BMW M3 Coupe with KERS being tested or street-version of M3 GT4?

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Another day and rumors around future BMW models. If yesterday the headlines were kept by the rumored 135i Supersport model, today we have an even …

Another day and rumors around future BMW models. If yesterday the headlines were kept by the rumored 135i Supersport model, today we have an even more fascinating story to share.

The folks over at MotorAuthority posted a few spy shots of a BMW M3 Coupe with race car elements. Back in July, the new head of M Division, Dr. Kay Segler, hinted on a street-version of the current M3 GT4 racecar. In May, the BMW M3 GT4 made its debut at the legendary Nurburging endurance race.

These latest spy photos reveal some racing elements: front bumper with larger air intakes and rear wing.


Now here is where it gets more interesting. Some websites are reporting that the car seen in these photos is also testing the KERS system that will be implemented in the new M5 as well. So, are we really looking at the GT4 or an upgrade to the M3 Coupe?

This is definitely a story to keep an eye on and we’re hoping to hear more soon.


[Photos: MotorAuthority ]

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  • Doug

    Interesting… for E90 they’d presumably still use the V8, which seems like a strange combination considering the overall weight and BMW’s direction in performance-thru-efficiency.

    Surely this won’t be available on the current-generation M3 (new 5 more plausible)… or did they plan for KERS’ readiness in this generation?

  • Auday

    Horatiu, do you have any info on how the KERS would work? is it an electrical recovery system motor/generator on the flywheel like F1?

    • Doug

      On the engine flywheel? I thought BMW’s KERS had its own flywheel (combined with generator/motor).

    • Horatiu B.

      I don’t have the full details on KERS, but I know it uses similar technology as in the F1 car.

  • Ted Spahr

    That rear wing is ridicules! Why in the world would BMW ever put that wing on a M3… With all the aero tech. they have and the big wind tunnel at Hinwill, WHY!?!?! Hopefully this won’t make it on the production model, if there ever is such a thing.

  • Parker

    How do we know that its not just some guy running the ring in his kitted up M3 with black wheels?

  • Matt Stokes

    Yeah, I’m with Parker on this one…

    Where is the evidence that this maybe fitted with kers?, to me the intakes all look the same size as usual… and aside from the front lip and the bolt on rear wing this looks no different? IIRC the M3 GT4 did not have any bodywork changes either.

    A road version of the GT4 car seems prettty crazy as GT4 class is all about racing road cars with minimal differences.

  • Harmonica

    Agreed. If this was a concept vehicle, it would have the swirly stickers covering 40% of the car. And no way BMW lets anything out of it’s doors with a wing best suited for a Honda Civic.

  • Lboogy

    Cant wait for the new M5 and M3 with
    KERS technology! BMW is always reaching new boundaries.

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  • Ted Spahr

    Also, don’t they always cover up the roudel when there doing any testing?

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