Column: Remember Your First Love?

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Have you ever thought about the first time you fell in love head over heals with a BMW? I’m sure it doesn’t take much for …

Have you ever thought about the first time you fell in love head over heals with a BMW? I’m sure it doesn’t take much for you to think back and reminisce. Whether you own one now, have owned one in the past or plan on owning one in the near future there has been a definitive moment when you saw a particular model BMW, old or new,… sighed and said “Wow, that is one gorgeous car…. I love BMWs!”

It impacted you so much, left such an impression on you that it drew the feeling of immediate affection for the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and implanted that image, or situation, in your head up until this day. Every time you see that particular model on the road it does a certain something to you. It draws your attention, gets your palms sweaty, manifestation and fantasy draw you far away from reality and it makes you think back “Ahhh I should have pulled the trigger!”

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For me it was back when I was in high school and I remember it vividly! I mean prior to this moment I’ve always loved cars and recognized BMWs as a great car, a drivers car and something of a rare breed but this moment… this very moment is when I fell in love with Bimmers. A friend of mine in a surrounding town would talk about his brothers car over and over. “Yea this thing is wicked fast…. He put an Alpine TV/head unit in it….. Light tints… H.I.D’s… Sweet sound system…..” His brother was much older than us so obviously he wasn’t going to hang out with high school kids! But on one glorious night his brother let him take the car out….

We we’re hanging out in a parking lot, as typical highschoolers who have nothing better to do, and in the parking lot rolls exactly the car he had always spoken of. I did a double take….the paint shined in the overhead halogen lights of the parking lot, time slowed to a creeping pause as he got out and grinned…..  I was in disbelief!

The car was an Estoril Blue E36 M3 coupe. My jaw dropped as I walked around the car and took in the beauty that was this autobahn burner. I open the door and see the gorgeous pantone process blue, pantone purple and pantone warm red M stitching on the seats…. the Alpine headunit glowing, the M logos on the mats…. it was gorgeous. As I shut the door and stand back I asked, “Did he drop it too?” My friend replied, “Nope, sitting stock.” I was in disbelief that something could come from the factory with such an aggressive stance, such fit and finish. The car was parked and it looked like it was going 120mph, I fell in love!

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From that moment on, every time I see an E36 M3 in Estoril Blue it grabs me by the ears and yells directly into them with the sound of  240 hp coming from a 3.2 liter inline 6 and begs for my attention. That was my defining moment when I fell in love with BMWs and everything the brand stands for. I’m sure there are many of you out there who have had a very similar moment in time where a BMW has stolen your heart so lets hear it! Share your moment in the comments section.

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31 responses to “Column: Remember Your First Love?”

  1. Andrei M says:

    I do remember too …
    It was a 320i E36 sedan . I was amazed to see how well it drives and feels , with 150 horses and my license 3 days old .. was fun :D

  2. Sorry To see you guys only had 240HP from that 3.2 not that much over the 328’s 193… over here in europe we got the full 321 hp from the 3.2l block!

    • Alvin Wong says:

      Lucky. Euro spec gets all the good stuff…USDM is lame.

    • _Auday_ says:

      it’s a different engine unfortunately. The Euro spec S50 is a real M engine with 6 throttle bodies and high revving. The S52 is not really an M engine, it’s not that different from the M50/M52 with a single throttle body and peak HP at 6000.

  3. c.o says:

    i remember it was the e23 735i of my father!

    the e36 looks very good! nice color nice weels ;)

  4. My uncle’s Red E30 325i Coupe …. just amazing

  5. Eric says:

    328i E36. Still have it in my garage, that’s my fun car :) (other than my current 5er)

  6. Alex says:

    I am living my first love :). It’s a 2005 E90. The first time I got to sit in one was at an auto show, and man it felt amazing. The perfect driving position, that M steering wheel .. just perfect. It always caught my eyes on the street, until it got out of my visual range. And it steel does, even now that I have one. I wave to every E90 owner I meet on the road :)

  7. Yariv says:

    I rmbr being 7years old in the backseat n experiencing the blitz n whiplash of a dakkar yellow e36 m3 …that was the moment i became emotionally attachd to the greatest cars on earth bmw M cars.brilliant.

  8. Alex says:

    I’ll make sure I owned an E38 7er in the near future…my love….

  9. dennis says:

    for me its the current 3 series coupe E92…When i first saw it on tv back in 2006, i was like WOW. this is it… its definatly the one… hopefully i can still own one in the near future.

  10. Tiago Santos says:

    Old 1602 of my father and an E30 white cabrio

  11. adc says:

    I’ve always admired the old school 6 series – so long, wide and impossibly elegant in & out. (For the time, at least :). But the moment I truly fell for BMW is when, coming from a long line of VAG cars, I drove my first E36 M3… love at first drive. I still sigh when I see a well cared for example on the road.

  12. Jorge says:

    Mine was my best friends Mom’s 1989 E34 525i that was parked in their Garage. The next morning they picked me up before school started and I just remember how speical it felt riding in it to school. ahhhhh it was love at first site. :)

    Few years after when I could finally start to drive I really wanted an E36 325i 4-door in Green or red with a tan leather interior.

