China loves BMW – Fourth largest market

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China is now BMW’s biggest market after Germany, the US and the UK. BMW AG’s sales in China rose 32 percent to 62,394 during January-September, …

China is now BMW’s biggest market after Germany, the US and the UK. BMW AG’s sales in China rose 32 percent to 62,394 during January-September, with the BMW brand’s deliveries reaching 59,400. The MINI division reported 2,934 units sold.

BMW is the second-bestselling German luxury car brand in China with Audi being the leader in the Chinese car luxury market. In September, BMW/MINI sold 8,131 units in china, Audi reported 15,000 and Mercedes-Benz around 7,000 units.

Based on the official numbers, China leads the world as the top market for the BMW X6, with about 4,500 units sold this year.

bmw 5 grille1

Some BMW 3 and 5 Series models are produced in China already due to a joint venture between BMW and Brilliance China Auto. Rumors say that 1 Series production line might become available in China as well.

The new BMW 760Li and 5 Series GT premium luxury cars are heading for China where the demand for high-end cars remains large.

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23 responses to “China loves BMW – Fourth largest market”

  1. Fongo says:

    China can keep all those Chinese made BMW cars they want cause I never want to see a lead based, asbestos braking, defective steering, cut corners quality, lethally medicated prescriptions, and dog killing dog food made BMW ever reach our American shores!

  2. X5 SoB says:

    Honestly, I’m glad BMW is getting a revenue source from China, we don’t want them to go through the financial crunch they went through last year.

  3. Black Mans Wheels says:

    fango. but its ok for them to buy more x6 then anyone else. which are made by sister f ING white hood were aids infecting trigger happy war starting people which are the most hated nation on earth. Is it because they hold your countrys furture in the palm of there hands. is that why you dislike them.

  4. Fongo says:

    Black Mans Wheels, first you make absolutely no sense to the x6 reference, I guess you’re writing from Kenya or something. But, yeah that’s right they hold our country in their hands because we “the people” allow this corrupt government to sell out it’s own people which is argument for another day, but apparently you have no clue to Chinese made products, do you? And in addition to your American hatred I guess I rather be hated and the envy of the world than to be a lay over like yourself and be liked!

  5. Black Mans Wheels says:

    Fago only people who watch to much tv belive the hype. you coutry has so much debt like most of the western coutrys. people dont hate americans they hate what your government dose. so by killing loads of people in wars, over throwing elected governments, taking whats not yours is showing your not a push over. The usa governments are bullies. and we all know what happens to the school bullie 30 years down the line.You coutry has done alot of good but alot more bad. slavery weighs havey on the bad side. my coments about the people who make the x6 were wrong. but they are things people have heard about the usa dose that mean all people from the usa are like that. should we only dewell on the bad. go look around your trailer and see how many items you have which are from china. you chose to base your opion on all the goods which come from china on 2 months bad press. which the news forgot to tell the people of the usa was that metel were at fault with some of it designs. whos cutting corners now. And if i came from kenya would that be a problem to you. just likes its a problem that your leaders dad came from kenya. i didnt think a narrow minded person like you would think they would have the internet in kenya.

    • Doug says:

      Where are you from? Some context might help understand your position here.

      The fact is, China does not have very mature systems of regulation, and that includes everything from safety standards to financial reporting to … well, to everything else. That means that plenty of stuff slips through the cracks that would rarely happen in the US.

      So, I worked for a company that had manufacturing in China. Several times manufacturers (different ones) sent products or parts that failed safety testing (you didn’t hear about this). The contract specified standards that were not adhered to. There’s a million places that could have gone wrong, because their testing methods, the requirements and contract structure with their local suppliers (dyes, paints, etc), the supplier’s suppliers quality standards and accepted levels of toxins, etc, all of these companies and regulatory standards need to be on the same page. The Chinese government is making careful, deliberate progress but is still far behind US (and most developed countries) standards and practices in all of these areas.

