Top Gear: BMW 760Li vs. Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

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Top Gear returns with a new episode and for us, the BMW fans, it gets quite exciting. Top Gear decides to compare the all new …

Top Gear returns with a new episode and for us, the BMW fans, it gets quite exciting. Top Gear decides to compare the all new BMW flagship, 760Li, against Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG. The  BMW 760i and 760Li are powered by a completely new 6.0-liter V12 all-aluminum engine with Twin-Turbo Technology.

The V12 engine outputs 544 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, with maximum torque of 533 lb-ft at 1,500.The engine is matted to an 8-speed automatic transmission and the 760 runs from 0-60 mph in just 4.6 seconds.

Now, let’s take a look at the Mercedes Benz S63 AMG. The S63 uses a 6.3-liter V8 engine which outputs a hefty 456 lb-ft. of torque on tap and 518-horsepower. The engine is matted to AMG-modified seven-speed automatic.

Who takes the crown? Let’s watch this great video from Top Gear.

65 responses to “Top Gear: BMW 760Li vs. Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG”

  1. Jordan says:

    :D this put a big smile on my face! …. that 760Li is fantastic!!!

  2. Victor says:

    WOW! Superb video!

  3. Kodey says:

    WOW! that just totally made my day. I like the S-class but Finally more than just “bmw” fans are agreeing with the power and refinement of the 760Li. I think im going to like ask this video to be my wife……*sigh*

  4. Giom says:

    @ Jordan: I’m with you on that! Coming from Top Gear, that means something.

  5. dennis says:

    this just made my day. 8D BMW NO.1!!!

  6. efoza says:

    it is just a fab car, why are you all getting yourself wet over it!!!!!

  7. John Pham says:

    LOL at Stig parts! haahhaha

    Nice work BMW, if only a M7 was in the production line to compete with an S65 AMG.

  8. That’s my video, my BlackBerry was full of comments today ;) Glad you guys like it, just hope that BBC doesn’t find out

  9. Michael says:

    Watch the whole episode.
    They find the new best driving road in the world.

  10. John Hietter says:

    Why wouldn’t they compare the 760 to the s600 instead? It doesn’t make sense to compare a tuned v8 to a big V12.

  11. viper says:

    I expected a much better review….guess we will have to wait…..
    back on topic , this clip shows nothing and nothing at all….. pathetic review
    although bmw is fresh new and powerful I still think and know that Merc S class especially the AMG is a car and a whole class above bmw 7 series even though the best there ever was the all new 760 L , with four tailpipes…
    the interior in S class is kick ass much nicer and more elegant , the car is sexy smooth and elegant in every way and so powerful only a split second behind bmw

  12. I never got why so many people like this show. Obviously comparing a twin turbo V12 to an NA V8, the V12 is going to win performance wise every time. The feature comparison is good, and I can understand that they are trying to stay within the same price range, but performance wise (isn’t that what this show is supposed to be about, anyway?) is way off. They should have compared the 760Li to the S600.

    • Jordan says:

      It actually isn’t obvious. people need to get the myth out of their heads that because something is twin turbo and has more cylinders it’s going to beat the other engine. also the myth of `no replacement for displacement` is not true. i know an engine that produces roughly 720hp, which would destroy the twin turbo V12 BMW engine, and it’s a naturally aspirated V8…. guess what it’s displacement is…. it’s 2.4L, it’s a F1 engine. so that blows that myth out of the water… and i’ll bet ppl have a lot to say about that comparison how it’s not fair, which will exactly prove my point that displacement and cylinder count has hardly anything to do with it!

      also the twin turbo and having more cylinders…. i know at least 2 cars with inline-4 engines that could beat the 335i which has two more cylinders. i could go on for a long time to show that just because something has turbos or more cylinders, that it’s not always better. a V12 is obviously a nice engine and has always been held in peoples minds as a prestigious engine with lots of power, put in both performance and luxury applications.