    I have to say that now this day my all time favorite BMW would be a 1997-2000 E39 BMW 528i or 540i. Those cars still till this day take my breath away.

  13. madalin ilinca says:

    The passion for BMW cars started with in 1997 after reading a test comparison betwen Audi A4,BMW 318is and Mercedes C180 in Automotorundsport number.After that the most important moment was the presentation of the BMW X5 on

  14. sheqel says:

    As a kid, I always bought into the snide comments that a BMW was just a badge for snobs.

    That was until I went for a drive in a mate’s dad’s E32 wide-grill 730iL V8. It was then that I understood what the marque was about. The vehicle was exceptionally well built, faster than it had any right to be, and rode and handled better than any car I’d ever been in.

    The first BMW I truly fell in love with was my first. An E34 535iM. It was exceptionally fast (after a couple of basic modifications), and out-handled most cars on the road. It still looked fresh and got compliments where ever I went. I’m still very sorry I sold that car. Since then I’ve had another E34 535iM and an E34 530iM (V8), but they’re not the same as that first love.

  15. What a nice car!
    I would only change the read badges on the rims…


    • Mike Messer says:

      The red center caps (i believe) cost extra from BBS. Very nice LM’s!
      It’s a beautiful car, only thing i would change would be to Euro-lights. I wish I could trade my 325xi in and get a ’96 E36 M3 (my dad would actually kill me, haha).

      • Mike Messer says:

        And I would have to say my favorite is actually 3 different models…E36 coupe, E39, and the E31. My passion started in ’97 when my dad got his first e39 528i, then he moved to a ’01 E46 330xi zsp, then to a ’02 E39 530i zsp, then his current car (’97 E31 840ci) and my current car (’03 325xi zsp).
        BMW will be in my family for years to come. Not only because of the styling and performance, but also the safety. My dad’s second E39 saved his life when a drunk put him into the k-barrier doing 65-70mph (this also the reason my dad has an 8 now).

  16. JAV says:

    For me it was also the E36 M3 but the rare 4 DR Black 1998 model. IT looked just perfect and it’s almost neutral handling was something to die for.. I was able to take it for a test ride and i hesitated before but calling back the next week only to be told it was sold to a doc.. the doc payed more than what i offered and he got the car..

    BUT 4 years later, i purchased my first BMW and notably a 2000 jet black E39 M5 from Chicago and drove it home to VA.. The best 700+ miles i have ever driven at one time in any car!!! I knew i made the right choice when a red E36 wanted to race me outside Chicago 15 min after i bought the car! What a car.. I eagerly await the F10 2011 or 2012 M5.

  17. James Prisby says:

    1994 525i. its my second and current car. it was definitely love at first drive and i plan on fixing it up to full potential. its beautiful and feels like it hugs me everytime i get it. i love it.

  18. Rockerfeller says:

    I love my E36 328i, every time I see it, I think what a beautiful car…

  19. Damien says:

    The E36 for sure! Still remember the Fina cars… Love at first sight!

  20. Doug says:

    Why do I feel old at the young age of 28? I first fell in love with an e21 323i…had that sporting stance, Alpina style rims, twin exhaust…yummy. This was when e30’s were nearing the end of their life. An e21 ended up being my first Beemer after a Holden VC Commodore from the same era.

  21. Memad3600 says:

    i have E36 M3 >>>> it so mad about it .. 

  22. Ken says:

    It all started two years ago, when I was sitting in my friends brand new Toyota Corolla. And as he took off from the lights, I realised that my mum’s 1997 318is E36 was miles ahead of that piece of junk. It had style, it had comfort, it had performance that was and still is ahead of many cars. A truly timeless car. I fell in love with BMW’s when i got home and began to appreciate the beauty of the car. Needless to say, I recently bought a 92 318is for myself, one of the best purchases I have ever made, still turns heads everywhere I go.

  23. Maria B says:

    Yes! Of course I remember perfectly, yet there are 2 vehicles that own my heart. Since I was like, I don’t know, 4, I wanted a mini cooper, one day I was at my dads office when I was about 14 and one of his clients had a mini cooper s chili, god I remember how special or was just to get to hold the key in my hands, he let me go inside the car and I was just amazed by everything around me. I actually got to have a mini cooper chili myself, double sunroof, sport seats, I can’t even explain how much I loved that car. Since that car every time I see a mini my heart races.
    The second one, my dad had a 2009 5series sedan. I remember the that car perfectly, it was so elegant, with so much presence, yet it still had an air of sporty and viciously fast (because it was). I mow am lucky enough to own a 2007 golden 5 series sedan leather Dakota Veneto beige interiors, 13″ wheels, that I would not change for anything in my life. Every time I hear that double beep as I’m unlocking it my heart fills with pride, I smile, and realize how lucky I am for being able to own the ultimate driving machine.

  24. RuelSpot says:

    How can I forget……

  25. BMW M3 Hq says:

    For sure, how can I forget…? The BMW M3 E36 was my first introduction to ///M Performance.

    For me, the E30 M3 represented BMW Motorsport beginning in offering a new type of sports car, as it relates to style, design and handling.

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