‘people’, unlike you, are willing to pay more for a proper car than to just get hot, like you, for a sake of a Benz badge on their car?

  18. travelgeek says:

    How many of you have seen the 5GT already on the road?

    I test-drove one like 3 weeks ago, but until now I didn´t see any in the wilderness yet. The driving experience was more on the X5 side to me.

    I need to decide for you new car within the next 2 weeks. I am more on the sportive side, I like sharp response from the car, still I need family room in the back. If the new 5 would be out already, I guess I would go for it and not considering the 5GT anymore, with a nice M package. But that means I would need to wait and fill the gap somehow until april.

    • efoza says:

      I have seen 2 so far. Most first customer deliveries in Europe are expected in the next 2-3 weeks. I understand that there is now a small waiting list if you want to spec your own. Avoid the 20″ wheels as you should on any car. Beamers run best on either 18″ or 19″.

      I think the ride is better than the current X5. Go for another test drive and ask for the 530D it is a masterful car, you will not be disappointed- unless you are related to Viper!!!

      • travelgeek says:

        thanks efoza,

        I test drove the 530d which is a great engine and a smooth ride. It´s a bit disconnected from the road, being in love with M suspensions for years. I will wait for the release for the new 5 next week, see when it will be configurable and then make my decision. I felt its maybe just maybe not sportive enough to my taste.

        I love the polarization of the design though, either you love it or you don´t. But its not boring like 90% of all new cars.

        Poor souls like Viper get a lot of satisfaction while provoking – it pleases there ego that they can stir up emotions. The worst you can do to them – is ignoring them.

        • efoza says:

          Thanks Travelgeek.

          I agree the GT is one of those which you either love or hate.

          Check out the UK’s Autoexpress website and they have exclusive pics of the new 5 which will be revealed by BMW this week. I think the design is dead boring compared to the GT.

          it is what I call a recession design. All car makers are doing it at the moment so to save costs. Lexus, Benz and now BMW. The idea is that you simplify the design so to reduce royalty and patent payments. The end result is a boring car. Lucky for the GT, all the design contracts were signed before the world recession – back in 2007 when the car was first designed for testing with a view to release on open market in 09.

  19. efoza says:

    Hi everyone. Viper is getting mad again. I love it when I read the Viper posts. They confirm that insanity and the love for Benz are really one of the same thing. Viper, you should have a good look at Benz not from your bias side but from the reality side. You are always welcome to confess to us if you wish. Until then, we all look forward to your next crazy post on this site.

  20. ///-Game says:

    that won´t happed don´t worry i like bmw too much… i said how i had many bmws in my garage (even now i have e30, e34, 1 coupe, m3 and thinking of buying new 7 but i wait to see how the new 5 will look like), i just wanted to say that the gt is not the kind of car i would like and would not like that other bmw look like… that´s all…
    Giom-i understand what r u saying, but i dissagree, r class and many others failed there cause even the americans are sick of van/SUV/SAV/…and i don´t know wich not hybrids…. e30 may not be practical for more than 2 people but i´m not even thinking of selling it to buy bigger car (though i have touring also)
    like i say if they don´t think my car is not roomy enough take a bus…

  21. James May says:

    viper Mercedes used to be the best, way back in 60’s and they lived of that rep until the 90’s. But then people realized just because you used to make the best cars dose’nt mean you still do. Like i said b4 to many accountants and not enough engineers. doing things on the cheap. Mercedes used to be the rolex of cars not anymore. its like buying a rolex and it aways breaking then you find out its made from swatch and casio parts. remember the first A class and the elk test. the car would rollover when changing lanes quickly lol. Narrow track high centre or gravity great engneering. I wonder how mercedes owners feel when they see the three pointed star on a rubbish truck.
    B4 BMW sold more cars then mercedes was mercedes the peoples car.

  22. viper says:

    no I dont , u used to…..since when MB trucks are rubbish?…yeah I do remember a reporter who got killed in A class on a test , that was first A class , that car was everything except merc., I never considered A class to be a real Merc , never , frist of its small , no hood and it has fwd , same can go with B class but that class is much much better , the R class however really really impressed me when I saw it for the first time on the fair (messe) , it was huge R500 or something in Lang version , expensive as hell too..of course it failed in europe because of its size and it was something like voyager a typical american van a car for a family to go on field trip on weekends in a big merc mini bus , but still looked very big and powerful , the only question was quality? sice it was made in the US , the quality never matched the merc made in Germany , anyway the 5 GT is one hell of a ugly car , wheres ur originalty bmw? u call it 5GT , isnt GT a jap thing or a vw brand for golf or something? u should have call it Y series or F50 or MIG38 all but not 5 GT for fucks sake u are so unoriginal , the 5 series has the same front as the 7 , the car looks like that is made for my grandpa , the interior is 7 , both 5 and 5 and GT I forgot sorry , u simply make either boring or ugly cars and ur cars soo day beofore yesterday , ur even thinking of making zero series with fwd while audi is making a7 MB gives the green light to make Baby Sls