      judging a car’s performance has more to do with the power and torque outputs, how and when along the rev range it puts the power down, the weight of the vehicle, the effectiveness of the transmission and a good selection of gear ratios, and the weight of the engine separately (it might be more efficient to put in a lighter weight engine and sacrifice a little power) than it has to do with turbos or displacement or cylinders. that AMG V8 would waste a previous gen BMW V12 7 series… then u would argue that they’re not on equal footing cause one is older. well a twin turbo V6 (GT-R) would spank both the V8 and TT V12 and of course you would argue weight…..

      like you said the choice to compare these two was probably based on price. the S63 is a few thousand more than the 760Li and the S600 is even more pricey. they could have done the comparison with the S600 but then ppl would argue that the BMW is significantly cheaper for almost the same thing and therefore should win no matter what, even if the S600 had won on the performance front.

      • wazon8 says:

        But in this case, displacement and being turbo charched could matter. Alluding to F1 engines makes little sense, since their milage is barely above 2000 km, whereas everyone expects from flag saloons ability to make huge milages. For these reason, mentioning about GT-R’s V6 or inline 4 comes from Lancer Evo or Impreza WRX makes little sense eighter. I think that this is the reason why 760i producing only 544hp. It’s clear that this engine would be able to produce around 700hp, but it would affect its milage which is unlikely in this segment. Its main aim is not being sportive car, but rather top saloon that gives pleasure for driver. It doesn’t have lap time stopper :D.

        However, I think that Top Gear comparision is fair. What decide mostly in choosing rivals in these segment is not performance, but price. The strikest rival of 760i is S63AMG. S65AMG is totally out of question, since it costs around 75.000 euro more.

        • Jordan says:

          i completely agree with everything you said. my post was to get the imagination running that there are tons more reasons why manufacturers build a car a certain way and tons of ways to build an engine to deliver a certain type of performance. you touch one variable and you’ll change an output. add a turbo, more power, decreased reliability. increase compression and you get more power, burn more fuel and slightly less reliable. with a high revving engine like a F1 engine, huge power out of a small displacement but very low reliability. there are so many variables but i think its evident that there are many ways to get a car to move, and usually one way works better than another for a specific application…. luxury car vs performance car.

          I agree the Top Gear result was fair. comparing price is fair and realistic. someone looking for a sporty car and looking at buying a Civic Si usually isn’t going to be looking at a BMW 335i as well, and vice versa.

    • wazon8 says:

      If comapring C63 AMG with M3 e92 or E63AMG W211 with M5 E60 was fair, despite huge difference in displacement and hence torgue and hp was fair, then why should we care about the fact that in one car there is 6.3 litre n/a and in other 6.0 tt? What justifies this kind of comparision is sameness of price. You can go with S600 which has similar performance to 760Li, but one of the cons against S600 is that it costs 10.000 euro more.

    • Jag says:

      They compared the 760Li to the S63 AMG because they have similar specifications and performance, at least according to manufacturers. If you look at the S600’s specifications table, then it’s got no chances to compete with the 760Li.
      God, BMW must have done something right. Auto, Motor und Sport put the 750i xDrive above Porsche Panamera 4S ( and now TopGear prefers BMW 760Li than Merc S63 :D

  13. Sheikh says:

    @ Alexander

    because S63 has more hp than S600
    why S63 and not S65? because s65 cost more and and have a v12 bi turbo 612hp, 760 haves 544 hp and s63 haves 525hp

    • wazon8 says:

      Totally agree, comparing S65 AMG with 760Li is totally senseless, since the first one costs 221.000 euro, whereas the last one’s price is 144.000 euro. Even S600 costs 10.000 euro more than 760Li. Taking price facts into consideration, quality of both cars and technological freshness of BMW, I would choose 7-er.

  14. auday says:

    The new Alpina 7 series will be a better competitor against the S63 (although I think the 760i is already good enough to out perfrom the S in all apsects).

