New rendering of next generation 2011 BMW 6 Series

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While there is an abundance of BMW 5 Series spy photos, the next generation 2011 BMW 6 Series test mules are laying low for now. …

While there is an abundance of BMW 5 Series spy photos, the next generation 2011 BMW 6 Series test mules are laying low for now. The new 6er is scheduled to be revealed in the second half of next year with sales beginning in 2011.

To substitute the lack of spy shots, several renderings artists have been putting their skills to use in creating some new renders of what they believe the next 6 Series would look like. While the previous computer generated images were all based on the CS Concept design language, this latest image takes an unique approach, despite some Z4 design influences.

But what do we really know about the next 6 Series?


Well, for starters, it will come in three flavors: Coupe, Convertible and the almighty M6. Also, the 2011 BMW 6 Series is slightly longer and wider than the current generation. The overall 6 Series appearance will carry over, BMW has mentioned that the new 6 will be evolutionary and keeping the premium sport car image from the current model. As signaled by BMW’s new CS concept, the automaker will be abandoning its awkward trunk design features in favor of a more streamlined design. It will have shorter overhangs and a lower roofline which implicitly gives the car a more muscular look.

The headlights will resemble in some ways the ones from the CS Concept, which is good news for the die hard CS fans. We also expect a larger than usual front-grille, a trend seen in the latest models.

The 2011 6-Series will offer more legroom for rear passengers. At the same time, it will get a sportier cockpit with a more driver oriented console layout, a trend seen in the most recent BMW models or concepts.

To give us even more hope, according to BMW North American CEO, Jim O’Donnell, the next next 6-series coupe and convertible will be radically different from the current cars’ styling. He agrees that the current 6-Series is very polarizing due to the “Bangle butt” it carries, but the redesigned 6er, will be a “super sleek” vehicle.

Best-looking BMW in years, says U.S. chief.

17 responses to “New rendering of next generation 2011 BMW 6 Series”

  1. KidrauhlM5 says:

    Well I have to agree with that… It’s certainly the best looking BMW!!!

  2. clast says:

    it doesn’t flow…that arch over the back tire is out of place

  3. Matt Stokes says:

    I’d like to see something more agressive than that.. It looks good, but more like a Z4 thats eaten too many pies.

    The E63 6 series has been one of the biggest let-downs of recent years from BMW. I love the shape, and the back-end, but the ‘face’ has always been wrong IMO. I adore the E24 and I want to see BMW bring back something as timeless as the old 6 was!

  4. Andrei M says:

    Actually it looks like a copy of a MB CL . I don’t like it

  5. joe says:

    i agree. just a copy of cl 500 with a bmw batch

  6. I would buy it, but if they’re not going to do an 8 series, I’d like to see that design language on the new 6 series. Otherwise, though, it’s great.

  7. Phong Vt says:

    No no, i don’t like this concept ..

  8. Artmic says:

    the front is great, the back needs work.

  9. L1ndja says:

    well good to see someone making these renderings and taking a different approach from the ones seen so far.I think that it doesn’t look too bad but the actual one must be at least 10times better looking and im confident it will.But i have to say,i just dont like the z4 front,the car must be unique and it must be bigger as in the photo i guess

  10. X5 SoB says:

    Nice drawing, probably not at all like the real design, I don’t understand why you guys get your panties all in a bunch over a rendering.

  11. a stretched Z4 with a weird wheel arch..not a very nice rendering.

  12. viper says:

    not exciting….someone said the back looks like the CL…never , such car cant be compared with bmw 6 , the mighty CL is as big as 7 series and heay as S class , this bmw may come in a smaller package but I doubt it will have any similarity with the cl *which in my opinion is worth 2 bmws 6 , take two m6s

  13. Baron Axel says:

    It’s look great new model…I agree…I hope for bmw all series give a new tuch in sensation interior…other compatitors likes MB, Audi..etc…they have give luxury interior…thanks alot. I am from Indonesia.

  14. :p says:

    This is only a rendering but I think it looks great. Yea the back looks like the CL in this pic. By the way the CL is a S class coupe

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