What’s Your Next BMW?

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In the past ten years, there has been at least a BMW in my garage and almost all of them were 3 Series. I started …

Whats Your Next BMW?

In the past ten years, there has been at least a BMW in my garage and almost all of them were 3 Series. I started out with a manual BMW E30 318i Coupe, the successor of the BMW E21 and replaced later by the BMW E36. While not the hottest 3er in the history of BMW, the 318i held a special place in my heart and has been a car that connected me to the brand.

Whats Your Next BMW?

Powered by a 4-cylinder engine outputting 113 horsepower and 100 lb-ft torque, the 318i was far from being the fastest BMW I’ve driven, but its smaller footprint and handling has won me over.

Fast forwarding a few years, I was ready to let go the E30 and jump into one of these E46 bodystyles that everyone has been bragging about. To get the best buying experience, I decided to take delivery of a BMW 325i at the Delivery Center in Munich  through the somewhat unknown at that time, BMW European Delivery program. If the E30 318i connected me to the brand, this program and the new car have totally won me over and most likely forever.

Whats Your Next BMW?

E46 325i was clearly an upgrade over my last model and the “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan was a perfect fit.

But three years later and I was ready again to move on and up. The twin-turbo engines have just rolled out and everyone was uber excited about them and the performance they deliver. When the Engine of the Year was awarded to the N54 several times, I was already on my way back from the bank. The 335i model has been “eyeing” me for months and just couldn’t resist the urge anymore. So, I decided to get again that amazing buying experience, but this time, doubled the pleasure. The new BMW Welt has just opened its doors and my Montego Blue 335i was patiently waiting for me.

Whats Your Next BMW?

In between these 3ers, a small SAV made its way into my garage: 2004 X3 3.0. A great family car with decent MPG, perfect for a crowded city like Chicago and a savior in our six months winters.

Now this brings me to my original question and I will go first at it. Next year, I’m planning on replacing the E90, but the options are far more extensive this time. Would I move up a class and get the new 5? Sure, that’s an option. Or should I go for that X6 35i that I fell for last year? Even better, how about that M3 Sedan that it’s one of the best Ms I’ve driven? There is always that extreme case where I could hold off for another two years and get ready for the next 3 Series….choices, choices and more choices….

But to summarize this, the new 5 is definitely my first option for now, followed closely by the M3 E90.

So, what’s YOUR next BMW?

  • Neal Pratt

    2006 M3 Convertible. Alpine White on Red.

  • Lboogy

    Monaco Blue Metallic 2010 335i 4-door….

  • monolith

    2010 550iGT Space Grey

  • Reziko Bitsadze

    If I was You I would either wait for Next 3-series Or I would Sell your 3er and x3 and buy X6 5.0

  • elementz

    2010 X5 space grey

  • BmwM5Fan

    x5 4.6is

  • Chris

    2011 X1 until the 1 Series Super Sport (or tii or whatever they call it) appears.

  • clast

    2011 M5(F10) Space Grey

    • ///M3 Guy

      I like the way you think man!

  • Ham

    I am waiting on a delivery of an 09 750li Mineral White / Oyster Nappa…
    The car is in transit from NC and hopefully it will be here today so I can take delivery on Monday!

  • Ramon Juarez

    F10 M5 Vermilion red (the best color for a BMW)

  • Popi

    X6 M red

  • Jeremy

    2012 F30 Diesel (Touring, if one is available in the US!)

  • Adnan

    2005 e60 520i

  • bunker

    Hopefully, the new 3er GT…unless it looks like the hunchback from notre dame.
    If it does, it will be a 328i Touring with the M Sport package.

  • Marc

    Hopefully E36 M3

  • L1ndja

    Well guys im not as wealthy as you are and its going to be my first car but im going to get a 320i e46.Im happy with it
    PS: its an inline 6 so that it really has a great sound.

    • Horatiu B.

      Don’t worry, we’re not either :) but we do have some great lease programs in the U.S. and that helps.

      • L1ndja

        hahahah well nice that you do but i don’t haha..I live in Kosova..and i don’t think you know where that is.But here its a pretty decent car.Im happy.Hope you get yours and i love that 325i you got e46

  • Ricardo

    2010 Alpine white X5 M

  • guest
  • Alexander Phillippe

    I really like the 335d, and I’d love to have one because of the torquey diesel engine, but I know I’m too big to fit in it comfortably. Either that or I just want more room than it has. So more than likely I’ll go all out and get a 760Li once I graduate from my trade school, and get a good paying job. Or an Alpina B7.

