Popular Mechanics names the 2010 BMW 335d “Best Luxury Vehicle”

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The votes are in and….the popular site …..”Popular Mechanics” names the 2010 BMW 335d as the “Best Luxury Vehicle”. The annual Automotive Excellence Awards focus …

The votes are in and….the popular site …..”Popular Mechanics” names the 2010 BMW 335d as the “Best Luxury Vehicle”. The annual Automotive Excellence Awards focus on a variety of categories, from “Best Vehicle Design” to “Best Fuel Efficiency”.

The 335d needs no further introduction, I’ve been saying for months that if I had a choice a few years back, the diesel would have taken over the 335 gasoline, but that’s just another story. With their latest performance diesels, BMW hit the jackpot when it comes to combining luxury, performance and efficiency and the multiple awards they’ve won, confirm that.

So, let’s see what PM has to say about the only 3er diesel in the U.S.

Popular Mechanics names the 2010 BMW 335d Best Luxury Vehicle

“In the future, the word ”luxury” might describe automotive qualities quite different from what we imagine today. When sedate and sensible fuel sippers dominate the automotive landscape, luxury could define the ability to produce sports car acceleration with exemplary fuel economy. The BMW 335d is ahead of that curve.

Under the hood is a twinturbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder diesel, with a mammoth 425 lb-ft of torque that can return solid mileage. In fact, on a recent 390-mile PM test, we saw 33.6 mpg. It takes only one brief prod of the right pedal to know the BMW has an incredible motor. The rush of torque is not unlike an old-school big-block V8’s. Reeling in lesser cars is not only effortless, it’s tantalizingly fun. And this diesel model fits right in with the rest of BMW’s 3 Series lineup, offering fluid, organic steering and a chassis that encourages you to press on just as hard as the road and your bravado will allow. Yet this BMW rides comfortably and absorbs potholes with a muted “thump.”

Luxury cars don’t have to be one-dimensional. The 335d blends luxury, performance, fuel economy and fun into one very rewarding package.”

Click here for the list of complete awards

  • Choi

    I hope this recommendation and other postive reviews will help change the American image of diesels. For too long, diesels in this country has been seen as noisy and dirty, hopefully, this recommendation as well as others will change diesel image for the better. After all, 335d gets the whole package, good fuel economy and good performance. Who says you need to sacrifice driveability to be green?

  • efoza

    The only thing which would change the Americans image of diesels is if Sadam Hossien comes back to power!!!!

  • Can

    I don’t think so efoza, sooner or later, diesel is coming, whether you like it or not.

  • Mario

    I need all wheel drive in the Midwest. When will that arrive?

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