Spy Photos: 2011 BMW 5 Series F10 spied in Munich

Spy Photos | October 8th, 2009 by 9
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Spy photographers have been working overtime again and today, we have a new set of BMW 5 Series spy shots. Due to launch at Geneva …

Spy photographers have been working overtime again and today, we have a new set of BMW 5 Series spy shots. Due to launch at Geneva Motor Show in March 2010, the next generation 5 Series is in the final testing stage.

By entering the Final Evaluation Phase, the new 5 Series is going through a variety of testing scenarios to correct any issues that might arise in real life driving. The test mule still sports the funky BMW camouflage, but if our sources are correct, the first official photos will hit our inbox sometimes before year-end.

2011 BMW 5 Series grows a few inches both in length and width, but one of BMW’s goals was to keep the car at the current weight levels. To achieve this, extensive aluminum in the exterior panels have been used. The next 5 Series also uses a new all-steel chassis with some special techniques to process the steel tubes.

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While the front-end is not much of a secret anymore – corona ring white LEDs, larger grille and the aggressive bumper leaked earlier this year – the rear-end remains a mystery. None of the photoshops we’ve seen so far seem to come close to what the taillights design will look like and the design lines on the rear-bumper or trunk are still hidden underneath the tape.

The interior design shares some design elements with the 7 Series models, from the steering wheel with multi-control buttons to the beautiful dashboard and Black Panel tachometers. High quality materials are giving the new 5 Series interior a more luxurious feel and look.

Turbocharged engines will be the core of the new 5 Series line-up. The new 4.4L twin-turbo V8 from the X6 and new 550i GT will power the high-end 5er, but a variety of other turbo engines will be available as well, including diesel powerplants. A hybrid version is rumored to be in works as well, but it will be revealed at a much later date.

Not many 5 Series test mules have been spotted on U.S. soil so far, but moving into the winter, we expect to see some of them moving into the Californian desert.

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  1. Giom says:

    I must say, this car looks very sporty – compared to the GT. Both brake lights and head lights dip down toward the middle and the air intake for the brakes flares upwards towards the outside of the car. Very sporty!

    Also, just knowticed the way the back window is sunk into the frame. That’s interesting. I’ve never seen a window that far inward.

    Can’t wait to see this beauty for real!

  2. Babken says:

    Tremble with fear, e-class. The King is coming back soon.

  3. John Pham says:

    ^ Agreed. Should be some tough competition. Can’t wait for comparison!

  4. dennis says:

    this car will defintly own the e class

  5. Nizer says:

    Not feeling it. Front end will be an improvement over current 5 but other than that it’s same old, same old incremental design. Very slab-sided. Definitely not enough to get me out of my current 5. They need to bring Bangle back to shake things up.

  6. L. Hamilton says:


  7. E class will kill this anytime !!

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