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BMW X5 M | October 8th, 2009 by 7
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After giving us a great article on the new BMW X6 M, the fellows at Edmunds are returning with a review of the “other twin”, …

After giving us a great article on the new BMW X6 M, the fellows at Edmunds are returning with a review of the “other twin”, BMW X5 M. The X6 M seem to impress many people and we have to admit that we’re blown away by the phenomenal performance on 0-60 mph – 4.3 seconds.

But will the X5 M match this performance?

“After driving the 2010 BMW X5 M, there were numerous subtitles for this story bouncing around in our head. Because it was only a handful of years ago, when BMW introduced the 2004 X5 4.8is, that it said, “There will never be an M version of the X5,” we were tempted to write, “Never Say Never.”

2010 x5m actf34 bmw ft 500 5One blast down the drag strip in this 555-horsepower breadbox in Monte Carlo Blue had us shouting, “12-second SUV!” If we believed the rumor (and we don’t) that one of the primary reasons for the X5 M’s existence is to satisfy the conspicuously well-funded market among the mobsters in Russia, then we could’ve run with “From Russia With Love.”

Finally, one serene drive home on L.A.’s notoriously poorly constructed freeways where we discovered this X5 M’s ride was far better than that of our long-term 2008 BMW X5 4.8i almost compelled us to put down, “Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde.”

A New M
It’s not an accident that the newly M-bedazzled X5 has the ability to be both a remarkable performance machine and a completely livable grocery getter. If you had no knowledge of the record-breaking performance potential contained within the X5 M, you’d never know it had a dual personality.

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7 responses to “Edmunds: 2010 BMW X5 M Test Drive”

  1. Kelz says:

    It’s funny how 4 years after the ML63 AMG debutted, BMW finally feels their X5//M is more superior and quicker? They couldn’t even fit a naturally aspirated engine to it. Weren’t the Bavarian guys talking trash about Mercedes using Kompressors (superchargers) for their engines?

  2. E92-TORONTO says:


  3. X5SoB says:

    As fast as a Viper…. faster than a Cayenne Turbo, blows the doors off of the ML 63 and Q7 W12 TDI, while being “cheaper”, simply awesome.

  4. The Lee says:


    There comes a time in my life, every once in a while, where I have to say this one phrase.

    The last time those words passed through my lips, it was in regards to the iPhone and the throngs of rabid iPhone fanboys.

    Here it comes.

    I was wrong.

    There, I said it.

    The X5/6M has impressed me. BMW put together one hell of a vehicle. I still don’t like SUVs in general, or the fact that BMW insists on calling them SAVs, but in the end BMW proved my cynicism to be unfounded.

  5. Horatiu B. says:

    When I posted my first review in July, I got so much heat for it, not necessarily on the blog, but from my friends and other people, some journalists also. I was called a fanboy, BMW lover, nuts, etc….and I couldn’t find a way to explain to them how the X6M really drives…..taking the car on track for at least 100 miles, showed me its full potential. Funny thing is that after the X6 M drive in Atlanta, we went to Spartanburg and drove the X6 50i on track and WOW, what a difference….they really are different cars.

  6. Babken says:

    Don’t even try to compare your pathetic mercedes engines to those of BMW’s. BMW makes the best engines in the world unlike your gayish mercedes. BMW owns mercedes as always. Or if expressed mathematically: BMW > mercedes.

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