      So, while China has gotten a reputation and is being stereotyped, the issue is really not one of racism.

      By the way, I noticed you referred to Fongo as “Fago”. Well, dirty fags can stereotype you, too. And by the way:

  6. Black Mans Wheels says:

    its companies based in western countrys which sign these contracts bypassing there own work force for theres for profit. design the products on the cheep and then blame china when it goes wrong .The usa is realy good at financial reporting. your banks have brought the worlds econamy to its knees. i thought you had a free market econamy. now you have state owned compaines just like russia and china. a counrty in debt bailing out compaines in debt. Your ecomany is like a house of cards, and theres a strong wind blowing from the west. its the beging of the end. countrys have lernt not to link there banking system to yours. japan has been helping you guys out with there banks lending you money at 1% for years. i just wish my country would work more closely with the eu. we kiss your ass and get shat on. special relationship is that a clue to were im from. were you come from should have nothing to do with stating the facts. i shold not of used the word fago. it was a play on words. i have no problem with guys. the more ther is the more women for the rest of us. its just fongo got to me. hes the sort of person that gives you coutry man a women a bad name. and doug which is worse calling someone fago which calls himself fongo. or calling guy all people dirty fags

  7. Black Mans Wheels says:

    doug how can you as an amercian highlight a few exsamples of racisam in china. look at your counrtys history. because you have a leader of colour we should forget your past. the black people in your counrty are not immergrants they did not go there by choice. how many native amercians have you come across in your life. most were killed off thats called genoside nowadays. i have not heard of any neo nazi chinese or the bejing order of the kkk. the world is turning away from the usa. because somewhere down the line your counrty has pissed them off. in africa they are build things for raw materials. not going out there spending money on telling people to forget about comdons and not have sex untill they married. incresing aids infections. i bet now you guys have a black leader you think africa will sign its life away to you . with amercian investment there is aways some condisions. before they had no choice now china is on the seen they choose china. thats why you guys bring up darfur in sudan. if they sold you there oil instaed to china people would not know nothing about darfur

  8. Doug says:

    Well….. does your rambling litany of accusations have a principal point? I’m asking where you’re from because it would help understand what you’re real issue is. For example, if you were from Oompaloompaland, I could reserach that and realize that yeah, we enslaved you all to work in our candy factories, so that explains why you’re upset. Then we can discuss the one thing we have time to deal with. But I’m pretty sure that you’re not Kenyan AND Chinese AND native american AND probably aren’t expert on any fo these subjects nor do you have a right to hijack these issues for your purpose. Nor is it fair to raise arguments where they cannot realistically be explored (such as on a BMW forum).

    Is it also possible that your own country, or people, have made their own share of mistakes and crimes? Are you really just a victim in all this, while spewing what seems to be hatred all over the place? I’m sure there are plenty of americans who would hate you too, and there are plenty of americans who wouldn’t, and some americans would fight for you.

    Btw, nobody called all people dirty fags. I was sarcastically mocking your insult to fongo. Some humor doesn’t translate well. “Fongo” probably isn’t even his real name anyway.

  9. Black Mans Wheels says:

    who is the victum not me but i have compsion for others Dose it matter were i come from to think slavery is wrong. and by comparing slavery with willy wonka just shows your i q. will cant take the blame for what our fore parnets have done will can only learn. if you cant take the truth. or the history of your counrty thats not my problem. i can take mine good and bad thats what makes me a rounded person. its not hatred its the facts. and if you have not worked out by now im from the uk. but i dont think thats the qustion you want to ask me. and why couldnt fango be his name because it dose not sound english so narrow minded

  10. Doug says:

    Oh great, the UK— that explains why you can’t speak english. You backwards ignorant limeys should be rounded up and introduced to western civilization and made to wear shoes. Then you can compete against monkeys learning to drive on the right side of the road. If you succeed in that, then you can compete against chimpanzees in learning the english language, and then you’ll get a banana. Not that you need it, being such “rounded” people.

