Update: BMW 5-Series partial front-end allegedly leaked

Spy Photos | November 11th, 2009 by 16
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Update: Looking at some spy photos and the “leaked picture”, we believe the 5 Series photo shown below could be a photoshop. There are several …

Update: Looking at some spy photos and the “leaked picture”, we believe the 5 Series photo shown below could be a photoshop. There are several elements that don’t match. Thanks Miles!

The “marketing game” has begun. As we always see with new models, some allegedly leaked photos make their way onto the internet days before the official launch.

The new 2011 BMW 5 Series makes no exception and according to Worldcarfans, the photo below shows the partial front-end of the new 5er, spotted somewhere at a German dealership.

While we have our own doubts about a new 5er already being on dealers’ lots, there are several similarities that indicate this could be the new 5.

Is it real or not, we’ll let you decide, but the photo will serve its purpose: to create buzz before a product launch, a strategy that benefits both the BMW fans and the company.



16 responses to “Update: BMW 5-Series partial front-end allegedly leaked”

  1. Phong Vt says:

    The head-light from Z4 ? can’t wait to see the whole reveal !!!

  2. Bryce says:

    It may be a photoshop but I think it looks better than some of the renderings I’ve seen. Oh well, two more weeks isn’t too long to wait for the official photos.

  3. Ramon Juarez says:

    Obviously it’s a rendering….a very close rendering! You can see that on the “hard” lines of the lights from the spyshots and the “soft” lines seen on the rendering!

  4. L1ndja says:

    I cant quite understand what do we (bmw fans) benefit from all this … strategy

  5. Bryce says:

    Yes, two weeks is a long time to see the first official photos of a highly awaited car, but it will be 6 months before you’ll see one in person. I hate being patient, but there’s really no alternative.

  6. Andrei M says:

    100% fake . just look at it from the back . and try to imagine it what angle did the so called photographer took . it doesn’t make up when u try to picture it in real 3d . the lines don’t go as they should . fake fake fake

  7. Lboogy says:

    You guys can take the new 5 series, Im gonna wait for Bimmer’s “TOP” seller to roll out in 2011 as a 12′ model, the new 3 series! O, does anyone know if a 1999 740i is a good car to own these days?

  8. bnc says:

    I have my doubts…my mind is shifting from fake to not fake.. bad jpg compression & weird angle but obviously this is a 3D render.

  9. tiberiu says:

    I don’d get it…I’ve seen the new 5er in Auto,Motor and Sport Magazine…and it’s headlights look diffrent from these pictures…


  10. efoza says:

    the real one is being tested in UK at present and is completely different from all these photos. Check it out on the A6 between Bedford and Clapham on Sunday around 12.00noon

  11. its fake….as you can see it has Xenon but not headlight wash,…..which will come as stardard!!!!!

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