Group Photo: BMW “X-Family”

BMW X5 | October 15th, 2009 by 22
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This year, the BMW X family has added a new member: the new entry-level SAV, X1. With the upcoming launch of this new model, BMW …

This year, the BMW X family has added a new member: the new entry-level SAV, X1. With the upcoming launch of this new model, BMW releases a series of photos showing the members of the X-family.

While the X5 and X6 are not due for a redesign for a few more years, the first generation X3 is ready to retire. The new, redesigned and improved model, will be launch early next year and will leave its entry-level spot to the X1, a vehicle available in the European market.

As you can see in these photos, the X5 and X6 front-end already share some common elements and even more when the X5 facelift is unveiled. The X1 is part of the latest BMW design language and some design cues are imported from the new 7 or 5 GT. Following the same path, we expect the new X3 to have a front-end close to the X1.

P90052188 655x436So let us leave you with a question: if money would be no objection, which one of the following X models would you choose?

22 responses to “Group Photo: BMW “X-Family””

  1. Edox says:

    X5 right here! The perfect SUV from the X family

  2. shinseiki says:

    great color!!!

  3. Josh B says:

    X5 would be my preferance

  4. Matt Stokes says:

    X6 of the M variety!

  5. Petko says:

    I would choose X1. When comes the new generation of X3, I suppose it will be the X3.
    X5 and X6 are great cars, I admire them, but they’re too big!

  6. dennis says:

    for me it would would be the one and only X6. and maybe the x1 after that… but overall beautiful pictures, beautiful colours and beautiful CARS.

  7. Matt Stokes says:

    I’ve still got no love for the X1. It is still along way down the list of BMW’s that I’d want to own, roughly the same level as a E36 316ti. Not that the X1 won’t be great.. it’s just so damn ugly!

  8. Radu Muresan says:

    Hy, I have been following your blog for some time, I really like the X1 it’s just the perfect size, small enough for crowded cities, and large enough to take the snowboarding equipment :) Hopefully one day I will buy one.

  9. Parker says:

    X5M! I love that car.

  10. Vaybach Khan says:

    x6 is freak…but more realistic i would like x1 from entire bmw crew…

  11. Prussian says:

    in the side view the X1 looks much bigger than i had thought

  12. X6 3.5 diesel thankyou.

  13. Ehsan says:

    I think that in top view x6 is very nice……….

  14. Lance says:

    The most modern is the X6 and X1. Considering the fact that X6 is so much upper class, X6 is the one for me.

  15. Ramon Juarez says:

    Tough….but I’m sure the new X3 will be great so an X3!!!!

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