New information regarding BMW M3 GT4 “Street version”

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bmw m3 gt spy shots 100230908 l 655x4271

It seems like cat is out of the bag. For the past few weeks we’ve been hearing rumors around a possible “street version” of the …

It seems like cat is out of the bag. For the past few weeks we’ve been hearing rumors around a possible “street version” of the BMW M3 GT4. The first prototype was spotted at Nurburgring last month and shortly after, the speculations began.

We’ve been sitting on some information for weeks now since we promised our sources that we won’t reveal anything until its official launch, but several online forums are reporting new information today. As we heard as well, the “CSL-like” M3 will NOT carry the CSL name, but rather use GT4 or simply GT naming convention. The car will be revealed sometimes this month.

In the mean time, here are some new information, courtesy of M3post:


* It won’t be called M3 CSL.
* Instead, BMW will either call it “M3 GT4 Street” or “M3 GT”.

bmw m3 gt spy shots 100230908 l 655x4271

Engine | Drivetrain

* Naturally aspirated engine with an increased displacement of 4,400 cc (based on the S65).
* At least 450 hp, likely more. (445 HP)
* No information regarding KERS (KERS will likely debut in the F10 M5)
* 7 speed DCT only, no manual transmission.
* ‘State of the art’ exhaust system, but not Akrapovic.- (ARVIN MERITOR /w/200-cell race cats and 2 resonators)

Chassis | Brakes | Aerodynamics:

* Brembo brakes (6 pistons front – 4 pistons rear) with steel brake discs. (365mm front, 345mm rear SLOTTED DISCS) Ceramic composite brakes optionally available.
* Weight reduction of 100 kg (220 lbs) compared to E92 M3, maybe even more. (due to the removal of the rear seat and the switch to lighter RECARO front race seats)
* Available as a 2 seater. However, rear seats are optionally available.
* Rollbars standard (there’s a delete option).
* Adjustable front splitter. (made of ABS plastic)
* Adjustable mechanical suspension, no EDC. (SACHS)
* 25 mm lower compared to E92 M3
* Same width as the E92 M3.
* Fantastic new wheels. (BBS lightweight cast flow formed MESH)
* New ‘state of the art’ seats. (RECARO)

General information

* Nurburgring laptime: 7:40 min
* Not available through BMW dealer network, but directly from BMW Motorsport.
* Street legal (of course).
* Exclusively painted in Inka Orange (a hommage to early BMW race and sports cars). Availability of other colors at a later date.
* The car was tested secretly in France and on a private race track (likely Miramas).
* It will compete with the 911 GT3.
* Limited Production (some report 25 units per year).
* Price: Unknown, but less than the price for an 911 GT3. ($110,000 EUROS)


8 responses to “New information regarding BMW M3 GT4 “Street version””

  1. Bobo says:

    7.40 is the Nurburgring lap time of the Mclaren SLR and The Bugatti Veyron! That M3 GT4/GT is a seriously fast car! This shows what light weight and great chasis fine tuning can acheive with significantly less HP.

  2. Matt Stokes says:

    My two cents…

    They have built the 4.4 litre V8 for homologation purposes to give the M3 a better chance in whichever field it races (GT2 / GT4 etc)… the race version of this engine should put out over 520hp, which will help on track… this view is strengthed by the last 5 seconds of the “farewell to F1” video that features a GT2

    BMW are throwing all that spare cash and resources behind GT racing… a homolgised 4.4 is better than a homologised 4.0 !!!!!

  3. Martin says:

    Nurburgring lap time of 7 40? I’m already in love.

  4. Shawn says:

    Two things to say here:

    I am in heaven, this is some of the best news from BMW Motorsport in years! Finally a “Scuderia equivalent.” I fully expected a redirected effort with F1 resources channeled into LeMans racing – just as you mentioned Matt.

    Secondly, I am disappointed that this car will not be offered in it’s most altruistic and pure form with a fully manual gearbox. For the sake of an unadulterated driving experience, it would be my pick – though clearly this car was designed to scorch the competition on the ‘Ring, and this gearbox was necessary. But what about an optional 6 spd manual?

  5. Jordan says:

    did anyone forget to notice the “(NOT AVAILABLE IN THE U.S.A.)” caption at the bottom…. :(

    i live in canada but im assuming if the US isn’t getting it, we aren’t either

  6. wazon says:

    Really exciting car, I can’t wait to see how fast it gonna be on other tracks

  7. Ted Spahr says:

    Of course it’s not available in the US… Why would it be…….

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