    Yes, it is more important than having my own house :P

    • wazon

      335d is great car and I spend a lot of time in it travelling in Germany. Huge torgue, great power and small fuel consumption. It’s certainly the best diesel I’ve ever seen and driven. However, since I’ve switched to 335i, I have to admit that nothing can replace ability to reving high which neighter of diesels have, altough 35d is amongst the highest rev. diesels ever made.

  • fiasco

    i would rather go for the nicest sav of all time,the X6!

    • ///M3 Guy

      And the only SAV of all time

  • Marius

    E38 2001 740I manual with 20″ alpina rims and KW coilover.. With a ESS supercharger :) Cant wait.. In my eyes, the E38 is the most beautifull car, BMW ever made :) But, thats just my opinion.. All BMW is nice.. Unless the 315 :/

  • 100$ GUY

    320i E46 has an inline six? How so L1ndja?

    • wazon

      Isn’t it? I had 330ci (e46), but as far as I remember 320i e46 was inline 6. I would even say that I’m sure that it’s inline 6.

  • Auday

    “While not the hottest 3er in the history of BMW”???!!!, oh Horatiu!!!
    I would deeply disagree with this statement. The E30 is the definition of the 3er and the most successful jump BMW ever made from one generation to the other. I have an E36 and E46 cars so I’m not biased. But really the E30 is THE 3er… all 3ers that followed lived on the reputation of the E30 as the definition of the small sport sedan. Also it’s design will always remain the most rememberable BMW!

    The 318is 1991 E30 is probably one of the best BMWs I’ve ever driven (and I’m currently driving an E46M3, but still that feeling of the 318is is missed).

    As for the next car, I think the E90 M3 and the new 5er are completely different cars, so it all depends on what you want. Personally I will go for the M3 as I think the new 5er will be a lame Lexus like car even in its M5 from.

    • Giom

      Everything you said sounds educated and smart. Until, “… the new 5er will be a lame Lexus like car even in its M5 from.” Thats just plain silly! And you know it. Why would you even make a comment like that? But, its ok, you do say very strange stuff from time to time.

  • Horatiu B.

    I guess it all comes down to personal preference. I still believe the E36 was a better model, from all angles, but you’re right, the jump from E30 to E36 was smaller than from previous generations.

    I honestly liked the 318i, but it was a bit too small for my size and not as elegant as the E36 for example.

    Now the E46 is still my favorite 3er, that car gave me everything I wanted to, even though it didn’t have 300hp.

    But hey, we’re here to agree and disagree, right? :) It makes for a good conversation.

    And yes, M3 and next 5, total different cars, but here at the things that I look when buying a BMW these days:

    1. Need 4 door, even though love the coupe
    2. Need interior space (both offer that, of course, the 5 gives you more)
    3. Performance – M3 most likely will be faster, but a 550i won’t sound too bad.

    • Giom

      It’s funny how we percieve things differently. To me, E36 was the ground breaking design. It was the first BMW to cover the headlamps under one lens. It was the first car to feature the ‘bubble’ design. It won plenty design awards and it was copied ba all.

      Strangly enough, having said all that, E30 nowadays looks better to me than E36…

      • Auday

        Giom, yeah “lame” might be a harsh word, but you know what I mean and it’s undeniable.

        • Giom

          Actually, I don’t know what you mean, cause you can’t be taken seriously when you make such statements without knowing what the car will look like or be like. Furthermore, Lexus and BMW is not in the same league, how can you mention both in the same sentence?

          • Auday

            As Horatiu put it, people will have all kinds of different opinions and statements, some will agree with it others will disaggree and debate it objectively and some others would not take it seriously and consider it silly. Thats how it is, so nothing to worry about.

            Lexus is in the same market of BMW as in lots of people (at least uin USA) consider buying a Lexus when they buy a BMW or a Mercedes, they are not that far price wise and features wise. IMO the only thing that keeps BMW far from being compared to Lexus (and BMW M to Lexus F) is the sport biased priorities of the BMW versus the comfort biased Lexus, but BMW is step by step moving closer to Lexus (and the market needs) by prefering comfortable rides and features over sportiness.
            Thats my explination of what I meant, feel free to not take it seriously or to consider it silly :)

    • Auday

      I see what you mean, yes the E30 was small, and features/luxury wise it wasn’t particularly the brightest 3er, and I agree that the E36 made the jump in that department. But the E30 was the peak in terms of tuned chassis that provided perfect handling and feedback, and was very tight and stiff compared to the prev generations. The 318is was the peak of the peak (spare the M3e30) as this light car with condensed weight near the center , stiff suspension and tight steering wheel felt really like a go kart.