  15. viper says:

    the S65 still has no competition….when I think about it 544hp aint so much….should be around 650 if u ask me….S65 has 612hp and 1000Nm…bmw will never output 1000Nm on a series production car like Mb….
    Id take S class any day anywhere

    • wazon8 says:

      BMW doesn’t have to have 1000Nm engine, because there is not need to have such engine at all. Here you can find crucial difference between philosophies behind making cars in BMW and MB. Whereas the first carmaker focuses on handling and track performance in general, MB rather go in direction of making powerful cars that goes well at straight line, but not necessarily on tracks. It’s easy to see that M5 E60 outperforms E63AMG W211 on a track despite lower displacement, lower torgue and lower power. Similar goes for M3 and C63AMG. The main problem with MB cars is that they waste power and torgue of engines they have. Just look, how appropriately M3 uses its power and how senseless it is in C63AMG. What for would I need power and torgue that I just can’t use?! Similar goes for S65 AMG and 760Li. Despite huge difference in torgue and power, difference in performance is on straight line is in favour of S65 AMG (0-100 4.4 sec. against 4.6 sec., 0-200 13.3 sec. against 14.3 sec.), but once again track performance shows that MB cannot use its torgue and power (at Autotzeitung test track 760 lapped it in 1:44.2 and S65 AMG needed 148:8, which placed it few positions above older n/a 760 coming from 2005). As I expected, you gonna replay that for these cars track performance is not the most important thing. Surely, it’s not, but 0.2 sec. difference in accelerating to 100km/h and 1 sec. difference – to 200km/h are not important eighter. The important thing is price and MB is 75.000 euro more expenssive, so comparing it with 760Li is rather senseless thing. If you need competitor, just wait for Aplina B7 with V12 twin turbo, which gonna produce around 1000Nm, but will able to use it more effectively than Merc does. After all, BMW talked with Alpina to produce V12 B7 as substitution of M7, so V12 B7 will be fully recomended car by BMW.

      And last thing. I wouldn’t be excited by 1000Nm at all, even if I were MB fan, bacause the most ridiculous thing about S65AMG and any AMG with this engine is that MB is not able to combine this engine with modern gear box. They still apply 5 gear box, because they don’t have other gear box that would be able to bear 1000Nm. That’s ridiculous since 7-gear SMG from M5 E60 is able to bear 1000Nm burden without much difficult. Weak transmissions is partially a reason why MB is not able to use power and torgue of their engines properely.

      BTW, please don’t talk about taking full package when buying MB, as you usually reply. After all, this full package has only two zone clima control and you should remember about it.

      • Jordan says:

        lol so he clearly loses the S63 to the 760 so he brings out the S65, and still loses!

        looks like wazon does his homework first. you’re all about “power” and “performance”… yet it only goes 0-60 0.2s faster?! and loses by seconds to the BMW on the track… that’s not performance! AND.. you have to pay an extra $65,000 to lose to the BMW on the track. no thanks!

      • viper says:

        Im glad about upcoming alpina v12 b7 if thats gonna happen at all…..I disagree with some things u said but nevermind…..Id still go for the S class….that car just amazes me every time over and over again…..I wonder what were they thinking when they managed to output over 1400Nm from the E class from brabus…only 10 made…that just shows how exclusive they really are let alone the car itself is a masterpiece

      • Jag says:

        totally agree with you, wazon

  16. Babken says:

    BMW 760Li will turn to dust any s-class be it s600 s63 or s65 amg. BMW is the King.