    • wazon8 says:

      Can’t you just change board and go to MB fans? I think that most of MB cars are of shitty quality or are not technologically modern (5 gear box for the best engine is simply ridiculous), but I don’t care about people who admire MB’s cheaply produced cars. I don’t visit their boards to change their mind about MB, because I’m not interested in their view about cars at all. If they are happy with, let them buy MB cars. Sooner or later most of them will realize quality of this cars. If you were owner of any recent MB, you would know what I’m talking about. Or if you are owner of recent MB, you need not to pretend before us that your car hasn’t broken yet (although, quality of C-class went up in last time). My father has similiar irrational attitude to MB as you. He bought S-class W220, a lot of problems with variety of things. But MB promised their customers that next S-class will be better. My father believed perhaps still remembering his E-class W124. Is W221 better? No, at all.

      MB A-class is MB, whether you like it or not.
      There is no Glof GT, there is golf GTi!
      Former Z4 model was made in US and had normal German quality.

    • efoza says:

      Viper, could you please tell us what you are on?

  23. wazon8 says:

    I remember my first meeting with R-class eighter. I wasn’t interested in segment that R-class represent (up to 5GT since BMW showed that it doesn’t need to be boring) and I didn’t know that MB produced such car. Somebody however in my work place had bought R-class and was pulling into parking lot. I observed situation with my friend and our first thought was: “Who did produce such ugly car?”. We quickly realized that it was… MB. Then I asked: “Who did pay such amount of money for such awful car?”. My firend – who knew a little bit more about this R-class owner – replied: “Don’t worry! This man lives in such apartment for 650.000$ that you would like to live in even for free”. (Heartfelt sorry to all R-class owners here).

  24. Auday says:

    the noise to signal ratio in this thread is reaching a real bad area.

    @Viper: we got you’re point, MB is in a different higher class than BMW and BMW cars will never reach where MB is at. But on this forum we are discussing things at our own lower level and we are happy with it so would you please stop the beating on the dead horse? Thanks

    @everyone else: Please stop going into meaningless discussions defending BMW against arguments that don’t even exist, obviously some people are just trying to irritate everyone and enjoying the reaction.


    • Jordan says:

      Agreed. I can’t say i’ve followed that but it is getting a little ridiculous now and I think if everyone stops replying to anything viper says, the troll will eventually leave.

      It would be nice if there was a login system to post comments so that it would be easy to block ppl like viper.

      • Giom says:

        Agreed! Also, if really necessary, refere to him according to what he speaks… from now on, he will be known as ‘diper’. Thank you!

  25. 100$ GUY says:

    How come the huge disparity in the perfomance specs????

  26. viper says:

    u people are just just jealous at MB , its normal to defend bmw because this is a bmw blog full of bayerische ass kissers , Stuttgart beats u fair and square today yesterday tomorrow and will do so for the next 100 years , bmw equals ugly cocky aroggant kids toy car

  27. kcsnyud says:

    i think the 5gt will be in the leader of its class for a looooooong time, as it’s so stunning.

    BMW needs to listen to us. I myself am a hardcore bmw fan. We are the people that buy their cars. So BMW, make us a supercar, and make it go against the 599 and the murcielago, as you can do thousand times better than merc benz. BMW, make us a full size SUV, so we can go off road and enjoy good handling. Hurry up with the v12 b7 already, so we can beat up merc benz. LISTEN TO US

  28. ///-Game says:

    i think that even though bmw and mb are rivals for years that they have totaly diffenrent philosophies…
    bmw always wanted to insure it´s customers the car that will give them pleasure in driving (˝Freude am Fahren˝) combined with dynamic, lil bit agressive look that shows how the person who drives it is a person who knows how to drive a car… they both have high qualitiy standards, the difference is in that mb sells car wich are more also ´enjoy´ looking but less in driving… putting much equipment in caused the car be more heavy…
    i always wanted to see how can mercedes be concurent to bmw and i have to say when i first sat i 1 mb i was dissapointed…i expected more from a company that considers to be an rival to bmw…
    they are 2 totaly different companies with totaly different ideas how should car look like…everyone has right to opinion…i prefer bmw cause bmw makes cars that suits me best…so much from me…

  29. :p says:

    Has anyone notice Viper only comments positive stuff on MB. I am a Fan of all Luxury Cars ( US doesnt have cheap BMWs ). MB, Audi, Lexus, etc. They are all great. Being un bias compared to Viper, BMW seems to have a upper hand in price and reliability. Given a 335i (40 grand) and a MB C350 ( also 40k ), the BMW is a much better in every way. The 335i comparible to a Audi S4 (50k) in the US.

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