Video: Next BMW M5 being tested at Nurburgring

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After watching the video below, we’re almost positive that the next generation BMW M5 will be powered by a V8 twin-turbo. Some of you “old …

After watching the video below, we’re almost positive that the next generation BMW M5 will be powered by a V8 twin-turbo. Some of you “old schoolers” might still mourn over the phenomenal sound coming from the 5.0 liter V10 naturally aspirated engine, but truth is that the turbo “whistle and roar” is just as sexy. While naturally aspirated engines have been the soul of M cars for many years, the truth is that the new turbos offer some advantages that cannot be overlooked.

First, we have the immense torque at very low RPMs, with minimal turbo lag. Second, fuel economy is an important factor these days and another advantage of a turbo unit. Last, but not least, several professional tuners have praised the tuning potential that comes with these new engines and that gives them more room to experiment and improve their kits.

What we don’t know at this point is the power outcome from these V8 twin-turbo engines. Is the new M5 going to output the 555 horsepower we’ve seen in the X5M/X6M or is it going to reconfirm its status in the segment by upping the power numbers?

But for now, let’s recap some of the things we learned in the past about the 2012 BMW M5. The drivetrain of the F10 BMW M5 will feature a similar KERS system as the one found in the Formula 1 monoposts which will offer fuel savings technologies as well the ability to shut down cylinders while city driving. The KERS will also feature a boost button imported from the F1 cars that will allow the driver to unleash all the energy stored up.

Two gearboxes are being considered, an updated 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DCT) or a more advanced 8-speed SMG.

With the “regular” 5 Series launching early next year, the M5 F10 won’t be seen until a year later, most likely again at the Geneva Motor Show.

9 responses to “Video: Next BMW M5 being tested at Nurburgring”

  1. viper says:

    Im sure its going to be over 555hp , 555 is just not enough for competition , 600 and double that to Nm it could be the best M5 ever

  2. Auday says:

    M cars are not about just horse power, they are more about precision and control of that horse power. Turbo is just not the right engine for that. Ask any Porsche specialist and they will tell you that the hardcore Porsche is the GT3 because it’s naturally aspirated and lighter. Thats what M cars should be, more focused handling, naturally aspirated, and High-Revving. A Turbo M car is not the same M car, or lets say the meaning of M cars is different now.

    I agree that Turbo have an advantage in creating easy HP and Torque, and it saves fuel a little bit (nothing compared to shaving off 100kg of the car, especially in city driving). But turbo engines are just not as controllable as Naturally aspirated. A NA engine at certain RPM and certain throttle will always generate the same torque, while in a turbo engine this is not true, the speed of the turbo shaft at the moment is a factor, and that is not directly related to the RPM of the engine.

    As for KERS, it sounds like a totally marketing thing. How will this work? in F1 there is an electrical motor/generator connected to the drive line that recovers the kinetic energy into electricity stored in a heavy battery. Which is basically a hybrid system. how would the M5 do that? I mean really add a hybrid system just for the boost button?
    And Boost button? come on BMW!! what’s next an autofire button? a teleport button? this is getting silly.

    So no more manual? why?!!
    DCT is a great tranny for sure and it’s great for the track and for daily driving, but why removing the option of manual fun?!! also why 8spd SMG what would SMG have better than a DCT?

    • L1ndja says:

      I agree how can a turbo engine ever top the sound of an high reving bmw m engine?and F88ck all theese automatic gearboxes with 100-gears…

  3. clast says:

    it sounds like a jet….IM IN LOVEEEE

  4. John Pham says:

    I’m sure M Division will produce a great vehicle. The X5 M and X6 M are debatalbe, but when have M ever failed with any vehicle. We could argue that the M5 and M6 could have been a bit faster than its competition, but ever since the dawn of M – I’m in love…

  5. Babken says:

    I’m sure that M Specialists know better what kind of engines to put into their extraordinary cars- naturally aspirated or turbo engines. I can say just one thing: the next generation M5 will retain its title as the best sedan in the world. It’s M5 that generates the famous saying: M – the strongest letter.

    • Auday says:

      Babken, yes absolutely they do. But BETTER depends on the goals set to them by the corporate management, which is generally more profit (more sales, less cost), and that doesn’t necessarily mean a better car.
      IMO, apart from the awesome S85 engine of E60M5, the E39M5 is a better car, and it’s way more fun to drive. Just drive them back to back and you could easily tell that the E39 is more of a sport car than the E60. So M Specialists could go backward.

  6. 100$ GUY says:

    Whats with the GTR in the video?
    And no, 555 hp won´t cut it. For bragging rights. Marketing.

  7. Nizer says:

    Drop the weight and give us a smaller, more efficient naturally aspirated engine please. My 535i required a quart of oil and coolant top-up before 10k miles due to the heat generated from the turbos. That was with 300hp and straight six under the hood. Can’t imagine the heat and wear that 555hp and V8 in the same space will generate. Sure won’t be a motor you hang onto for 100k miles.

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