Autocar talks about BMW 1 Series “M-like” car

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Autocar UK returns with some new information on the rumored BMW 1 Series Supersports, an “M-like” model that will be placed below the M3. According …

Autocar UK returns with some new information on the rumored BMW 1 Series Supersports, an “M-like” model that will be placed below the M3. According to sources close to the magazine, the new car has been favored over a highly-awaited BMW supercar.

As we reported several times in the past, the “Supersports” model is based on the next generation 1 Series, more exactly, on the 135i Coupe. The car would compete with the Audi S3 and the UK pricing is rumored to start around £32,000.

An M division source somewhat confirms our previous statements: BMW needs to offer a new car for its enthusiasts, something that will replace the so-missed M1. With them moving towards smaller, more efficient cars, it is only wise to develop a super sporty car based on a 1 Series platform.

CIMG6308 655x491“We’re conscious that our existing customers are gravitating towards larger and more expensive models such as the X5/X6 M,” said an M division source. “We’re looking at ways to attract new customers to the brand, and an entry-level model is part of those plans.”

The newly appointed M Division boss, Dr. Kay Segler is said to be the biggest admirer of this project. In his past at MINI, Dr. Segler oversaw the Coopers and Cooper S Works development.

The 1 Series SuperSport will differentiate from the regular BMW 135i with the Performance Package, by adding upgraded performance parts. The Supersport will be limited to the Coupe body style and it will use lightweight materials, such as Carbon Fiber Roof, hood or bootlid, lightweight glass.

BMW 135i SuperSports will be powered by a tuned up version of the many times award winning 6 cylinder twin-turbo engine. Autocar hints at around 330 horsepower, but we certainly know that the turbocharged 3.0 liter engine has even more potential.

Autocar’s source also touched on the “touchy” subject of a future BMW supercar, a debate that has been going on in the BMW community for quite some time now. “Such a project would fit nicely with our operations and would be greatly accepted by the engineers. But the priority right now is a more affordable model underneath the M3.”

Disappointing? Maybe, but we won’t read much into it. BMW’s latest Vision Concept showed us what the “future supercar” could look like.

[Source: Autocar ]

9 responses to “Autocar talks about BMW 1 Series “M-like” car”

  1. Barry says:

    I’m a bit confused. I thought the “birdies” were saying the SuperSports model would be a sporty version of THIS generation. It’s almost as if this article is talking about two different cars. So that would mean the Supersports version would come out before the next gen 1er and they will share similar underpinnings? :confused:

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Barry, initially was being said that the Supersports will use the existing platform, but it seems like it will take advantage of the new 1 series underpinnings since they have been already testing that for a while now.

      Still a lot of things are confusing, but I personally believe we will see the Supersports in a year or so with a new design.

      Also, BMW is known to create confusion sometimes :) to throw us off the track

      • Auday says:

        Whats confusing more, is the mention of the M1 as if this car will be an M1 successor while it has nothing to do with it. Yeah BMW loves confusing us!

        As for the naming, if they put a real M-engine in it then it would be call to call it 1M, as M1 should be reserved to the unique super E26 successor.

  2. L1ndja says:

    My guess is that the new engine for this car would be more like a 2.0 4cylinder with Garet turbo chargers and the technology from the X5/6 M models.Or an high revving 4cylinder.Dont think it will have a wouldnt bee as economic as a 4cylinder which speaks against the bmw philosophy.
    name ? something like a 120 is , 125is or even 135is

  3. Auday says:

    Lighter/Lower version of teh current 135i with widened fenders (as in the Photo), CSL rims (as in the photo) and an S65 slapped in instead of the N54 would be a dream car, I will think of it for sure.

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