      I still enjoy my 95 E36, and when I step down from it to get into my friend’s 2008 E90 I don’t really feel that I’m going from a 15 years old car that worths $7k to a brand new car that worths well over $50k. And I totally agree that the E30 doesn’t feel the same here, it feels old and lacks that luxury feeling, but man it’s a great car.

      The 550i will be fast in straight lines, and probably will handle well as any other BMWs but I doubt it will be anything like the M3. The current gen 5er is already losing that touch of sportiness, so my guess is that the next one will be farther into BMW surge of providing more comfy and less sporty cars.

  • sam

    Just got a E92 M3! :)

    • ///M3 Guy


    • BmwM5Fan

      Congratulations man!

    • wazon

      So you became an owner of one of greatest car on market that I wish to have myself. Nice! Could you say which gear box you chose?

  • ///M3 Guy

    I will wait for the next M6
    Silver exterior with Red interior :-)

  • Giom

    My next car will be 530d GT. And I cannot wait!

  • badger

    i would highly recommend you to wait and get the new 5er.
    it may be the best bmw yet!

  • Alexandru

    E90 M3 Sedan. The perfect car. 5 Series is too big.
    P.S. Sell your current E90 to me :P

  • Axelsaurus

    I recently bought a E89 Z4 sDrive35i (sapphir schwarz, DKG, full leather) instead of a E46 330i.

  • Mário Vágó

    For me Silver Gray BMW M3 CSl (e46)
    For my girlfriend marakesh brown BMW X1 xdrive 23d

  • wazon

    I wait on what new 5-er will offer.

  • Russell

    My next BMW will be a Maserati… The GranCabrio is bound to replace the 650i given that the new 6er won’t have a trunk/boot. It’s either that or the E-series convertible, but as a serious BMW fan I don’t think I could buy a Merc. My next real BMW will be the X5 facelift – a 4.4TT assuming one is available. I’m hoping they bring out a colour like Kalahari in the faceift (like they did last time), but any gold/sandstone colour would do.

  • Michael

    2010 BMW 335d Sedan

  • Stjepan Šandor

    Hardly MY new BMW, but I guess that our next one is the used 530d or a new X1 xDrive 20d

  • john

    i am 17 and just got a 09 328xi sedan monaco blue and ill tell you right now in 5 years i plan on getting either the newer 335 xi or d, the sport 1 series, or an x5 m. BMWs are soo beautiful i love mine

  • Matt Stokes

    Not sure what my next BMW will be… the E28 is approaching 250k miles and now needs a little TLC!

  • daniel

    2009 Bmw 330xd

  • Tiago Santos

    E90 Coupe/Cabrio 320d

  • SAM

    X6 red

  • Lee

    5 series diesel if it comes out before 2012. Otherwise Tesla Model S.

  • krarim salama

    for me its the new X6M

  • A R Ansari

    I have never owned a car in my life, so Inshallah I Would be buying my favourite BMW car in 2011 in my country if my budget permits me to buy one BMW, the models that I have setup my eyes on are BMW 3 Series Sedan, BMW 5 Series Sedan and BMW 7 Series Sedan.

    The colours which I have on my list are Alpine White with Black interiors or Black with whatever interior colour I like, it depends on my my taste.

    BMW 5 and 3 Series Sedan fits my budget perfectly, but I need — Power, Comfort Luxury, Safety and Good Road Presence etc which I can get in a BMW 7 Series Sedan.

    If I am unable to buy a BMW car then I would have to opt out for an Audi Q7 SUV, which I think is also a fantastic car and is my second favourite brand after BMW.

    The Audi Q7 along with BMW is on my wishlist, it will be best day of my life when I order and take the delivery of the car.

    Till then I haveto wait for 2011.

  • Nizer

    Nothing of interest from BMW coming down the pipe from at the moment. Maybe they’ll get smart and deliver a cutting edge design like the CS Concept but for now everything announced recently is too boring.

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