  17. James May says:

    WHY would anyone with any sense buy a s65 amg. save £50K buy an s600 or an s63. or Spend a little bit more £40K more and buy an RR Ghost.
    Mercedes always overprice ther cars. If Mercedes made the 760il they would price it at £120K. Bmw needs a car closer in price to the s65 amg. Put the 4.4l tt in 7 series make the M7 and charge £120K.
    BMW should be thinking upwards and not so much downwards
    like the 0 series. People think Mercedes make better cars. I think BMW makes beter cars when you compare sector by sector. But Mercedes makes the CL were’s the 8 series, Mercedes makes the SL were’s the z8. Mercedes has a new supercar were’s is the M1.
    I know BMW are building RR brand but spare some money on some BMW halo Models .
    BMW needs to let M do its thing and builld two models one front engined and one mid
    Lets hope now they have left F1 they can put all what they have learnt and all the budget of f1 into M.
    I think the gts is just the start. put a sleek sexy light body on the gts platform like what they did with the E39 TO MAKE THE Z8 and call it an M ST no BMW badge in sight £120K. ASTON, BENTLEY, MERCEDES AND FERRARI CALIFORNIA would be its rivals

  18. James May says:


    • viper says:

      I dont shit , right… ofcourse Maybach is a better car than rr , it looks better it feels better it drives better it does everything better , Im not into old square english type of cars , I dont like tea btw , Maybach is the only uber Mercedes out there , nothing beats it , it has a presence like none , but u were right about bmw going downwards with some high end non existing models….they dont make prestige cars at all

      • Giom says:

        @ Viper: Dude, you’re so funny! Scary thing is, it sounds like you’re believing yourself…?

      • wazon8 says:

        I suspect that you are able to say that Maybach is over R-R. Fortunately, not many people share your funny opinion and R-R oversales Maybach (overpriced long wheel base S-class with S-class components!). The main problem with your opinion about cars is that you don’t get their point. For example, you don’t get the point of R-R at all. What for would be performance better than 5.5 sec to 100km/h in R-R, since this car won’t never be driven at any track, won’t participate in drug races and so on? Who does care about how R-R handles, since most of its owner will occupy back seat (at least in Europe, because otherwise you will look like chauffeur)? BTW, Clarckson talked about R-R only in superlatives, whether it concerns luxury or driving characteristic of this car. But I assume that you drove both cars and Maybach impressed more in terms of overall performance. But no matter, because what is most important in these cars is prestige and luxury is R-R is few dimensions over Maybach.

        You can talk shit about prestige of BMW cars, but since there are people able to pay the same money for BMW 7-er as for S63 AMG or even more money for six years old BMW 5-er than for brand new E-class (such situation is in US), your remarks are really pointless and market situation suggests contrary that custerms have to think that BMW is worth its price and since its price is at level of prestigious car, they has to belong to class of prestigious cars. Otherwise, nobody would pay for them such amount of money.

      • Jordan says:

        having read viper’s comments all the time it seems like he is a self-righteous type of person, who gets satisfaction out of proving himself correct and better than other ppl. the choice of coming on to a rival board and flaming everything about that subject that the board supports makes sense because viper would get more satisfaction if he could somehow prove himself right to supporters of the very object that he has a repugnant attitude towards.

        a little side note viper… you say Maybach has “a presence like none”, yet if you stand 10ft away it looks exactly like a S class!… if you would like a presence like none, please purchase yourself your very own Rolls Royce Phantom! if you’ve actually had the opportunity or chance to see a Phantom in real life, it has a presence like no other car.

        • viper says:

          I saw every car that there is to see , Maybach equals satisfaction for me , RR looks like old rainy english afternoon with a coup of tea ofcourse……Maybach is light years away , it looks german , modern big and powerful , a big uber S class which in my opinion is one of the best cars on the street….Mercedes will always be Mercedes which means the Best there is , the Best there was and the Best there ever will be , bmw means bmw , sporty cocky and arrogant and 2nd.period.. thats my opinion , its not that I dont like bmw , Im disappointed at them because they dont follow the leader , even audi has a supercar , Merc has it all , in these times where competition is everything bmw is lost in space , a shit loads of canceled projects , they still make 1992y designs , because lets face makes ugly cars there r exceptions though but in small amounts..Im just sick and tired of it , yet I enjoy to blab about them when I see them lose where once upon a time they were my favorites.

