BMW builds an M5 CSL

BMW M5 | October 28th, 2009 by 41
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Celebrating 25 years of M5, BMW reveals today at Nurburgring an one-off BMW M5 CSL. Our german editor Benny is on-site and will report more …

Celebrating 25 years of M5, BMW reveals today at Nurburgring an one-off BMW M5 CSL. Our german editor Benny is on-site and will report more news in the next few  hours.

BMW’s Motorsport division buils a special lightweight version of the current E60 M5. The car is being described by M division’s head of development, Albert Biermann, as “the M5 CSL we never built”.

The almighty 5.0 liter V10 engine has been modified taking its capacity up to 5.5 liters. To accomplish this task, the highly strung, 90-degree unit has been enlarged with a longer stroke.

BMW 5Series 281099134475341600x1060

Official horsepower and torque numbers have yet to be disclosed, but Herr Biermann hints at around 580 horsepower and near 400 lb-ft of torque, a significant increase over the standard M5.

A carbon finer manifold increases capacity of the air box and a secondary oil cooler. The front bumper gets an additional air duct in the place where the license plate is usually situated.

Channelling the added reserves back to the rear wheels is a beefed up version of the M3’s seven-speed double clutch gearbox. The Getrag engineered unit, operated via steering wheel mounted paddles or push/pull gear lever, supplants the standard M5’s sequential seven speed manual unit, offering smoother and more rapid gear shifts.

Since CSL is all about decreasing the overall weight, the BMW M5 CSL receives a carbon fiber roof, reducing the weight by 50 kg.

The interior has been stripped down, rear seats have been removed while two carbon fiber seats replace the front ones.

No official performance numbers have been released yet, but Herr Biermann hints the M5 CSL did the Nurburgring track in under 8 minutes, 20 seconds faster than the regular M5.

Unfortunately for the BMW fans, the M5 CSL remains an exercise and there are no plans for a production car. ‘

P.S. Stay tuned for more exclusive photos and news in the next few hours.

[Source: Autocar ]

41 responses to “BMW builds an M5 CSL”

  1. Chris says:

    Drool. I’m not sure I understand why this exists but the M3 CSL was cancelled. Experiment or will someone actually be able to buy this?

  2. Shawn says:

    WoW. BMW has still got the moves. This is one for the history books. I hope someone can enter it into the silly GM marketing ploy “CTS-V challenge” and destroy that American unrefined junk. I’m sure the M5 CSL would embarass it, nevermind the next M5.

  3. Alex says:

    Its one-off. BMW has no plans to make more than this ONE car.

  4. Matt Stokes says:

    Take these changes, fit them to the M6, and sell an M6 CSL as a fairwell to the E63 6 series!!!..

  5. AY says:

    The 5.5 V10 engine should be what should had end up in the axed 2010 Z10 supercar…

  6. Giom says:

    My thinking is that this car hints at the next gen M5. Shure the standard M5 might be demoted to a little V8 tt, but the CSL will have the mighty 5.5l V10! This is what I”m talking about – I’m on my knees begging, please BMW please create this all time great!

    Oh, Matt Stokes, I’m with you on that thought!

  7. BmwM5Fan says:

    “Unfortunately for the BMW fans, the M5 CSL remains an exercise and there are no plans for a production car. ” – then why the F””K they we built one piece? to tease people? they are haters. im quite dissapointed

    • santed says:

      That’s what i hate about BMW, they just do these things to whet your appetite and leave the competition to fool around. They can even increase this to a 6.0 and they will be well beyond 600 ponies and over 400 lb-ft of torque and still naturally aspirated.

  8. BmwM5Fan says:

    And i do agree about M6 CSL version comment, but i would prefer m5 (just my choice)

  9. Doug says:

    Very cool.

    I don’t understand how you modify an engine to give it a longer stroke. You’d have to replace the crank, but how much can you really gain that way?

  10. Matt Stokes says:

    I do think having a CSL version of a saloon car a little daft… afterall, what does teh C stand for? Thats why I think an M6 would do better

  11. Doug says:

    Also the paint job is very smart; iit really complements the 5’s design lines.

  12. lennardt says:

    M5 and M6 are just poweful machines in my eyes. the real sportive car is the M3, which is not as heavy as both and which focusses more on racingabilities

  13. John Hietter says:

    I must have one. This sounds amazing!!!! I was dreaming about the concept of an m5 csl about a year ago and now they have done it!!! I can’t wait to see more about it!

  14. Autobahn says:

    Shit, I was there today and missed it. But I saw a M1 in condition as new, terrific.
    Unfortunately the Nord Sleife was closed yesterday so I could not test it, BMW tested M3, M5 and M6. And they drove the cars as they´ve stolen them……
    I’ve also visit the develop center and it was M3, M5 and M6 al over the place, coming and going. Tomorrow I will try to go faster than 200 km/h more than 5 minutes on the Autobahn (a lot of traffic and road repairs).

  15. ralph says:

    that thinking will make them sell the M5’s that have allready been produced ,who knows how many bmw m5 are in there warefare if they have now 1000 m5 for exemple they will do a 800 m5 csl and they will sell it immediately ;)

  16. John Pham says:

    What a monster! N/A again and from a 5.5L V10, just 0.5L more displacement then their original 5.0L, they manage to extract around 80hp. Brilliance!

    They truly are some of the best engine engineers in the world, if not; the BEST.

  17. ralph says:

    mmm it sad that this car is one off car :( but lets just hope they put this engine in the F02 M5 ;) who knows ? they had been testing a lot of M5 on the nurbergring

  18. ralph says:

    btw CSL means : Coupe Sport Lightweight !!!

  19. DEAN says:

    m5 csl the 5 series is a saloon not a coupe. m6 csl please m5 anerversy edition maybe

  20. ///M3 Guy says:

    Make since that removing the rear seats doesn’t support an upgrading version of the M5.

    But the engine work is WOOOW. Couldn’t they introduce this new engine to the new M6 Limited Edition? It makes more since you know.

    Anyway I can’t wait to see the result of their “Practice” :-)

  21. naseef369 says:

    Hey…Hey…..before you all speak,checkout that deafening sound in youtube…..!!!!

  22. e39 m5 says:

    everything here makes sense, except removing the rear seat. What about the exhaust? no upgrade there? Too bad they never did this with the e39m5! Anyway, I still want the m5 csl e60! Anybody got any track video of this car?

  23. nice info..
    but the article too short..
    please posting more and add more image

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