    And what’s this “truth” you speak of? The BBC? That’s why everyone hates you, because of these stupid “facts” that don’t make any sense.. Listen, it’s not because we’re a superpower that we’re in charge, it’s because God wants us to be. If god wanted the UK to dominate the earth he wouldn’t have made you played that joke on your with your teeth and then surrounded your tiny island with water.

    Okay? Call me a racist if you want, but that’s *your* truth and your truth will get you bombed.

  11. Doug says:

    Sorry, Horatiu go ahead and delete that. I was overwhelmed with incredulity and boredom.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      LOL that was a little harsh….as long as there are no insults, you know that I let people express their opinions….being a civilized blog it’s what makes a good community

    • Doug says:

      Well, I hope it’s interpreted to be a joke, but …. both jokes and actual arguments don’t seem to be translating well here for some reason. In any rate, obviously if it’s a disruption or in bad taste….

      • Horatiu B. says:

        It’s all good, let’s stay on the topic :)

      • Doug says:

        Right…. what was that, something about BMWs?

        Black Mans Wheels did mention something interesting about defects in metal, but I wasn’t sure what he was saying or what that story was.
        “the news forgot to tell the people of the usa was that metel were at fault with some of it designs. whos cutting corners now.”

        I can’t wait to debate it!

  12. Fongo Isn't My Name says:

    I guess my original point albeit facetious was that I have concerns that BMW is manufacturing cars in China. Are those cars or even more important any parts coming to America in the near future? I doubt it. As Doug explained there are considerable quality control issues across China in an array of industries. Another issue I have is the Chinese government’s mandate that forces international corporations to create these joint ventures with their nationalized/private companies if these companies want to sell their cars in China, i.e. BMW, VW/Audi, Buick. If these companies choose to do so, then that’s their perogative and yes, it is a good revenue stream for BMW, but at what expense in the long term?

    BTW, Black Mans Wheels, do you really think if I lived in a trailor that I would be looking at a BMW site? Not that there’s anything wrong with that since these are the people you despise when they go off to fight our wars and free represssed people all over the world (look up our track record). I’m not going to insult you. I think your words speak to your intellect alone.

    You condemn this country just like this current president does more often than not, yet you have no idea of world facts. Yes, the U.S. has done bad things, but nothing in comparison to the current genocide in Africa (just a bit worse than slavery, don’t you think?), or how about the 40 million Chinese killed during the Mao Tse-tung communist revolution, or if that’s not high enough for you how about 60 million russians killed during Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror. You have no clue and no ability to measure historical relevancy. I don’t blame you though, you probably weren’t taught in school how to think freely.

    • Doug says:

      Is that just the auto industry, or have they targeted other markets for strategic collaboration?

      I really don’t quite understand how the sales incentive is enough for these companies to basically give away their technology and process. Presumably it could be lucrative in the future *if* China continues to grow and they have a foothold with manufacturing and distribution, but what’s to stop the government from imposing rules later, such as requiring that locally-acquired revenues be reinvested locally?

      BMW is likely expecting that their customer demographic will grow dramatically to consume all this manufacturing capacity. Is there a significant middle class that can inch upwards towards affluence?

  13. DEAN says:

    . Whats an old man with white hair got to do with anything GOD. LOL. He seems to be backing a godless china now. you are crazy and racist. I would just like to thank god for my wife my sons and my 4 bedroom house and my 2003 e46 black M3 lol. your life most so crap for you to be so full of hate. doug

    • Doug says:

      Actually, I love the E46 M3! It was all 10 of my “10 favorite BMWs”! How can you say I’m full of hate????? I love you, man! You are my brother!

      God wants racism, because that’s what drives competition of the species. It’s his way of steering the developing of the human species, over the millenia, into a race of giant atomic supermen that will conquer the universe and spread good american values to the distant reaches of space. Why do you think Bush wanted to go to mars?

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