          • Jordan says:

            1) yes you do like to blab about them

            2) You said you’re disappointed at BMW because they don’t follow the leader. well if i ever did read a good book on leadership or company management, being a follower isn’t the same as a leader and is held in less esteem than a leader. BMW is a leader. it shows with their new designs and new markets that they are creating (aka. BMW 5 series GT)… as much as you think it will fail and be horrible why have other manufacturers now copied BMW with their own designs of a 5 series GT. you would think that if it really wasn’t possible to sell a vehicle like that, these manufacturers, including Honda, wouldn’t make a vehicle to compete with the 5GT…. but they did! and that 5 series GT will sell quite well I believe. time will tell.

  19. P.wong says:

    i read i think a car driver or som eother car that put the sclass in front of the s8 an dthe new 7series lol…Mb makes nicecars but let’s give credit where credit is due, the new 760 i sjust resher, newer,faster an dmore polished indeed

  20. Gord says:

    “The Stig is too stupid to turn off the stability control”

    That made me laugh. :D

  21. 100$ GUY says:

    Watched the whole chapter, was a good one. Always good to see a battle of giants….and the BMW is the winner.

  22. James May says:

    Can you ever see BMW taking the out going 7 series a making a phantom replacement with it.. thats Mercedes all over doing things on the cheep.
    And Viper if you want to see down market look at the A CLASS the Smart, and all the commercial Vans they make. BMW make the most prestigious cars in the world ROLLS ROYCE.

  23. James May says:

    I dont like the way Mercedes do things with ther one sizes fits all engines, can you ever see BMM putting a de tuned 5.0 v10 in a car 2 classes lower.
    And 515 bhp from 6300cc is crap BMW 507 bhp from 5000cc.
    If you take the M3 and C63 one has to use a engine which is 2300cc more( thats the capacity of a E30 M3) to get anyway near an E90/91 M3. Yes it has more power, but were dose it all go, up in smoke.
    Mercedes needs more engineers and less accountants. And to all Mercedes fanboys it wont be long until the bean counters will demand them to use their hgv truck engines in their cars. How about a 12800cc inline 6 with 450 bhp lol

  24. James May says:

    And as viper says he dont shit. thats why he’s full of it lol lol

  25. James May says:

    Viper i like women, sorry

  26. Giom says:

    Guys, just ignore this 12 year old. You know better than to argue with a teen. (They know everything!)

    He will go away when he is ignored!

  27. naseef369 says:

    the comparison should be with the s65 amg.’coz,its the one which gotta 6 liter v12 biturbo.and the 760li also has the same see whether who makes more power??more torque??s65 is having nearly 80 horses more than the 760li.and for making a rival for the s65 amg,bmw is now planning new 6.7liter engine 7er.but i am not disagreeing with the 760li!!!thats an incredible car!!!

  28. viper says:

    I cant even imagine what AUDI

  29. viper says:

    has for bmw with the new A8 coming in few days…
    the predictions are..the biggest A8 ever , s8 and rs8 coming later
    the most beautiful of three , S class 7er A8 . will beat the shit out of 7er , almost in the same league if not better than S

    • Jordan says:

      i get a kick out of you eh! you are quite the confused child. you say the S class is the “best car on the street” and “mercedes is the best there is, the best there ever was and the best there will ever be” and even referring the S class is better than a Rolls Royce….. then you say the Audi A8 is in the same league if not better than the S and is more beautiful than the S class.

      yes… very confused. why don’t you take a break from posting and figure out all those little thoughts running aimlessly around in your head first.

  30. viper says:

    dude when I saw the renderings of the new A8 that was my first impression , Im very impressed by audi lately….well see how things go between s 7 and a8….I bet they did a great job with a8 , everyone should fear but Id always go with the S class because of the star and rwd , always , with that said I aint confused at all , I just have a feeling that a8 since its coming last will be a kick ass car , audi just makes sexy cars , with the new A7 sportback I just pity the poor poor bmw 5gt owners…..

