UK top 10 most reliable cars – BMW takes two spots

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Fleet News UK has just published their latest vehicle reliability survey and not to our surprise, BMW Group is very well represented. Despite falling one …

Fleet News UK has just published their latest vehicle reliability survey and not to our surprise, BMW Group is very well represented. Despite falling one spot behind the Honda Civic, BMW occupies three of the ten spots in this survey, same as the Japanese automaker.

The survey, which quizzed the country’s largest fleet operators who between them run more than a million vehicles, saw the popular and high-seller 3 Series taking the second position, followed closely by the 5 Series (5th) and the MINI (8th).

The UK’s 50 largest fleet companies were asked to rate their most reliable vehicles and manufacturers among their combined fleet of 840,000 cars and 183,000 light commercials. While Honda took the crown in the Top 10 Most Reliable Cars, BMW Group wins in the Top 10 Most Reliable Car Manufacturers, a great recognition of their efforts to produce highly reliable cars, but still fun to drive.

UK top 10 most reliable cars   BMW takes two spots

The top table of the most reliable manufacturers confirms the widely-held belief that it is the German and Japanese who make the most dependable vehicles.

Top 10 Most Reliable Cars

1. Honda Civic
2. BMW 3 Series
3. Honda Jazz
4. Honda Accord
5. BMW 5 Series
6. Audi A4
7. Mercedes Benz C-Class
8. Mini
9. Toyota Avensis
10. Volkswagen Golf
Top 10 Most Reliable Car Manufacturers

1. BMW
2. Honda
3. Audi
4. Toyota
5. Volkswagen
6. Mercedes-Benz
7. Ford
8. Mazda
9. Nissan
10. Skoda

[Source: Fleet News ]

  • Max

    How the f… bmw got the 1st place in Top 10 Most Reliable Car Manufacturers??
    I love bmw`s but i don`t think that bmw should have 1st place. They should have a place in top 10 but not 1st.

    • wazon

      Why not? Any reasons? Putting together all models delivered by manufacturers it turned out that BMW’s cars are most reliable cars in UK. From my own experience with 335d and my borther’s with 525d E60 I have to say that those two cars are most reliable recent cars that I met. 2nd place of 3-er in this ranking seems to me really plausible.

    • Auday

      Yeah, I’m with you here Max, BMWs are reliable relatively speaking especially for what they give you. But putting them ahead of Toyota and Lexus in reliability doesnt sound right to me… and before you start firing I’ll take a BMW over any Lexus anytime but I’m just admitting a fact.

    • Giom

      I’m with you Wazon! It’s a nasty thing, this perception devil. I too know of ppl with reliability problems with their BMWs, and the fact that you expect NO problems from this maker, you automatically asume BMW cars arn’t that reliable. This is wrong, and the numbers prove it.

      Another evil has creapt in through the back door (here in South Africa at least). I personally know ppl who has turned away from the BMW brand duo to arrogant sales people. Sales figures and profits became the priority, not the customer… is this only in SA, I really hope so!

      But there still are a few dealers with the right attitude! I’m not generilizing here – please!

  • Babken

    Why, Max? BMW’s automobiles and motorcycles are of the highest quality.

    • FrankyB

      Toyota had about a million pickup trucks recalled for defective steering relay rod resulting in documented deaths. Reliable? Toyota tries to bury the stories about people dying from their known defect. Toyota reliability in general has slipped dramatically in recent years. Honda does in fact make a reliable engine but I hope never to be in one when it crashes. They are in the top 3 most unsafe car manufacturers on the road along with Kia and Daewoo.

      Buick this year has surpassed Lexus in owner satisfaction and reliability ratings. Nissan has always sucked in just about every category. Safety, reliability, resale value…

      I’d trust a BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Jeep, Chevy, Buick, Volvo, Cadillac, Audi or Dodge over any Toyota, Nissan or Honda… especially in an accident!

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  • Pingback: UK top 10 most reliable cars – BMW takes two spots | BMW Blog | BMW Updates | BMW Cars | BMW Reviews | BMW News

  • CalebC

    I agree with Max. I think BMW’s are very reliable if properly maintained including preventative maintenance. However that is basically true of any manufacturer.

    My experience with Hondas is that they are incredibly reliable without regard to maintenance. My previous car was a Civic. The only maintenance I did was a semi regular oil changes every 3-30K+ miles. I remember once I put it off so long when the shop went to drain the old oil nothing came out. It’s still happily cruising along with no problems and over 140K miles on it. I would *not* expect to be able to get away with that in my BMW.

    BMWs are precision machines with tight tolerances.

    Of course none of this is backed up with data. It’s just my perception.

    • Auday

      and apart from the Engine, BMW other moving parts aren’t that reliable either, not to mention the interior, the electrical equipments and sensors, and even simple thing like fogging back mirrors.

  • Lboogy

    I dont know if these stats are a fact or opinion. But I know for a fact that BMW makes reliable cars but as far as the most reliable, I dont know about that one!….

  • Max

    Honda, Toyota, Lexus – they all use relatively old, reliable tehnologies. BMW have ultramodern diesel & petrol engines which can broke if you even don`t use premium fuel, they have a lot of complicated parts. They are at the cutting edge in engine manufacturing.
    So what Im sayin is that BMW`s are reliable but Toyota & some others are more reliable than BMW`s. Only thing is – if you can afford BMW would you change it to Toyota?? I dont think so…..!

    • wazon

      This is strange point of view to assess reliability by checking how much can given car survive if we neglect it. Perhaps, Toyota or Honda would surivive longer than BMW, because it uses relatively old technology. But in most cases (at least in Europe) it doesn’t matter, since in first 3 years and even longer (if one is reasonable at all), everybody take care of proper exploatation due to expensiveness of parts for new cars and to guarantee conditions.

  • kcsnyud

    Not really. This is what has happened. MY mom has a 2008 bmw x5 3 liter and we bought it in janurary 2008. WHATS HAPPENED NOWWWWWWWWW!

    Nav not recognizing the disk, plastic’s peeling off, and one of my doors from the inside ‘s NOT OPENING! Not to mention there’s so much plastic inside.

    WHat’s happening? Can someone explain?

    • wazon

      I think that simply it happened to you that you have an unlucky car. It happens from time to time. My mother’s Toyota Avensis 2006 got an engine (2.0 VVT-i) replaced after 58.000km of milage and guarantee expired! It doesn’t mean that Toyota became to produce unreliable car (although in 90-ties their cars was really great in this aspect). Just unlucky car and unlucky owner. If I were in your shoes, I would go to dealer and demand from him to repair my car.

  • TMQ

    My guess is that UK’s study is different from the studies that we are used to in the U.S. Fleet operators vs. average consumers. Also, how old are the vehicles? It makes a difference whether they are 3 or 6 yr old vehicles.

  • Doug

    So… what does this say about the reliability of BMW’s turbocharged engines? FI engines tend to be the least reliable, and diesels the most reliable.

    I guess you’d have to look at what % of engines are forced-induction gas engines, versus NA, versus all diesel engines.

  • 100$ GUY

    Exactly doug, dig deeper into the data.

  • Pepito

    I myself is wandering how reliable my 3er. So far this car is trouble free
    runs very solid and did I mention their so much fun to drive. But I guess it’s
    a little to early to say as I only got 27k miles.
    I had the same feeling when I bought a 1990 gti. I’d always thought back then
    that I should gotten a civic. Well , what do I know , this gti still running
    on it’s original engine with over 250k miles on her. Boy was I wrong.
    I hope my 3er would last just as long