Autobild renders a possible BMW CS or 8 Series

Rumors | October 15th, 2009 by 23
abcs 750x500 Autobild renders a possible BMW CS or 8 Series

If the multiple rumors for this week weren’t enough, a new one has just showed up on our radar. The famous rendering artist over at …

If the multiple rumors for this week weren’t enough, a new one has just showed up on our radar. The famous rendering artist over at Autobild, Huckfeldt, has created a new computer generated image of what they call “the new BMW CS or 8 Series”.

Before we dive into these news, keep in mind that these are just simply rumors and speculations at this point, and we have not heard anything else through different channels, but it is still our duty to report them.

A year ago, BMW announced the cancellation of the highly awaited BMW CS, the concept that made waves ever since its unveiling at the Shanghai Motor Show.

abcs 655x391 Autobild renders a possible BMW CS or 8 Series

More recently, some sporadic rumors came afloat mentioning a possible revival of the CS Concept, but branded under a different name. One rumor refers to the CS as the 7 Series CS or even 8 Series, a vehicle built on the same platform as the F01 models.

To make things even more confusing, in 2008, the news of a BMW 8 Series GT kept the headlines of several auto publications, but BMW never confirmed or denied the news.

Huckfeldt has been known for years as someone close to BMW sources, but his design renderings have not always been spot on and looking at the image below, we believe it’s simply a design exercise rather than being based on actual facts.

It will be interesting to follow the news in the next days and see if anyone confirms or denies the article on Autobild.

[Source: Autobild ]
  • Mauro Corti

    Never, NEVER seen something so horrible in bmw car lineup, NEVER.

  • AUL

    doesn’t look like anything special.

  • dennis

    i think it looks brilliant! that actually looks good to me.

  • Matt Stokes

    Slow news week for Autobild or the way overated Huckfeldt needed another paycheck.

    • Horatiu B.

      Yeah, I don’t see the car looking this way. I really hope the CS will make a comeback with its original design. It was amazing

      • Mike Messer

        That car really looks horrid. And it can not be a 8 because the 8 is a 2+2 coupe. I think it would extremely stupid for BMW to name that an 8 series, let along build it.
        I really hope you’re right Horatiu and Matt.

  • Kyle

    any re-invention of the blessed E31/ 8-series had better only have 2 doors. anything else is a slap in the face to what the 8-series is all about… I have not seen one concept yet that looks worthy of the 8-series badge

  • Phong Vt

    look boring.
    CS is 1000 times better.

  • wazon

    Headlight are totally different from recent BMW design language. Lights in front bumper are closer to MB design than to BMW’s. There won’t be BMW looking like this one.

  • Vaybach Khan

    i think that the revival of cs concept will be the next 6 series gt,and if they ever make 8 series it should be bmw super car….

  • viper

    where does this bullshit come from , why play with these things , it looks horrible and if its 8 series why does it have four doors then…..if bmw is gonna make another 8 series aka CL rival a big 2 door luxury coupe it should be based on the 7 series something with price above 760 , but if they gonna make a 4 door coupe why call it 8 its two different worlds , example cl and cls share nothing

  • MC

    For what it’s worth, the Bild cover reads “New BMW CS (page 8)”; “Seite” means “page” in this context. Of course, the other information would lend credence to the new 8-Series rumor, but the Bild cover makes does not directly imply this.

  • Doug

    The lines and proportions — to me — put it in the 3-series. It’s too mature for a 1, not muscular enough for a 5/6 and not refined or subdued enough for a 7/8.

    They really need a real “kerpow!” design for the next 3, and this is a good application of the current design notions to the 3. I like that the shoulder crease is resolved at the headlights, but… they look vaguely borrowed from the vision, and need a lot more character specific to this model. The front intakes are a little busy, too.

  • Tan

    better than 5 series gt

  • Vic

    The CS looks pretty cool, but I want to see an 8 series concept that resembles the old 8 series. I want to see those special headlights that go up, with a smooth round body, which say maybe a E60 style tail light.


    will see &will buy
    it nice bout wr it.
    i want to buy one .

  • n8n

    In my opinion BMW should build a big COUPE – competitor to Mercedes CL – and name it 8-series. As we all remember, the 8-series was an exclusive, luxury coupe – perfect competition to CL.