  31. Jordan says:

    yes that A7 does look very nice. it’s one of the nicest looking audis i think because of the very clean and sleek look they have for it. audi’s design is the “conservative” of the big 3 euro brands and i think Audis design language suits the shape of the A7, thats why it looks so good.

    however, i don’t think the BMW 5 GT is competing with the A7 sportback! the 5GT is a do it all machine for the middle-class small urban family, with lots of interior space and perfect for family roadtrips. the A7 sportback also is aimed at the middle-class however it’s more for just moving 4 ppl in luxury around and would appeal more to late 20s to early 40s (guys mostly) in the bigger cities. it’s an urban cruiser and wouldn’t give the same luxury or comfort the 5GT would on a roadtrip. the A7 doesn’t have the utility the 5GT has, and the 5GT doesn’t have the sleekness or sex appeal the A7 sportback has. Just my thoughts.

    btw thanks for not replying with random blurts. i think i can say for everyone on this site it’s a lot nicer to read positive comments and ones that offer constructive feedback about BMW.

  32. viper says:

    for me nowdays ,the 5gt is a step back , they should have built it 4 years ago when Mb presented R class , I think audi does a great job with the 7 , although with huge delay I think it will be a descent competitor for the the new mb cls , passat cc and maybe even panamera , pity that theres no bmw 8series in this.

  33. Marko says:

    I love how BMW fans like to mention “track ability” to offset its lack of competing with MB’s S-class. When EVER has someone taken a 7 or S-class to the track? NEVER. Anytime someone pushes these cars is at red lights. Fact is, that the 4.4 0-60 figure for the S65 is off, its really 4.2 and it beats a Lamborghini Murcielago to 150 mph. The BMW cannot do that… no BMW can do that. No 7 series, no 3 series, no 6 series… nothing. Not even your precious Alpina.

    The S63 was a bad fit. That 63 motor is not a good fit for the S-class at all, but that is what they will compare to the BMW because they will not want to run up against a S65 anywhere.

    • Giom says:

      It’s really funny when you said: “No one has ever taken a 7 or a S on a race track… NEVER.” Did you not watch the video?

      Then, you complain about BMW fans always making excuses… and shortly afterwards you say: “The S63 was a bad fit. That 63 motor is not a good fit for the S-class at all…”

      I love these guys we get here lately. It really brings some comic relief to the blog. I just love a good laugh every now and then. But please, Diper, Marko, you guys are too quiet. Let us have it! Set us straight. It’s not long now before this blog is converted. It will be called ‘’.

  34. John says:

    BMW’s just uglier as time goes on. Let’s see how distorted and ridiculous they can get the front grille. The S class is way sexier. Not to mention BMW has been embarrassed by Mercedes for about a decade now with the E55 and S65. They should have compared the S65 to the 760LI. It would have been a joke. The only reason Mercedes made a 6.2 naturally aspirated engine was to prove to BMW they can produce more HP from an V8 then their shitty V10. An 03 E55 will still spank anything BMW has to offer. AMG hand Built Forged internals compared to shitty BMW’s Vanos failing Squirrel shifting SMG garbage.

    • Giom says:

      Dude, even ppl from a Merc website would laugh at your opinion.

      Well, at least, you live a blissfull life… (or should be, obviously your post suggest you’re a bit worked up… he he he.)

  35. Benjaminp says:

    Why wouldn’t they compare it to the s600, the direct competitor? I’ve seen the new models raced multiple times and the Mercedes has always won…Although, I do respect the new 760Li as it is a more efficient vehicle overall…

  36. Cars says:

    I read somewhere that the BMW 760Li is the most technologically advanced car in the world, because of it’s censors and night vision cameras and a very simple and very good I drive system.

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