Latest rendering: BMW 3 Series Coupe E92 Facelift

3-Series | October 11th, 2009 by 15

Based on the latest spy photos circulating around the web, the german magazine Auto Motor und Sport is giving us their latest rendering of the …

Based on the latest spy photos circulating around the web, the german magazine Auto Motor und Sport is giving us their latest rendering of the upcoming BMW 3 Series Coupe facelift. As we have mentioned several times before, both the coupe  and convertible will be receiving a minor facelift.

The changes begin at the front-end with a new set of headlights featuring a different “eyebrow”, similar to what we see on the sedan model.A revised front-end bumper will be available as well. At the rear, new LED lights are making their way into the facelift model, along with a redesigned bumper.

Judging by past spy photos, the side mirrors suffered some changes as well.

Latest rendering: BMW 3 Series Coupe E92 Facelift The exterior changes are accompanied by a revised interior design as well. The 2011 3 Series Coupe and Convertible will receive the ConnectedDrive system which allows for in-car internet access. An improved trim and a new center armrest are rumored to appear as well.

No word on the engine changes, but we hope to see either the upgraded N54 powerplant or the all new N55 (twin scroll turbo).

The two facelifted models will be available at local dealerships in April 2010.

  • dennis

    i think if the actuall facelift will look like this its gonna look great, im feeling the new front bumper… BUT it pains me to say this… what have bmw done with the front lights!?…. the current coupe 3 series has thee most PERFECT shaped lights at the front. they are moving away from this….

    • raduslaf

      i totally agree with u man.if bmw has a car which does not need a facelift this is the e92 for sure.not the light at all !

  • Tony

    I love Bimmers man,I really do,But BMW 3 series specially the coupes n convertibles always have to present the aggressive macho sense like if u got the nerves pass me,…But it looks like a friendly dog and I personally dont like it.Hope it looks meaner and better in an aggressive kind of way.:D

  • Bryce

    While this is exciting, it’s also a subtle reminder that the 2012 redesign is still more than 2 years away. This car looks sharp, but I’ll be waiting to see the 2010 5-series redesign or the 2012 3-series redesign. If the redesigns look as classy as the new 7 with the sportiness of the new Z4 then I think it’ll be worth the wait. Although, I’m still not sure how I feel about the coupes and sedans having different designs.

  • Timur

    Strange line of headlamps. I don’t like it.

  • Doug

    When is the next generation of the 3-series due out?

    Not that this isn’t nice… it just appears to be a very small change. The E46 ci revision also modified the taillights of the coupe as I recall, will this be the case here?

  • Soein

    ahahahahahahah the front is passat………

    • Mike

      HAHA yea dude…a Passat or a Sebring!!

  • PauloVF

    I´m glad i bought the pre-LCI version of my E92!!!! GOD!! Those lights are awful… it makes the car less mean…less sporty!

  • Shane Giumarello

    Horrible, I don’t know how those designers can sleep at night! I like the pre-lci better, it’s PERFECT!

  • viper

    looks the same

  • E46 M3

    The E46’s timeless design will never be beat. The banglized E92 looks look an abortion at best.

  • 335Fan

    I’m happy i bought the 2009 Coupé version. I don’t find this brings added value to the look.

  • :p

    Bangled BMWs are leaving. the new Fxx is replacing the line up. No facelift please, just the new engine and the wifi.

  • dambmw

    I replied on the wrong post, but it would be nice if current 2009 owners that have the new i-drive could upgrade to get connected drive either by a software upagrade or a retrofit, has anyone heard any word on that. It would be nice to get email in the car while traveling.