Black painted 2011 BMW 5 Series test mule spotted again

Spy Photos | October 26th, 2009 by 9

With a month away from the official photos being released, 2011 BMW 5 Series test mules are spotted daily. The latest prototype gives us a …

With a month away from the official photos being released, 2011 BMW 5 Series test mules are spotted daily.

The latest prototype gives us a glance at the new 5 sporting black painted coat. The front fascia is almost fully unveiled, with the kidney grille and headlights showing us the final details.

The larger than usual kidney grille seen in the new 7 and 5GT has been toned down, but at the same time, it is wider than the current E60 model.

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The idea behind the new 5 Series was to design a car that looks expensive, but more modern and proportionate than a typical mid segment sedan. Despite the larger size, the new 2011 BMW 5 Series features a more dynamic and sleek styling.  Also, the wider track has helped integrating a wider twin kidney grille.

The new 5 features low roofline and short overhangs and it is evenly proportioned with a wider track to accommodate larger wheel-arches. This has been a visual problem with the E60 model when running on 16″ or 17″ wheels because it made the car look heavy.

While maintaining the class and sporty allure of a 5 Series, the new model will play an important part in the EfficientDynamics strategy. Several features of this technology will be available in the new 5, from brake energy regeneration to specially designed aerodynamics wheels.

The first official photos of the 2011 BMW 5 Series are rumored to be unveiled next month.

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9 responses to “Black painted 2011 BMW 5 Series test mule spotted again”

  1. jon H says:

    i like! a bit more understated than the e60 but i think it is a very good evolution.

    M5 will be a beast!

  2. Doug says:

    There’s something really weird about this. It does not resemble the 5GT(CS?) from the front. The grilles are too square, the headlights look wrong.

  3. Joe says:

    Yawnnnnn this has to be one of the safest cars BMW has ever designed.. BORING!!!

  4. Rad says:

    Not bad but yet too safe in my books. We’ll see at the reveal. The XF is much more appealing so far

  5. Adnan says:

    these headlights look ugly to me, too much like the current 3 series (not facelifted), hopefully this camo is just fooling me

  6. travelgeek says:

    I will until you really see it without camouflage or better in tin on the street. The more I see from the new 5 the more I like it. It sits low on the street, wider, more agressive.

    @Doug you are right – in contrast to an older picture it doesn´t resemble that much to the 7GT (I know 5GT) anymore. The 5GT is in-fact a 7 hatchback. I was amazed how much they share, seeing them side-by-side. The front i the same. The interior is also almost identical.

  7. Elio says:

    Although it looked fresh at the time, the current 5 looks very outdated now. So I’m looking forward to this new design. If it’s anything like the new 5 GT, it’ll be a good looker.

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