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BMW X3 | November 3rd, 2009 by 11
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BMW’s second generation X3 is getting ready for its official launch at the Detroit Motor Show next January. With a new bodystyle and increased overall …

BMW’s second generation X3 is getting ready for its official launch at the Detroit Motor Show next January. With a new bodystyle and increased overall dimensions, the redesign X3 is looking to regain its supremacy in the premium compact Sports Activity Vehicle segment. Before we take a look at the new rendering by Auto Motor und Sport, let’s recap some of the things we learned about the new 2011 BMW X3.

According to unofficial numbers, the second generation X3 will have similar proportions as the first X5 SAV allowing the new BMW X1 to position itself as the entry level BMW SAV.

The “kicked-up” window line that first saw the daylight in the X3 will be again evident and it will be seen as an X3 characteristic, a design element that will be associated with the model. It will also have will have a roof line slightly lower than the current mode, giving the car a sportier look.

BMW x3 2010 655x436

The interior design receives a much needed upgrade as well and according to sources close to BMW, the new design is a step up from the current model and it will be similar to the one in the new X1. As seen in some of the previous spy photos, the AC control buttons resembles the one seen in the E9x 3 Series models, another indication that many interior elements are being used across the line-up.

To successfully compete in its market, the new 2011 BMW X3 is rumored to feature some of the gadgets seen in higher-end models: Night Vision System, Adaptive Headlights, Head-Up Display and seats with ventilation.

The six cylinder engines missing from the X1 line-up, will find their way into the new X3. Various turbocharged gasoline and petrol powerplants will be available, based on the market where the vehicle will be sold. Later after the launch, BMW plans to offer an ActiveHybrid X3 which will use a mid-line diesel powerplant.

The future X3 is moving its production from the Magna factories in Graz, Austria, to the U.S soil at the Spartanburg plant.

2011 BMW  X3 models will arrive at U.S. dealerships in the second half of next year and it will be slotted between the X1 and the 3 Series, with the base price set accordingly

11 responses to “Rendering: 2010 BMW X3”

  1. Martin says:

    This has an X5 front end with an X1 rear end.

  2. m says:

    no, this is an X1 front end with an X1 rear end !!! :-)

  3. YD says:

    Can’t understand why BMW needs the X3 when the X1 is quite… Hmmm… The same !
    Similar dimensiones, similar design cues…

  4. viper says:

    looks good….why not make something different , every bmw looks the same…

  5. Martin says:

    The X3 in now useless. Here in Lima, our BMW dealer will stop importing the X3 to bring the X1, so now they will only be selling the X!, X5 and X6. There is no market for those two SAV’s, at least in Peru.

  6. Vaybach Khan says:

    the x5 will be high luxury sav,competitor to gl class,x1 as smallest to glk and x3 in the middle as competitor to ml…thats my guess,cause they canceled the x7 model…and of course there is x6 without competitors…

  7. E92-TORONTO says:


  8. L1ndja says:

    The X1 is quite small in size compared to some other suv/sav and it is about 4-5inches shorter than the last generation X3.The new X3 will be with the same dimesnions as the last generation X5 and the X5 in now quite big.So i think its reasonable and to the GL and Q7 i think that they are just “BUSES” and theyre really to big.Everything above the X5 is to big i think!

  9. BMWFanGreece says:

    New X1 is too small
    New X5 is too big

    So there is plenty of market place between x1 and x5 for famous X3

    We are expecting the new model!!!
    Does anyone have any more infos and spy photo/videos from the new X3??

  10. :p says:

    Looks like a common SUV. I buy it if they made a M version or with the 400hp V8 in the 7xx

  11. Frank says:

    Much improved looks but the issue for me is that my ’07 lease expires in 4 weeks and there are no 2010’s in sight. I’m trying to switch to an Acura MDX and they haven’t released their 2010’s yet either. life was sure simpler when the new models all cam out in September!

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