0 Is The Loneliest Number?

Rumors | November 14th, 2009 by 17
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Latest from the mouths of the BMW rumor mill are that the German automaker is in development of a small, front-wheel drive hatchback called the …

Latest from the mouths of the BMW rumor mill are that the German automaker is in development of a small, front-wheel drive hatchback called the 0 Series. It’s  said to be slated right between the 1 series and MINI line up to fulfill the needs of customers wanting a smaller, but premium vehicle.

Most notably, it’s an answer to Audi’s all new hatchback, the A1. Although the 0 series goes against conventional BMW driving dynamics, it does share traditional BMW traits and design cues. From the pictures, the 0 Series sports traditional BMW kidney grilles, Hofmeister kink, subtle rear spoiler and sporty (M-like) front bumper.

The power plant will be a 1.5 liter three-cylinder turbo diesel engine boasting 161-hp with an all electric variant said to be available at a later date. The 0 series is said to start at $24,000 and will be available in both three and five door offerings with production beginning in 2012.

car photo 340852 25 655x491We certainly have our doubts when it comes to designation.”The all new 0 series”, for marketing purposes. I could see it being clever for a struggling brand trying to develop a 0 emissions vehicle for the consumer of tomorrow, okay maybe that’s just me being a bit to pessimistic, but for BMW?!

Also the rendering photos above are simply a photoshop attempt to combine the  1,7 and 3 series into a single product.

If indeed we’re going to see a model below the 1 Series, we believe that it will take some elements from the recently revealed Vision Concept, including the hybrid system with three cylinder diesel engines and electric motors.

Of course, this all could be entirely true and BMW could be pulling a fast one on all of its die hard enthusiasts with the introduction of the 0 series. None the less, it should be very interesting to see how this all turns out.

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17 responses to “0 Is The Loneliest Number?”

  1. Jag says:

    those head-lamps are from the 5er GT

    • Lance says:

      The name is just stupid – very stupid – worst of all, they want to make a car that is not a BMW under the BMW brand name. Good luck with that! If BMWsi really going to do that – then don’t ever mention to the public about good driving dynamics with RWD and 50:50 weight distribution because they make junk as well and wish to sell them to the same customers – then we might just as well buy an Audi

  2. lowstar says:

    T his is old news. AUTO CAR have spy shots off the new drop top 6er

  3. Alan says:

    Didn’t some senior BMW management in the past crushed rumours about BMW making a front wheel drive vehicle, as it will ruin the meaning of the word ‘Joy’ of driving a BMW?

  4. mutmat says:

    Front wheel drive??? Why??? and….who is the target market for this??? ugh

  5. Still waiting for the FWD Corvette. Then we really know that there are no more drivers cars in the world.

  6. L1ndja says:

    I have a better idea why just not rename the 1series to 2series and then make a quite smaller car and name it the 1 series and start it at about 20K that would have been reasonably.The current 1series is indeed quite a big car and with the future care gaining in length it would only make sense to do so and that i think would be a good idea..But that new 1series should only be offered in 3door variant and it should not feature FWD but bmw’s RWD like all have…Also the partnership with peugeot citroen and so on should also help!

  7. Brookside says:

    Not a bad design, – FWD would kill the deal for me tho-

  8. aak777 says:

    FWD …..That sucks

  9. UltimateCorneringMachine says:

    What are they doing? Front wheel drive? FRONT wheel drive??!

    They could have simply sold the 1 Series Hatchback they sell in Europe here in the USA and other countries.

    It looks like a Mazda… will it have aluminum paddle shifters?

    Awful. Just awful, if I see this at the L.A. Car show I’ll spit on it.

  10. gerald says:

    please don’t build it

  11. auday says:

    Horrible, but I so it coming… I remember in the early 90s that some very senior engineer in BMW (at the time when engineers used to rule) said that if you see a FWD BMW then it’s not a BMW anymore, that was a reply about rumors that the 3series will be FWD.

    The brands of Lexus and Infinite got hit badly by rebranding some cheap Toyotas and Nissans as Lexus and Infiniti by adding a couple of luxurious items to them, this is an obvious exploiting of the brand when the brand is still in it’s growing stages…
    for BMW the Brand is at its best so for them it’s smart to use as much as possible of it and sell anything they could using that name while they could.., so don’t be surprised to see BMW furniture, BMW shoes, BMW cheese, BMW dipers ….etc

  12. tom says:

    Ain’t coming to America either way.

  13. ian says:

    BMW has been making a really good front wheel drive car for several years, its called a Mini, and no one is fooled that it is not made by BMW. Never say never, I would be really intersted to see what BMW could do with another front wheel drive platform.

    • Doug says:

      Well, hold on a minute. Consider that Vision concept had electric front-wheel drive. What if BMW a FWD car where the engine powers the fronts, but put electric motors at the rear? That would allow them to focus instantaneous torque at the rear for RWD-like yaw control.

      Actually… I suspect Acura is doing this now.

      In any rate, who cares? A “0” in this configuration would compete against Mini just as much as A3 and others. Maybe it would share platform with Mini?

  14. Chris says:

    I really like the design, awd with rear differential would be fun

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